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Balmond.....speciality-crowd control and regen.
BALMOND is a fighter, still he can be played as a tank with the help of his passive(regen 4percent of hp when u kill minion. Regen 10percent of hp when he kill a hero). But even if he is played as tank with tank emblem, balmond cant absorb so much damage as other tanks, tigreal minotaur,etc. He's only tanky when he get kill or assit(when u get blood thirsty king). Of course even tanks are killed and didn't get out of the battle if they dive too much. So don't dive too muh. (^_^) (^_^)

Passive- Blood thirst
Regen4%of hp each time he kill a minion, regen 10%of hp each time he kill a hero.
Analysis-It's ur strong point. Most people don't use the passive, which is only unique to your hero and your strong point. And since only you can regen when you kill or assit(with blood thirsty king), pls make sure you get kill or assit in battle and make sure you don't die before you can regen.

Skill-1- Soul lock

Charges up to an enemy and deal 150*physical damage to enemies along the way. After hitting the hero, he will stop . That hero movement speed will drop 55% lasting 2.5seconds.
Analysis-you can use to escape(can pass the wall)  and when you use skill-1 to collide with enemy, he wiill be slowed 55%. So, u'd better use this skill to slow the enemy and then use Skill 2.

Skill-2. Cyclone sweep
Rapidly swinging the axe at the area deals 65*pts of physical damage with each attack.
Analysis- A skill that u can use to deal decent but area damage. But care one thing, you can't use other skill or abilities when you use this skill. So, don't use if not necessary.(most player start to get the habit of using skill2 always when available.) There are times when u can kill a hero with ultimate skill but u are using skill-2 and cannot kill. It's such a waste.

Ulitmate- Lethal counter
Raises a giant axe dealing 350*pt plus 20%of the target missing hp as true damage in the conical area in front of the hero and slow their movement speed 30% lasting 2seconds.
Analysis-one of the devastating or kill skill in the game. It deals damage+20%of the missing hp as the true damage. So you can kill instantly if the enemy hp is about 1/5. But there are times, you have to use your skill even though you know they won't die, because your ulimate can slow them also.

#Skill Build

Max skill-2 first and get and upgrade ultimate whenever possible. Then skill-1

#Combo analysis

1-2-ulti.... simple. U use skill-1 to slow the enemy down and deal decent damage with skill-2 and then use ultimate to finish him. If u know u can kill without using skill-1. Spare that skill to escape or chase .

2-ulti-1.... deal damage and then u finish him with ulti and then get out.

Ulti-2-1 or ulti-1-2. When your teamate with aoe stun got 2-4 enemies stunned, ur team will deal damage to them. And just before that stun duration is over, use ulitmate... u may finish one or few heroes or none. But fear not, u can still use skill-2 or 1. It's up to ur choice in the situation.

#Battle spells
1.Execute- well, most balmond players in legend don't use it. But it's my choice for these reasons. U can use to ks enemies(its important to get kills to regen if your hp is low). U can use it to dominate early games. And use it before to ulti to make sure you finish him off. It's still good to use in late game, because you can regen massive amount of hp if u get kills or assits.

2.Purify- a popular choice, simple and can escape or make sure you can use your ultimate without being stunned.

3.Flicker-Rare, but as the purify is nerfed, it becomes choice of spells now. And with flicker, u can snipe the enemy and then run..

#Item Build(gear)
There seems to be many varieties to how to build.But i'll expalin about the item sets most top balmond players used first. But you should build according to your playstyle, your team needs and enemy team composition.

1.Blade armor-price 1660
Plus 90 armor. Unique passive:counter strike- Deals 25%of the physical damage received to an attacker when a bsic attack is received.
Analysis - it adds 90armor with the price of 1660. One of the price co-efficient defence item. It passive will return 25%of physical damage to the enemy attacking you.( 25% is the same % of tooth of greed. So the one who is attacking you won't get lifesteal much.)

2.Warrior boot-price1860
Plus22 armor. Unique passive:movement speed 40. Unique passive:valor- physical defence will increase 3pt each time a basic attack is received, increase up to 15pt lasting 3s.
Analysis - physical defence will go up. You can chase well with boots. Sometimes you can build this first before blade armor.

3.Cursed helmet-price660
Plus 960hp and 50magic resistance.Unique passive:sacrifice-deals 2%of max hp as magic damage per second to nearby enemies.
Analysis - Its passive will be your damage dealer, deals2%of your max hp per second to nearby enemies. In late game, when your hp is around 10000(including items) it will deal around 200 magic damage. If the enemy team doesn't include mage, u can skip this item. But 200magic damage is sweet, so u can build this item as 4th or 5th item even they dont got a mage. And in laning phase, if the enemy is a mage, u can choose to go this first, too.

4.Blood thirsty king- plus1550hp and 75hp regen. Unique passive:blood lust-A kill or assit regens 20%of hp within 5s.
Analysis - your golden items, may be the item only you can use its power to full potential. Kill or assit will regen 20%of your max hp. So, again make sure you get assit or kill. 30%regen is not a joke since u regen around 3000hp in late game with each kill or asit. If u need to tank or hp regen, u can choose to build this as third item. If so, the order would be 1.blade armor or cused helmet 2.warrior boot 3.blood thirsty king.

5.Immortal-plus800hp and 40magic resistance. Unique passive:Rebirth-resurrects 2s after dying and get 15%hp and a shield that can absorb damage equals to 40%of hp. Cd-180s
Analysis- gives you extra hp and magic resistance. This item will give you extra survival rate. (This item will also counter you bcoz you won't get kill or assit of the hero with immortal and you can't regen.) You will also get anotherchance to use ulti if u die without using ulti. Since you are building hp items, immortal shield 40%of hp is another reason to build this item.

6.Dominance ice-adds 70armor, 500mana and 5%critical strike rate reduction. Unique-20%cooldown reduction. Unoque passive:Arctic cold-lower movement speed5%and attack speed30% of nearby enemies.
Analysis - You won't need mana. But why you should consider building this item bcoz of this item will reduce cooldown20%,slow and reduce attack speed of nearby enemies. So when u wanna harass marksman , this will help you. But no matter how u wanna get near marksman, if they won't let u get near, Heart of steel is a option for better surival rate.

Above item build is  main build. There are many situations you can't build like this.
If your team needs a damage absorber, you should go Demon advent first.

Demon Advent-price2170
Add920hp and 54armor. Unique passive- when a enemy hero attacks , this will reduce his or her attack power by 4% stacking up to 3times and lasting 2s.
Analysis - It will help you be a better tank.and they will regret hitting you.

If your team needs extra damage, you should build blade of deapair and blade of destruction.
If the enemy is composed of two or more mages, you can build extra magic resistance items like oracle or saint refugee.
But pls do not build all damage items like newbie, you can't survive in higher league because enemy marksman will kill you with a few shots. Don't be mad then. :-P :-P )

1.physical emblem- new players or others mostly got physical emblem to high level when other emblems level are low. If so, don't think using others , just use this. And if you are thunking about building a few damage items, this is your emblem of choice.

2.Tank emblem- well, balmond don't get many chance to hit enemy with basic attack. Andstats of tank emblem, Hp, Hpregen, armor, magic resistance, cooldown reduction are the only needs for balmond. If u play tank, ideal would be high level tank emblem.

3.Fighter emblem- good but still, attack speed stats in the emblem is not a need for balmond.
Use what would you like, but highest level emblem is the best.

#Combat tips
In laning phase- you can use skill-2 to take out jungle fast. Even if your going bottom lane, you can still take out both jungle creep with the help of your ally. You call one creep, he call one creep, meet in middle. And when you are in jungle, if the enemy is already in lane. They will jungle soon, so you can harass and steal.
And in laning, if the enemy is two melee heros. Be happy. With your skill-2 , u can deal damage to both of them. At the same time, both of them will hit you too. Tip is when they two get closer and minions are half hp, just go in and use skill-2, you will deal damage and the damage you received u received will be healed by killing minions.Be careful of stuns and tower gods,yunzhao, franco,chou etc. Yunzhao, franco combo can finish you. If you don't play with purify, don't go into the range they can use their combo.interference rafela ally would be great if you wanna be aggressive.
Mage is a good ally for balmond.If you got nothing to do in your lane, you can gank mid or steal his jungle. If you are lucky, you can get a kill. But watch the map and think how much you can be aggressive.

#Teamfight tips
Make sure you get assits or kills before your hp drop so much.Don't die before you can regen. Since blood thirsty regen is not instant but within5s, you can still die before you can regen completely. And be careful of stuns, you will die before u get assits or kills or use ulti. The tip is you absorb damage, deal damage and at the same times, you get assit or kill and youbwill regen and survive in the battle.
Oh, i make this so long to read. Sorry haha. Sorry, my english is not that good. There may be mistakes you make. Observe and learn. Strike to be a better balmond user. I hope u will reach higher rank playing balmond. Thanks for reading.(^_^)
Post time 2017-3-21 04:06 PM | Show all posts
Lets team up! thanks for the guide
Post time 2017-3-21 04:29 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for the guide bro,

I just get skin free from spin Balmond event
Post time 2017-3-21 08:59 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Very detailed guide, thank you bro. This forum needs people like u contributing valuable experiences.
 Author| Post time 2017-3-22 06:11 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank you guys, about detailed guide, i only make this one. All others are in mother language. Thanks for reading. And pls tell me if i need to add something. Thank you
Post time 2017-4-6 08:36 PM | Show all posts
Thank you bro. I use ice force, blade of despair, imortality, warior boot, blood thirsty and cursehelmet. is this good enough? what can you say about it?
Post time 2017-4-6 08:37 PM | Show all posts
Can i be a killer like alucard using balmond? And why does a Yunchao always beat me in one on one in game play, even Freya?
Sometime bruno also beat me.

 Author| Post time 2017-4-7 02:20 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I really dum like ice force. Coz most of the te, balmond didnt get tha chance to basic attack.
Post time 2017-4-8 06:46 PM | Show all posts
is this advisable? warrior boot, curse helmet, blood thirstking, imortality, blade of despair, blade of destruction?
Post time 2017-4-16 04:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Balmond..thanks i like this hero..
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