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Author: ZenithGod
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[Hero Techniques] Solo Climb to GL (Tips and Tricks for each rank)

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Post time 2017-6-29 07:52 AM | Show all posts
let me try this
Post time 2017-7-12 02:44 PM | Show all posts
How about Tank Role? i used Tanks at all Ranked Game i played. My Tanks i used is defends on the heroes of my teammates. any suggestion?
Post time 2017-7-13 02:33 PM | Show all posts
:'( BAMN ! Your too Good :D
Post time 2017-7-18 11:17 AM | Show all posts
I prefer playing Eudora (200 games played as her) because she is extremely powerful if you build her right and even if the opposing team catches this and start to build to defend from her, she can just build magic pen. Another reason she works as my champion choice is because every single person wants to play as an ADC, they do the tutorial as Layla, maybe play a few regular games as her or another ADC and say hey you know I'm pretty good with her, and jump into ranked games. But I digress, she works for me. But she is not a carry champion at all, she is way to squishy and takes me to long to get a full build, and by the time I do the other team is already fed to hell. Sometimes some fresh faced idiot doing his first ranked match says hey I'm going to play as Eudora this game. And despite me asking nicely they'll just in a polite way tell me to screw myself. It's whatever, it's the internet and I understand a lot of younger kids play this game so I adapted.

I learned how to play a tank for when it's needed, preferring Franco because of his similarities to Thresh with the hook and offensive capabilities. If my team can't bait properly I'll put the kill right in front of their face right? Same thing with Nana (who I actually love to play as) but once again she's way to squishy and she does not have a good damage output whatsoever. And more often than not I find myself soloing a lane as Nana against a Yun or some other OP champion like a fed Fanny or fed Moskov (you can imagine how those bouts go). Sorry I'm more or less venting now, the point of this rant was because I was Master 1 last season (could have purused GM or even Epic (pushing it, I know) but still, not bad for only playing 20 days of S4 and pretty much mastering 3 champions. But now I'm actually stuck. It seems impossible for me to climb out of Elite in solo queues and I'm just frustrated at this point between AFKers, people using champions for the first time in a ranked match (happened to me today with someone playing Sun) or just people being hell bent on playing an ADC and not wanting to play a tank or support champion (which I'm fine with playing either) but then sucking as the ADC they want to play because they've played 17 games as that champion and have a 46% WR (heh like that's something to brag about) I myself maintain a 52% WR as Eudora and it seems like I win a few matches and go up a rank, then lose the next 7 matches with a positive KDA in every match and MVP, and go back even further from where  started. It's a never-ending climb.
Post time 2017-7-18 11:19 AM | Show all posts
There should be like a mandatory 10-15 games played as a champion before you can use it in a ranked match and a level 15 mandatory requirement before you can compete in ranked matches. Idk something like that to keep out the trolls and needlessly bad players. By the time you hit level 15 you should be well versed in multiple champions and have no problem adjusting to games.
Post time 2017-7-18 04:06 PM | Show all posts
I'm Grand Master II with around 130-40 games. I just had a 4 games losing streak because of these n00bs. These type of players are really rampant this season for some reason only God knows. For example I had all enemy tower destroyed and these n00bs just keeps on trash talking the enemy and dying until the enemies are fed AF then boom we lost the match. I was hayabusa with 18-7-16 when the match ended, I can only do so much against 5 oppenents :(
Post time 2017-8-2 02:39 AM | Show all posts
nice tips ty
Post time 2017-9-6 05:17 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for the Info Bro.
Post time 2017-9-17 08:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
please screenshoot potho of item built
Post time 2017-9-17 08:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
please screenshoot potho of item built
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