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[Ranking Tips] WHY you will NEVER get to LEGEND! DOs & DON'T to Rank up to Glorious Legend

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Edited by Ass_Dave at 2017-4-17 15:40

Hey guys,

Assassin Dave here. Today I want to write a post about how to RANK UP efficiently, and how each RANK elo means.

First thing first, I am currently Glorious Legend in Server 5201 with 600 Stars. And I have played MOBA games for over 6 years now and I have a very good understanding of what each champions roles are and how to play them correctly. Now let's move into the good stuff:

1. Anything under MASTER: At this phase, you are just getting familiar with the game, learning different champions, trying different champions if you will, and starting to like and pick a single champion as your main. This phase is what I call the FUN phase, because your enemy and your teammate are generally new to the game as well, so if you are really good at some champion such as Alucard, Zhao, and something simple as those two, you can easily carry your team RAMBO. Nothing 2 much to say about this besides Just have FUN!

2. Grandmater to Epic: Here, you are starting to make a few friends in the game, because without friends that you play with on a regular basis, I can almost guarantee you that you will stuck @ grandmaster for "10 years" before coming out of it. You start to learn a little bit of compromise and coordination. Most importantly, the game become MUCH MORE FUN when you are playing with someone you are familiar with and share those wonderful moments. So I call this the FRIENDSHIP BUILDING phase.

3. Epic to Legend: Almost exact the same as Phase II, but you are more likely to group up in a team of 3 or 5 to rank up faster to legend. Here you will learn Teamwork. IF YOU DON'T, you will quickly get abandoned by your group or at least frawned upon and get taken on by your "friends" reluctantly. You will start to learn what Team Composition means, why certain team can win, and certain team comp cannot. More than skill, you learn how to be a TEAM MEMBER! So I call this the TEAMWORK phase.

4. Legend & Above: I call this the RETARD zone. Why? Because you get teamed up with all kinds of people, sometimes you will have no idea where they come from. And if you don't play in a team of 2 or 3, I can guarantee you to stay where you are and not able to rank up. And the troubling thing is if you guys get a team of 5, sometimes you get to team up with teams like EG, Solit and it's guarantee lose for you, because those people play this game 24/7, they are much more coordinated and have average stars of 1000 and above. So I would not recommend of team of 5 if you want to RANK Up per say. But team of 3 is highly encouraged. If you solo, you will cry. I promise you.

DOs & DON'Ts
Disclaimer: The following suggestions will only apply if you want to become a decent player in High Elo Ranked Gameplay (Specificially speaking Legend +). If you just want to be play match up and have fun, the following do NOT apply, so DON'T EVEN BOTHER READING IT!

1. Do NOT pick more than 1 marksman in a game! If someone picked an Marksman before you, get something else, does not matter whether you have the best build, or you are "the best Clint" in the world (btw, whoever claims that is almost an idiot to begin with, because for ADC (Note: AD means Marksman or auto Attack Damage Carry) that requires almost 0 mechnic like clint, layla, miya, there is NO such thing as the "BEST", there is a thing called you are most familiar, but come on, let's be real, just because you played 3000 games of clint does not make you the best, if you solo que, and your teammate sucks, you are still going to be useless) or you just watched this new video on Youtube where this guy took retribution with Clint and went 100/0/100 KDA or sth (btw, nothing against Clint, it's just he is picked almost every game, I am kinda disgusted, lol)! Does NOT freaking matter, JUST DON'T PICK 2 ADC IN A GAME! Now you say, what if I picked AD first, because I instant locked it (If you ask that, that already tells me that you are not the type I'd like to game with. No bad feelings, but the world does NOT revolves around you, there are 4 other people playing on your same team, oh and btw, they have feelings too), and this other retard pick AD as well, then YOU CHANGE! Be a bigger man and CHANGE. If you really want to play AD, convey your feeling to this person, if he or she does not listen, do not argue with them, just CHANGE (now, that's to say if you want to win ofc. you don't have to if you just want to troll).
Reason: MOBA, especially Mobile Legends, is all about Crowd Control, whoever has the most efficient crowd control will almost win the game, you may think 5 AD will provide the most damage, but lemme ask you something, what is 100 times 0? In another words, if you guys get CC-ed to death before you started auto-attacking, does it really matter that you have 6 blade of despair? In high Elo Ranked gameplay, 2 marksman is a GUARANTEED lost (Now, if you are lucky enough to have 3 AD on the enemy team, that's a different story and the same would apply to ther type of unusual retarded situations such as enemy team has a DC. or you know...). If you watch High Elo National Areana played by E.G, bTk, Solit, they usually have 2 tank, 1 mage, 1 assasin and 1 AD, sometimes 2 assassin, 1 Tank, 1 mage and 1 AD. BUT NO MORE THAN ONE! If you want to argue with me on this point, I will not respond to you, let's just hope you are always on my enemy team if we play together. :)

2. Do NOT go midlane with marksman in a game! JUST DON'T F**CKING DO IT! If your teammate marksman has to fight mid with you when you are a Saber or a Hayabusa for example, do not leave mid, just go mid with them, and kindly ask them to leave, if they do not? AFK and lost the Match! I am just kidding, still stay mid and try to last hit and take all their farm, and they will go away in a little bit.
Reasoning: Point A: What's the main role of a marksman? Answer: Farm and Carry LATE GAME! (NOW PAY ATTENTION, the answer says LATE GAME! Not early game, not mid game, IT'S LATE GAME) What does that mean? That means you need consistent farm, you need someone to protect you when you are farming, and that also means you are USELESS early game! okay, now we get that out of the window, Poing B: Compare to a Saber and Moskov, whose level 4 is more game changing? (If you tell me it's MOSKOV, you should stop reading and go, but seriously tho, just stop reading, the following information has nothing to do with you.) After answering this question yourself, lemme ask you, why then do you need to get to Level 4 so fast? Is there a ghost chasing you? Is someone threatening with your life, if you do not get to level 4 first, I am gonna kill your entire family? no? Okay. Then never tell me, oh but if I go mid, I can get solo exp, and I can farm faster. (just get out of this post, just get, just get out). Point C: What is the role of a mid laner? To put it simple, control the rythm of the game, Mid lane, due to its convenient location on the map, it's usually the easiest to roam around the map and start the snow ball for your team. Again, compare a Kagura and a Clint on both side of the game, both reached level 4 @ mid lane, who do you think can be more effective for the Midlaner's role? or even worse, Who do you think EVEN has the capability to fit this role? I pray to God that your answer is Kagura. (because if you read this far and tell me it's clint, I do not know what to tell you) Conclusion: After understanding the basics shown above, if next time you want to try this new Moskov build and go to mid, make sure you are NOT in a PHUCKING rank game, because I do not want to game with you unless you are on the enemy team.

3. Do NOT pick champions like Alucard or Sun in High Elo Ranked Games. It is not 100%, but generally speaking, team that picked either these 2 champions will lose for sure. Now sometimes, again, you may have specially luck game where enemy team is just Super retarded (Like I mentioned, Legend+ is retard phase), but overall, you will lose most of the game. The fact that you never see Alucard & Sun in National Battle Arena by your Nation's best players say it all. Reasoning: Nothing against these 2 champions at all. In fact, I used Alucard to help me go from Master to some levels (I don't really recall the details, but something below Epic). But once you get to legend, you will most of the games you are in (unless you solo), people will just shut you down immediately in every single team fight, Alucar just does not offer much to the team early to mid game and Sun just does not offer much to the game AT ALL FREAKING PHASEs. Sun in the currnet meta is just totally useless! (I post Sun rework recommendation a few days ago and got a lot of support and some controversies, for those that says otherwise, all I will ask you is "what is your current elo?") Now, let's go back to Alucard, even with the recent buff on him where he now has a slow on his first ability, but this champion takes so much farm to be slightly effective in a team, he does not offer any sustainable Crowd Control, and he is very squishy, so any reasonable team will just shut you down pretty easily. You might argue, well, you can carry purify. Lemme ask you, how often can you use Purify, and how often can Cyclops use his ult? The fact that the I have never seen the "best" Alucard player in the world use Alucard in Rank says it all.

4. Do NOT randomly take Blue Buff! AGAIN, JUST DO NOT F**KING DO IT!!!!!! I am so sick & tired of the games where I play a mage, ie Eudora, Kagura and so on, and we have a frigging Miya that takes your blue from you every single f***king time because, Idk, maybe miya needs blue so much that she just has to or MUST take it! Even worse, I had a teammate BRUNO who took my blue buff when I was playing a fanny one game, and I used retribution to get the buff successfully one time, and he afk-ed because he said I am a retard for taking blue as a fanny, he said "You don't even use blue, retard". I was laughing so hard that I did not know what to say to him. And yes, this happened after I was a Legend.
Reasoning: Blue buff is different compare to Red buff, you can take red buff as a marksman and no one will stop you, as for blue buff, not mentioning the 20% CDR it can offer which is extrememly crucial to most mages, but more importantly, it reduces 50% mana cost and 20% energy cost fo ability cast, which is EXTREMELY important to all mages and some assassins including Fanny and Hayabusa (btw, Hayabusa with the recent nerfs have became the new Fanny, he will run out of mana after 2 to 3 rounds of ability cast, without blue, Hayabusa is like Ninja without a mask, it's just plainly stupid). In fact, if you watch worlds best teams going against each other from USA & Canada, you will notice that these teams will do whatever they can to CONTEST and INVADE blue buff due it's crucial role in the game. A fanny with blue buff is an effective fanny if played right, and a fanny without blue buff is a piece of SH*T even if played right! And the same applies to Hayabusa now. People usually argue with me, oh but I am Clint (or Bruno), look how much mana my ability costs, you are a nana, you don't even use that much mana! All I can say to you is Just Stop, just, just, just stop (Nana is not about single ability cast you dummie, Nana is one of the strongest support mage in the game and keep constantly getting nerfed in recent patches due to the amount of Crowd Control she can brings to the game, because of the FREQUENCY--how often she can cast all her abilities. And because of the frequency she is able to cast all her abilities, she actually has one of the highest mana consumption in the game if played right, that's why you see top tier players getting 2 magic necklace for champions like Nana in the early game). The more you talk, the "cuter" I think you are, and really shows me how shallow of a knowledge you have of the game. AD marksman, does not matter if you have higher mana consumption or not should always mind their ability cast in a way so you can actually use them at the time it matters. Just because you have blue buff does not tells you to use all your Ultimate Shots Up as a clint, so when team fight happens, you will just sit there and use your auto-attack. You are suppose to be very mindful of how many bullets you use all the time and always have stash in your pocket. Yes, I do agree some marksman have high mana consumption, well, just get 2 magic necklace to begin with dummie, top tier Clint player does this all the time. And compared to a Kagura, your need for mana is peanuts. AGAIN, PLEASE, PLEASE and PLEASE do not take blue buff from your teammate who definitely need it more such as mages and assassins, with the blue buff, they can be much more effective in the game, and help you farm as well because they can gank more effectively.

5. DO NOT TRASH TALK your enemy or your TEAMMATE. Don't be a kid and do it, only a small little kid will get so emotional over a simple game, it's just a freaking game dude, does not matter if it is ranked or no. Yes I understand the frustration you must feel when your teammates are not doing what they are suppose to do, and I rage @ them on live stream all the time, but do NOT actually type that in game and tell them that! You will only make the game worse for you, your teammate and make the game easier to lose.
Reasoning: Lemme ask you a question, when you f**k up sometimes, do you like other people to point it out all the time? If no, why are you doing the same on your teammate? The fact that most people actually know they f**k up when they do tells you that they are already feeling bad themself and the last thing you wanna do is to pour some salt onto that wound and make the pain worse. If for example, your teammate Saber constanlty use his ult on enemy Tank such as Tigreal, Balmond, gently ask him, "Saber, can you try to ult the enemy ADC (whoever that might be) please?" And if he does not reply or comply, just leave him alone, accept the fact that he is a retard, and what's the point arguing with retard anyways? The right thing to do is to throw your device onto the wall, and use a hammer on it until you cannot recognize your phone or tablet anymore ( I am just kidding ). The right thing to do is just to accept fate, and play the best you can, if you lose, so be it, typing will only make you feel worse and will not help the game at all.

6. DO NOT STAY IN ONE LANE WITH YOUR MARKSMAN THE WHOLE GAME! If you are playing as a support, either as a tank support or a mage support, make sure you start to roam after you find your ADC can safely farm by himself or herself bot, ESPECIALLY when the enemy may only have 1 player in lane, there is not point for you to stay there, just leave and start roaming and contributing towards the team. You may say, well I need to protect ADC. Well, watch the minimap. If you can't spot their entire enemy team anywhere, then don't leave the lane, stay and protect your AD, but if you see enemy Mid and Top laner staying in lane and pushing, go there and help your team to get some kills and push some objectives. Reasoning: ROTATION is vitally important in High Elo Ranked Games. What is rotation? Rotation is basically saying the speed you and your teammates are able to move around the map and setting up ganks in order to seek group objectives afterwards. If you watch Best teams against each other in the National arena scene, I can personally GUARANTEE you, the team with better rotation is going to win. You not only beat your enemy because all of  a suddent it becomes 4 vs 2 or 3 vs 2 in a fight, more than that, you are destroying them mentally, and tilting them mentally as well. They will be so afraid you, they probably will start raging towards their own teammate, blaming them sucks and stuff. This will give your team a huge advantage. And also you want to give your ADC as much farm as possible. Staying in bottom lane for extensive amount of time will not help your ADC farm. You guys cannot really seige towers because the levels and farm are just not there. So staying in lane will actually split the experience between you and AD, in another word, you are stealing EXP. and Gold from your AD. However, rotation at this moment is gonna open up new windows, increase your gaming confidence and so on. And this practice will also allow you to get farmiliar with reading the mini-map, which is a crucial skill to have if you want to master MOBA.

This is all I can think of atm, I will continue to collect more material and keep expanding this Forum Post. I hope you learned something if you are new and have never heard of this before. Do not get offended, because it's meant to help, not to yell..haha.


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pinoy people must read this sh*t carefully
Post time 2017-8-6 04:47 PM | Show all posts
Because they know what their teammates are capable of and they played a lot too. They know how to quickly respond to a gank and counter gank, know how and when to rotate and they usuall has 1 (Top) , 1 (Mid) and 3 (Bot) set up so everyone can easily move-in and out of their lane and go back as soon as possible.

If you have seen how the IDNs play they usually put Karrie and Miya for (SC | Rev)  on their Mid but she doesn't stay their she keeps on moving around the map and farming and ganking.

Post time 2017-5-31 12:23 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Svlad at 2017-6-1 18:39

help me out here. So why do those top players still have their ADC in mid?


not for NA players..rarely..If they play solo, duo, or trio that's just because they don't trust the lane to Randoms.. ,if you watch my tournament from NA TOP teams, ADC never goes mid.  Post time 2017-6-1 01:48 AM
I've the same question :)  Post time 2017-5-31 07:39 PM
Post time 2017-3-30 01:14 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well i solo to legend and i guess i was lucky enough maybe. Ranked game are big headache just need to get used to it and its the same with every game when it comes to ranked.
Post time 2017-3-29 08:15 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice :) good job
Post time 2017-3-28 03:34 AM | Show all posts
Shadow replied at 2017-3-25 01:38
After reading that, I went to play a ranked match and this is what happened.......

@Shadow Hahaha, that picture you posted, it's hilarious xD

But nice thread, really enojyed the read! The only unfortunate thing is that there's sooo many players not knowing this. =(
Post time 2017-3-26 05:57 PM | Show all posts
Nice thread, I learn alot after reading it, ty.
Post time 2017-3-24 07:50 AM | Show all posts
adc in 2017 LUL
Post time 2017-3-25 01:38 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
After reading that, I went to play a ranked match and this is what happened.......
Post time 2017-3-24 07:34 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Carried_ replied at 2017-3-24 07:24
You're saying that it takes no skill to play a marksman?Also, each hero has their advantages, you're ...

mid with yi and winning? then youre facing warrior 3 honestly
Post time 2017-3-24 05:42 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Since i am always solo all this time (playing with friends can be count with fingers)
Now i am on Epic 3,
I can relate when in picking heroes,
I rarely saw someone would pick a Support,Tank first,
No one,
Since i am main Alice and Franco,
If my team got no tank i'll pick Franco
If there is one i'll pick my favorite Alice
To be honest i am suck with marksman
 Author| Post time 2017-3-24 06:03 AM | Show all posts
Keep it up buddy! Haha. You are doing great! marksman are the worst..haha
Post time 2017-3-24 06:30 AM | Show all posts
Ass_Dave replied at 2017-3-24 06:03
Keep it up buddy! Haha. You are doing great! marksman are the worst..haha

Fellow GL here - strongly supporting that marksmen are, in fact, the worst.
Post time 2017-3-24 07:24 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You're saying that it takes no skill to play a marksman?Also, each hero has their advantages, you're obviously just a butt hurt scrub who gets his assistant handed to him each game by a marksman. I go mid with a Yi and I win a majority of my games, currently on a ten win streak.
Post time 2017-3-24 07:25 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ass* They need an edit button lmao.
 Author| Post time 2017-3-24 07:26 AM | Show all posts
Carried_ replied at 2017-3-24 07:24
You're saying that it takes no skill to play a marksman?Also, each hero has their advantages, you're ...

only thing I gotta ask you what's your rank?>
Post time 2017-3-24 07:40 AM | Show all posts
+ 1 to this I like you ass dave your funny lol

I hate arguing with dumb people when I use kagura and they try to take mid lane. Even my karina is better in mid lane than any marksman
Post time 2017-3-24 07:54 AM | Show all posts
lol i was entertained

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