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Author: Ass_Dave
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[Ranking Tips] WHY you will NEVER get to LEGEND! DOs & DON'T to Rank up to Glorious Legend

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Post time 2017-8-6 04:47 PM | Show all posts
Because they know what their teammates are capable of and they played a lot too. They know how to quickly respond to a gank and counter gank, know how and when to rotate and they usuall has 1 (Top) , 1 (Mid) and 3 (Bot) set up so everyone can easily move-in and out of their lane and go back as soon as possible.

If you have seen how the IDNs play they usually put Karrie and Miya for (SC | Rev)  on their Mid but she doesn't stay their she keeps on moving around the map and farming and ganking.

Post time 2017-8-6 04:50 PM | Show all posts
Because those fucking IDNs and SC | Rev knows what their teammates are capable of and they played a lot too. with their 1-1-3 set up, they can easily roam around, farm, gank and counter gank.  
Post time 2017-8-9 08:06 PM | Show all posts
Nice one :D
I remember trying to take blue or red even tho if I don't need it when I was a nub xD
Post time 2017-8-10 12:26 PM | Show all posts
pinoy people must read this sh*t carefully
Post time 2017-8-10 02:50 PM | Show all posts
Shadow replied at 2017-3-25 01:38 AM
After reading that, I went to play a ranked match and this is what happened.......

Everytime the Same shit.. xD
Post time 2017-8-11 07:31 PM | Show all posts
rls22 replied at 2017-8-10 12:26 PM
pinoy people must read this sh*t carefully

I can't agree more with you.
Post time 2017-8-17 10:42 PM | Show all posts
Hi, great read btw, if you say don't bring marksmen mid, what are good examples to bring in mid then? Kagura, Hayabusa, Saber, what other heroes can I bring to mid?
Post time 2017-9-15 10:57 AM | Show all posts
sometimes it sux to team up with lousy teammates... sometimes they tend to be 1 man hero... pinging them to retreat where the situation are not on our side (all 5 enemies full life vs 3 of us with less than half life), and if that guy dies...then blame the rest of his team why did not back him up?
Post time 2017-9-19 11:09 AM | Show all posts
This is seriously true, and I hope all Filipino players read this guide.

I've been playing MLBB for just over a month now, but I've played MOBA games before and I know that teamwork and respect are the cores of these games. From my experience, it's a pain having to team up with super demanding MM players (usually fellow Filipinos, sometimes I get a team with 3 AD MMs which I can agree is a sure loss) who either pick Layla or Karrie and have the gall to order people around from the get-go like "don't pick that hero, pick this" or "I'll solo mid." When they face difficult players and die all the time they will trash talk team members for not helping during the clash and go on and on until the end of the game. That might be okay if your teammates are your friends who allow that kind of attitude, but who likes to be treated and talked to like that? My only consolation is sometimes I get to become MVP in a loss but winning doesn't feel great either. I'm not that much of a strong player but I enjoy good team battles and the winning and losing that comes with it. People with attitude problems are better of with solo player games. Okay end of rant.
Post time 2017-9-19 11:23 AM | Show all posts
Btw I main mages and supports but I usually end up taking the bottom lane alone because MM wants to solo mid... Then someone needs support from top and the MM never helps! I end up getting all the blame for not being there, but it's not like there's boots of travel in this game And nobody switches with me when I do go there
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