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Author: superlaser97
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[Hero Techniques] !! [29 Jan 2019] !! Lolita Full Hero Guide

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 Author| Post time 2017-4-20 03:10 PM | Show all posts
goarweam replied at 2017-4-20 13:32
Hey dude, have you noticed a bug with Lolita's ult?

I have made enough plays with her so I can co ...

Updated my last comment
Post time 2017-4-20 03:58 PM | Show all posts
superlaser97 replied at 2017-4-20 14:59
I have not, but I tried on my friend's phone and it happened on his device. Same phone different acc ...

So 2 of my fave heroes have bugs... this is getting on me.
 Author| Post time 2017-4-20 04:56 PM | Show all posts
Lumie replied at 2017-4-8 00:11
My settings are free aim. But with the ult I can't. I can move it around but then I aim and it wil ...

Hi, i had submitted the bug you mentioned to the mods here ... 7&fromuid=32298
Post time 2017-4-25 02:47 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Seems the bugs will still exist, can't read anything about them in the patch notes :( she feels so useless now that you can't aim ultimate.sometime it misses because of this.
 Author| Post time 2017-4-25 02:57 PM | Show all posts
Flourix replied at 2017-4-25 14:47
Seems the bugs will still exist, can't read anything about them in the patch notes  she feels so u ...

Yea, the dev already said he will pass on to the dev teams, we can only hope it gets fixed soon
Post time 2017-5-1 05:08 AM | Show all posts
alright, this is the result when i'm testing your guide... 2 games on epic division

the first one i got bad teammates, and met premade team :'(

imma kinda feel stupid enough to cover this gord :/

the second one, i met very good teammates which has good understanding of map awareness.

you see, before i'm following your guide, my Lolita core equip is Blade Armor + Cursed Helmet, so i'm always get (too) close to enemy and spam my rocket easily.
even brave enough to 1v1, but no ones follow up LMAO :lol
still, when i'm playin with my friends who knows my playstyle like that, it's work! they know my intent :lol

so with your guide here, i'll use it when im soloin ranked :D
with your playstyle, now i realize it's very important to get close to team (especially a random team that i've just met in ranked), give them buff, and cover them xDD

btw, im analyzing World Top 1 Lolita Build, Have you seen it yet? seems like, very usefull when teamfight.
even if i copy his build, but if i don't know the playstyle with the build. it's useless xDD i need to see his livestream but he rarely online :'(
 Author| Post time 2017-5-1 05:22 AM | Show all posts

RE: Lolita Full Hero Guide (Updated 30 Apr 2017)

skourpy replied at 2017-5-1 05:08
alright, this is the result when i'm testing your guide... 2 games on epic division

Yea the build means nothing compared to player skill. With my playstyle it's even more userful if you coordinate with your friends. If there are alot of high hp fighters i would had go with my full magic build or hybrid tank/magic (i didnt share this).

Just pray that you meet good teammates, it doesn't matter if your team sucks.
Post time 2017-5-1 07:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank you for sharing! This is very well made. Easy to follow and understand. You're awesome!!
Post time 2017-5-5 11:21 AM | Show all posts
updated :o

blade aremor reflect not very usefull :'(
Post time 2017-5-16 06:17 AM | Show all posts
This is the best guide I've ever seen for her Ult. I have a suggestion to add. When enemy is at a disadvantage and it's a 2v2 between enemy and team, go from behind and start the Ult. Enemies won't be able to run away and teammates will be able to go in and secure the kill.
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