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Author: Slime
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All about Estes and being a support lord

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 Author| Post time 2017-4-23 10:07 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Slime at 2017-4-23 10:30

Well, if u want to put things like as u said, how's global top tanks doing? They would lose push in status bar. Anyway, thanks for ur opinion. I reached that rank solo.and with my fris . Not full 5party team.
Post time 2017-4-23 06:36 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Slime replied at 2017-4-23 10:07
Well, if u want to put things like as u said, how's global top tanks doing? They would lose push in  ...

Tanks can get a lot of assists.. And The high ranked tank players?? they always play with premade team.. And Even in Random matches people depend on tank.. And tank playes the leading role like he decides when to attack and retreat.. And You can make very high KDA with tanks.. I always play tank or support.. And Still in most matches if my teammates are good i still feel that My tigreal helps better than Estes in most cases.. Even I had Great success with Rafaela before Estes Came.. I feel Estes is totally situational.. And you have to decide you can take Estes in a match or not depending on the hero selection of other teammates..
 Author| Post time 2017-4-28 05:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Akhlak replied at 2017-4-23 18:36
Tanks can get a lot of assists.. And The high ranked tank players?? they always play with premade  ...

Well said. But tigreal can't play solo. U know that right. I ma a tank player in fact balmond tank. I know these well.
Post time 2017-4-28 05:53 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
estes is not bad but he not good in ranked mode.please edit lv 2
Post time 2017-4-28 06:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Layla is best in maskman
Post time 2017-4-28 06:48 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Post time 2017-4-28 06:49 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
estes is the best
Post time 2017-4-28 06:57 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
  1#  Edited by Slime at 2017-4-21 17:29   Estes #Introduction: Pros: 1. Laning advantages 2.Pushing advantages 3.Battle advantages 4.You can turn the tide of the battle with your AOE healing skill. Cons: 1.Need lots of mana 2.One of the softie in the game. 3.Team dependent 4.The whole enemy team hate you. (^_^) (^_^)  You are a support.No, you are an annoying support. Estes's every skill is about supporting. Healing and slowing enemy will be a problem for teamfight and laning disadvantage for enemies.  #Skill Passive:Code of moon elves Code of moon elves will charge energy into estes periodically and improve his basic attack dealing 450pts of magic damage to the target while slowing down. The damage will ricochet nearby enemies dealing 225pts of magic damage. Analysis- you can use this skill to harass enemies. When No at the bottom of ur screen hit 100, you shouldn't attack anyone but only enemy heroes. 450pts at early is hurting everyone. Skill:1: Moon light immersion. cooldown-11s ,Mana Cost-130 Restore 200pts of HP for the target immediately and links Estes for 3s which will restore 250pts of HP slowly. Linking with an allies will improve the charging speed of the code of moon elves. Being too far away will break the link. Analysis- This skill helps you and your laning partner to be aggressive. Since code of moon elves charge speed is increased only if you link with an allies not when you heal urself. So, your hp should always be in great condition. Skill:2: Domain of moon goddess . cooldown:12s Mana Cost:80 Guides a flood of moonlight to fall upon a specified area, dealing 350pts of magic damage to enemies unit within it. Afterwards it will turn into piece of domain of moon goddess. If enemies try to escape the domain are, they will be slowed down when touching the barrier of the domain area Analysis: The only damaging skill. You can use it to steal jungle combine with ur passive and harass enemies and support your fighter. It helps your teamfight too. Skill:3-ultimate skill-Blessing of moon goddess. cooldown:55s, Mana cost:250 Incarnates into saint king of moonlight for 8s. Intensifying the effect of moon light immersion.After casting the effect of moon goddess, Estes will release moon light immersion for surrounding allied heroes one time. In the duration of blessing of moon goddess, Estes will consistently heal himself for 1000pts of hp. Analysis: THIS is the AOE heal. THIS SKILL can turn the tide of the battle. This skill will help ur marksman to hit harder with less worrying his HP. But skill cannot totally help a dying allied hero. To use skill to maximum potential, you should be in the middle of your team. Positioning yourself and timing of your skill is what makes you a good Estes user. #skill max order- max skill-1 first. Get or upgrade ulti whenever possible.  #combo analysis In laning phase- just heal when necessary. Use skill-2 to slow down the enemy to help ur fighter hit harder. Combo should be passive- skill:2-skill:1-ulti(if necessary) In team fight-skill:1- ulti-skill:2-skill:1 for ultimate healing.  #Battle spells 1.Flicker- For escape and repositioning in battle. 2.purify- good, but since it's nerfed so much. Personally i don't like it. 3.Stun- if you are afraid of fighters and assassin aiming u, u should choose this. 4.Retribution- If u intend to dominate the laning phase and steal enemy jungle, this is for you. 5.Interference-Supporting you tank tower diving and helping to take out tower fast. 6.Heal-good too. And simple to use. If you feel confident about yoour positioning skill.  #Item build (Gear) For estes support, Item build should include mana regen, Surival, cooldown reduction. When building your items you should consider these facts. Estes doesn't have damaging skill much. So don't even think about building magic damage items. When considering about orders of items, you should check enemy team composition. Build what you need , dun dream what it should be.  1.Buy 2-3mana regen ..cost:120gold*3=360gold Analysis-2mana regen if u got blue buff. 3if u dun have buff. His skill use lots of mana and he doesn't have great pool of mana. Instead of buying 2-3 mana regens, you can buy Elegance gem, one item before eternal scpter. It's passive is regen 20%of hp and mana if you level up. 2.Warrior boot-cost:690gold +22armor, unique:+40movement speed, unique passive:Valor:phyiscal defence will increase 3pts with each basic attack received  up to 15pts lasting 3s. Analysis- To heal you have to stay near your allies. To stay near your allies mean to take damage. That's why warrior boot is what you should build first. It will help you harass enemies too. Swift boot or magic resistance boot is an option.  Every below items are situational. You should build one that you need immediately first. 1.Enchanted Tailsman-cost:1970gold +55magic power, +250hp, +30manaregen, +20%cooldown reduction. Unique passive: A kill or assit regen 20%of mana within 5s. Analysis-If u team is dominating the game and you guys are pushing and you need lots of mana regen for healing, this item is a first priority.If u guys are just struggling to dominate the game, build enchanted tailsman as 3rd or 4th. U dun need enchanted tailsman early. If u can manage ur mana pool and can time ur healing. 2.Dominance ice-cost:2130gold +500mana, +70armor, +5%crit strike rate reduction Unique:15%cooldown reduction Unique passive:arctic cold:lower movement speed5% and attack speed +30% for nearby enemy heroes. Analysis- One of the best defence item with cooldown reduction in the game. Cooldown reduction, mana pool boost , armor bonus: these are stat you need. Its passive attack speed and movement speed reduction will make better survival chance against fighters. 5%crit rate reduction is a bonus factor.   3.Saint refugee-cost:2050gold +900hp, +56magic resistance Unique passive: Refugee:For every 30s, get one shield that can absorb 450-1150 damage.(shield effect increase as the battle goes on) Analysis- As u are annoying for enemy teams, karina and magic burst eudora may aim you. You need to be alive before you can use your ulti to full potential. In this situation, saint refugee is an item of choice. 4.Immortal-cost:2120gold +800HP, +40magic resistance Unique passive:Rebirth- Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15%HP and a shield that can absorb 600-2000pts of damage. Shield last for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s. Analysis: Sometimes i even build immortal early if enemies are clever bastard and will finish estes first. This item will save you from many critical situations and will help your team. As i said, you have to use your ulti to full potential before you die. 5.Heart of steel-cost:2260gold +880HP, +30armor, +35hp regen Unique:+20 crit strike rate reduction Analysis-You should choose this item as late game survival item. At that times, enemy fighter, freya,alucard or marksman got critical and its hurting you and you need to be a little tough. That's why you should build heart of steel. 6.Courage bulwark-cost:1970gold +770hp, +45hp regen Unique passive:Bravery- Increase 10% attack power and defence of your nearby allies and increase nearby minions' defence against turrent damage. Analysis-you are a support. Building support item is nothing wrong.And will buy time to take out towers. 7.Demon advent-cost:2170gold +920hp, +54armor Unique passive: Deter:When an enemy heroes atrack, this ability will reduce his or her attack power 6%. This effect lasts 2s and can stack up to 3times. Analysis-If enemy team doesn't have much crit, this item is good too. 8.Winter Truncheon-cost:2060gold.  +60magic power, +45armor Unique:10% cooldown reduction Unique passive:Frozen- when own hero's HP drop below 30%, being hit by basic attack will lower target's movement speed 80% and deals 50%of magic power as magic damage to the target. This effect has 5s cooldown. Analysis- Its passive is useful for increasing your survival rate. Increased magic power is not that bad too. Since Estes doesnt have escape skill, its passive will give you a chance. Above items i mentioned are all you should consider building and as you have experience, you will know when to build what items. For the item frost, I don't like it bcoz its passive will not work much since estes doesn't have many damaging skills  #Emblem Magic emblem- Since most player highest level magic emblem is Magic emblem and if there's nothing better to choose, just choose magic emblem. Magic assassin emblem- Well, if u don't play karina, this emblem level would be low too. Choose this if it seems to be necessary and u need a little more movement speed. Tank emblem- you don't need magic damage output, what u need is to be alittle tough and not to die first.  #Combat tips Early-laning phase- if you go with your fighter, you should dominate the lane. But care enemies that will aim you first not your laning partner(eg. Yz, franco,ruby).  During laning phase, both you and your partner are strong when both are alive. If one of you is dead, you guys won't be strong anymore. Since your passive cooldown time is reduced only when linking, you hp should be more than your partner. If the situation is great as you expected, steal enemies' jungle. Mid-game- you are a support, you should help teamfight or roam. Don't farm too much or your team will suffer. Always check your mana pool. Good management of heal and mana will help your team dominate the game. Late game-enemies' fighters, assassin or franco or yz will aim you or your marksman. Be careful. Always check where you are, your team and enemies.  #Teamfight tips For you to use your ulti to full extent, you should stay behind the tank and infront of your marksman. This way you can heal everyone. Your priority is to survive ,for that stay behind the tank. DON'T GET KILLED FIRST. Be careful of assassins , yz, franco or they will finish you fast.  Thanks for reading......(^_^) (^_^)  #SLIME
Post time 2017-4-28 07:00 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
estes is support
Post time 2017-4-28 08:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Estes is support  but he kill many many and i got penda kill .
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