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[Other Official News] 《Talk With Developer VOL.5》

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Hello everyone, I’m Arnold, one of ML designers, and currently responsible for gaming experience design and hero balance. Nice to see you here again.

Q: Bane has been forgotten for a long time. Do you have anyplans for him?

A: We’ve also noticed the feedback about Bane and he’s now already onthe list of remake, which, however, is still at the design stage. Today we’lltell you about the rough direction of his remake.
In our opinion, the main problem with Bane is that the definition ofhis role is quite awkward. His four abilities are independent from each otherwithout much connection, and the 2nd skill is not very convenient touse. And the Ult, it has no much threat towards those who know Bane. What ismore, his appearance seems also a shortage of his, which makes players lesswilling to use him. *Laughs
Therefore, we are about to design some new mechanism for his skills to makethem connected with each other and improve their damage, which will allow Baneto have a better AOE ability. And his Ult will be able to grow more powerfulwith its level to make the skill more threatening, and furtherly to make thehero more threatening in the team fight.
However, it may be gonna take 2 or 3 months longer to finish the remakeand put it online. During this period of time, we will also renew hisappearance. Actually, everything could be different by the time, and youropinions on this will be extremely precious to us.

Q: In recent updates you’ve added quite a lot of new gearitems. Will there be more adjustment on gear items in the coming future?

A: In the next 2 or 3 updates, there may be 1 or 2 more new items. Butthe exact time when they can go online will depend on the result of tests.
Additionally, we are going to do a slight adjustment on magic items’prices and attributes. We think that mage heroes’ current performance whenequipped with full top items is quite satisfying. The only shortcoming is thattheir farming ability may be not as good as other assassins or marksmen. Afterthe adjustment of this time, we hope that mage heroes can buy items sooner andbuild up their fighting capabilities.

Q: And how about the jungle?

A: About the jungle, a series of changes on bushes and vision has beenmade, and now we notice that there are more intense ganks taking place in thejungle than before. However, we still need a little more time to find out whatthe final result could be. And for this reason, currently no more changes onthe map will be made in this season.
But what we can tell is, that we are planning to make an adjustment onthe respawn time and basic attributes of jungle monsters, which is in purposeto make jungling a serious choice, rather than some handy work when passing by.
In the fact, we are preparing to renovate the terrain form and monstersof jungle area. But considering that the project is rather large, it won’t beable to be online until the end of this season or the beginning of next season.

Q: What kinds of adjustment have been done on the Ranked Gamerecently?

A: Ranked Game is one of the most important parts of the game, andwe’ve been keeping trying to improve its matching, result calculating and manyother parts.
Recent updated adjustment made according to your feedbacks includes:
1)    Adjustment on therules of matching. Now players will be matched up with others who have similarabilities, level. And there’s a stricter restriction on the rank division ofplayers in a premade team.
2)    Compensation forgetting AFK teammates: in the Ranke Game, if any of your teammates goes AFK inthe battle and consequently you lose the game, then you can get additionalProtection points. Note: if this AFK teammate is in a premade team with you,then you cannot enjoy the extra points.
Forexample, player A, B and C team up together and get matched up with other twoplayers, D and E as teammates. Then if A goes AFK in the game and the teamloses, D and E will get the extra Protection points while A, B and C won’t(it’s in order to avoid the situation that players go AFK in purpose when thedefeat is settled to benefit other teammates). Additionally, player A will bepunished for the AFK behavior.
3)    In order toprovide you a better matching and battle experience, the allowed division gapin the same team was reduced. Now when you team up with your friends, yourranks must be within two adjacent divisions.
4)    On the battleloading page, a rank division frame will show for you and your allies. Thehigher rank division you got in the Ranked Game, the more gorgeous frame willshow.

Q: What’s the plan for future changes on Ranked Game?

A: Several new changes include:
1)    Draft Pick modewill be added to the Ranked Game in a future update. By the time, high-levelplayers will be able to ban/pick heroes to form their team lineup withstrategies.
2)    Some playerscomplain that sometimes they play very well in the game, but due to weakteammates, they can only get MVP of the losing team in the end. So MVP of thelosing team shouldn’t lose stars. – We do want to improve this kind ofexperience of being ‘dragged down’, but at the same time, we also do not wantto see that players care only about getting MVP rather than the overall gamesituation. Therefore, we will score players according to different roles oftheir heroes and their actual battle performance (including KDA, engagementrate and other kinds of statistics). After this comprehensive grade assessment,then we will give a bonus Protection points reward to the players who haveoutstanding performance in the losing team.

We wish to be able to give better answers and solutions to your questions and doubts thatyou may meet in the game. Furthermore, we want to discuss and talk about such things as hero balance, game mechanism, hero designs and gameplay features with you. Thus, we sincerely hope that you can make more comments under the posts of ‘Talk with Designers’ and let us know your questions on game design. In this way, we will be able to make a deeper discussion with you on some certain topic next time.

Post time 2017-5-3 03:10 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I wanna give some advice. In the game, when we meet Afk player, the commands ''stop at home''& ''follow to the battles'' are not enough. Plz some commands such as ''clear top lane'',''clear mid lane'',''clear bottom lane'' If so, I command this afk player to good control for my team. Becouse ''follow to the battle'' is sometime useless. Next advice is to edit ''stop at home'' command. When I command afk player to stop at home, he should comeback with foot without using recall. The afk player is killed by enemies when I command to stop at home because recall time is enought to kill him by enemies instead on foot. So, when command to stop at home, the afk player must come back on foot. Thank alot!
Post time 2017-5-3 12:57 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
please increase the area of HERO LOCKING SYSTEM. i still need to get near before i can lock the target. and when i get near, i die. its very dangerous.
Post time 2017-5-1 11:35 AM | Show all posts
So Bane needs a big revision.
He is like all classes in once, Support, Tank=Group control, a bit of a marksmen, and in my opinion at this time not a real worrior
His attack skills are kind of weak compared to every other Warrior and your team won't be in a good position for early game if you choose him.
The main problems are his attack skills, his Ulti is almost useless untill teamfight considering his slowness and the easy counter. (One of the simplest counter in the game).
Everyone knows how to run away after Warrior 1, even with a perfect placement you will nerver get more than 3 hits (you just go left right up and down consider his position and your position on the map), if you not stay and fight.
Also Bane has to get near for a good Ult, and you can outplay him so that he use his skill. On the other hand the skill is great for tower pushing and tower defense if your mates need more time to come back (Especially in brawl).
You have 2 opinions in teamfights 1. Early use to push them back or splitt the group 2. in the mid to get some damage and splitt the group because some enemys are then most likely to stay. (3. to steal kills if you don't like team advantage :lol )
The ult has his pro and cons, and the big pro is the team advantage but compared to other ults he has much more cons. i have no idea to change his easy counter. (If the ship move faster it become less effective in lane control and teamfight)
More damage wouldn't solve the counter problem and become op in end fights. You could make it invisible for the first sec, some of the problems would be solved and its not total op if you drop the invisible time for each level by 0,2 or something,
otherways the teamfight get unfair. You shouldn't change his heal skill. Its efficient in all phases of mm and brawl too. But i noticed the heal drop when more mates get healed, you could make a min. limit of 70-80% heal from the original 680 hp,
so he gets a Tank/Support role. His 1. Skill is the only direct damage deal with his ground attack. Some tanks and supporter have more direct damage deals:D, so Bane does not realy fit in the warrior role. (Especially with his 2nd-3rd skill)
With his 1 attack  skill hes kind of hard to play in the early game if you go on a lane. (because you don't have jump,stun,grap or pull over abilitys and just one effective dd).  It only deals damage without any useful effects because you dont have other skills to attack afterwards or somehing that match well like Yun Zaho's 1st and 2nd or all of Franco's skills. Its not surprising that other warriors are more likely to pick if you see banes cons.
Most heros have skills which fits nice together so maybe banes problem is the big difference between his skill types and his recommend Warrior bulid because his skills would better fit with a tank bulid.
The first skill needs a new effect, maybe a stun which fits with his ult, a slowdown effect is not very effective with his skills. This hero realy needs a stun, and some other heros (with multiple attack skills) need a slow down effect for their stun ability.

So if you built him as tank you got a decent attack chain to buy some items until teamfight.
But lower his skill damage a bit so hes not playing with a warrior build and then we become a decent Tank/support with lane- and group control.
He won't make an easy 15-0 but he would be a better pusher and get his kills in mid to late game.

It's my opinion so if you have anything to say or improve tell me
Ps. i know there are some gramma mistakes you can keep it, english is not my first language

Post time 2017-5-2 09:06 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi Arnold, aside from KDA, can you please include other aspect such as the damage done,tower damage, etc.on calculating for the MVP? Some teammates only knows how to last hit without doing any help for the team.
Post time 2017-5-1 03:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Fanny still does'nt come to a complete hold/stop when hexed stunned hooked knockback on moving cable. How is that fair?
Post time 2017-5-7 10:07 AM | Show all posts
I think it's time you look at what your players want and not your wallets, because at the end of the day, it's your players' wallets that keep YOUR wallets full, I've stopped supporting this game due to the greed since Moskov was introduced.

Despite the many threads on here and on reddit screaming "Moskov OP" you refuse to nerf him because he is making you money, that's great but what about the large majority of players who DON'T play him nor want to play him?

Why should we be punished by your greed. 3 weeks now since I "quit" and I've only played 2-3 games since - at this rate I don't think I'll return unless there's some change to the meta.


Look at this thread for example: ... hread&tid=17732
over 40% of voters agree that Moskov is broke af. Moderators (hueeyy for example) even agree, they have replied to my comments in the past.

This is Mobile Legends not Moskov Legends, please make it so.
Post time 2017-5-2 01:13 PM | Show all posts
Fix the lag, then we'll talk.
Post time 2017-5-1 12:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
When is mode 1vs1 3v3 like other game ? I have been wating for so long.
Post time 2017-5-1 03:32 AM | Show all posts
Current situation with mobile legends:

There is too much CC: Every char have some form of CC and also can slow for 60% which is insane the slow buff only make the game worse. Should be reverted and keep nerfing CCs. That's why Purify is used so often because the high amount of CC in the game. Besides purify there is no other way to combat CC.

There is only 1 ítem with resilence in the whole game, also i think rapid boots should have a slow reduction because they are the fastest boots ingame and have no passive.

Jungle ítems should only be allowed to those who use the jungle spell (i forgot name).  Most players take advantage to gain more exp and gold and snow ball the game.

Nerf moskow's attack speed on 1st skill.

And reduce cooldown of purify, there is too much CC ingame.
Post time 2017-5-1 04:47 PM | Show all posts
would also be nice to have disabler item, like guinsoo
For those online players as mentioned by "kiranx"
4.Afk players are one thing but people who are online and dont help at all is another(a new trend)They just stay in base and run around once in a while but dont do anything to help,
make the punishment harsh, ban from playing rank games for at least a day, you have to know this game is a business,  there are competitors out there who might be sabotaging the game, so this could be one of those reason why we have this kind of behaviour from other players.
Post time 2017-5-1 01:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Can you make to be Freya bought with battle points? 32k more exactly
Post time 2017-5-1 01:40 AM | Show all posts
Support for remake bane :lol
Post time 2017-5-1 01:45 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Freya has always been a recharge gift and will remain as such.
Post time 2017-5-1 01:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Repair that how Bane looks. That pixels oh
Post time 2017-5-1 02:04 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
plz fix kagura lvl1 bug!. why dont care about reports!.
Post time 2017-5-1 02:37 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I have two suggestions:1)make bane's ulti not to cut so much on turrets,when minions are inside the turret his ultima cuts the turrets life in half and its pretty annoying(fix it)2)the draft pick must be another rank map(I mean that there must be 2 ranks the simple map where we can choose what champion we want and the draft pick where we can ban champions) so that players who dont have many champions be able to play on the other map.
Post time 2017-5-1 02:45 AM | Show all posts
Moskov is too op man,
1.Is it possible to have new maps in the future
2.Could freya ever be bought using battle points its ok if its more than 50 k points(So people can really start to save up for it)
3.Will the premium skins change(those in the shop have been there for along time)Also those heros that can be bought with fragments have been the same for so long could they be changed,
4.Afk players are one thing but people who are online and dont help at all is another(a new trend)They just stay in base and run around once in a while but dont do anything to help,
Please have a report player button so you can review this types of idiots and we really need harsher punishments for this type of people,Ive always wanted to report people but never knew how too


Hey there! You can report players after the match, click the "!" Red Icon, then the "!" will appear beside the player names. Choose the person you wanna report with a reason. Hope it helps you ^-^   Post time 2017-5-1 11:48 PM
Post time 2017-5-1 03:18 AM | Show all posts
Happy to hear about new items coming "soon" since that alone adds a lot of variety in the game if they are unique and well done. People suggest Moskov nerfs, if you want to try something I'd suggest changing his 2nd skill so that when you stun an enemy onto another enemy hero you can at most stun 2 enemies so even if for some reason there are 3 enemies together you only stun the main target and 1 of the other 2 (the closest one or whatever), this way it makes the skill less good overall but still good and most importantly it will be less punishing. If with the Bane changes you do a job as good as Old Clint -> New Clint I will be a very happy person :p
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