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Author: yjubilosa
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Post time 2017-5-1 03:35 AM | Show all posts
imma wait for it, Bane Comeback :D
Post time 2017-5-1 03:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Fanny still does'nt come to a complete hold/stop when hexed stunned hooked knockback on moving cable. How is that fair?
Post time 2017-5-1 06:25 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Please add personal level for heroes. For make main hero
Post time 2017-5-1 06:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Where is the supposed jungle crab pls answear
Post time 2017-5-1 07:35 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Yin Zhao is way too overpowered, 1 basic atack 5k really not even eudora then thosbskils 3k no hero has thwt much hes way too unbalanced and if bs that anyone who uses him or has him in his team will win
Post time 2017-5-1 08:52 AM | Show all posts
yo quisiera que me respondan ¿por que no arreglan el mal funcionamiento del juego?? porque el juego se tilda a cada rato, no se puede jugar ni media partida sin que se tilde. deberian arreglar eso. >:-(
Post time 2017-5-1 11:35 AM | Show all posts
So Bane needs a big revision.
He is like all classes in once, Support, Tank=Group control, a bit of a marksmen, and in my opinion at this time not a real worrior
His attack skills are kind of weak compared to every other Warrior and your team won't be in a good position for early game if you choose him.
The main problems are his attack skills, his Ulti is almost useless untill teamfight considering his slowness and the easy counter. (One of the simplest counter in the game).
Everyone knows how to run away after Warrior 1, even with a perfect placement you will nerver get more than 3 hits (you just go left right up and down consider his position and your position on the map), if you not stay and fight.
Also Bane has to get near for a good Ult, and you can outplay him so that he use his skill. On the other hand the skill is great for tower pushing and tower defense if your mates need more time to come back (Especially in brawl).
You have 2 opinions in teamfights 1. Early use to push them back or splitt the group 2. in the mid to get some damage and splitt the group because some enemys are then most likely to stay. (3. to steal kills if you don't like team advantage :lol )
The ult has his pro and cons, and the big pro is the team advantage but compared to other ults he has much more cons. i have no idea to change his easy counter. (If the ship move faster it become less effective in lane control and teamfight)
More damage wouldn't solve the counter problem and become op in end fights. You could make it invisible for the first sec, some of the problems would be solved and its not total op if you drop the invisible time for each level by 0,2 or something,
otherways the teamfight get unfair. You shouldn't change his heal skill. Its efficient in all phases of mm and brawl too. But i noticed the heal drop when more mates get healed, you could make a min. limit of 70-80% heal from the original 680 hp,
so he gets a Tank/Support role. His 1. Skill is the only direct damage deal with his ground attack. Some tanks and supporter have more direct damage deals:D, so Bane does not realy fit in the warrior role. (Especially with his 2nd-3rd skill)
With his 1 attack  skill hes kind of hard to play in the early game if you go on a lane. (because you don't have jump,stun,grap or pull over abilitys and just one effective dd).  It only deals damage without any useful effects because you dont have other skills to attack afterwards or somehing that match well like Yun Zaho's 1st and 2nd or all of Franco's skills. Its not surprising that other warriors are more likely to pick if you see banes cons.
Most heros have skills which fits nice together so maybe banes problem is the big difference between his skill types and his recommend Warrior bulid because his skills would better fit with a tank bulid.
The first skill needs a new effect, maybe a stun which fits with his ult, a slowdown effect is not very effective with his skills. This hero realy needs a stun, and some other heros (with multiple attack skills) need a slow down effect for their stun ability.

So if you built him as tank you got a decent attack chain to buy some items until teamfight.
But lower his skill damage a bit so hes not playing with a warrior build and then we become a decent Tank/support with lane- and group control.
He won't make an easy 15-0 but he would be a better pusher and get his kills in mid to late game.

It's my opinion so if you have anything to say or improve tell me
Ps. i know there are some gramma mistakes you can keep it, english is not my first language

Post time 2017-5-1 12:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
When is mode 1vs1 3v3 like other game ? I have been wating for so long.
Post time 2017-5-1 12:34 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Please answer my question
Post time 2017-5-1 12:47 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Solo tier and party tier please
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