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[Other Official News] 《Talk With Developer VOL.6》

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Edited by yjubilosa at 2017-5-15 01:16

    Hello, everyone. I’m Arnold, the person currently in charge of the design of the game’s battle experience and hero balance. Recently we’ve received a lot of feedback from players about the hero Moskov, so today I’d like to talk with you in detail about this hero.

     In the earliest design phase on this hero, we wanted to design him as a hero that needs to constantly adjust his positioning in team fights, enabling him to be an AOE marksman hero by adjusting position and using the piercing effect. Basically he would need stronger teleport and AOE capabilities compared to other marksman. But after releasing this design, we realized this made him a very hard hero to learn, so we increased his attack distance and armor piercing distance, and also made his basic attack take off 1 second of 1st skill cooldown whenever it hit an enemy. The results after these changes indicated that this hero was getting easier to use, and his usage rate and win rate started to pick up. Now everyone is fairly adept at using this hero, and the majority of players can master most of this hero’s capabilities.

But now another problem has arisen, namely, since we’ve made him easier to use but retained his powerful attacking abilities, Moskov has pretty much become a permanent fixture on the battlefield, and that is never a good thing when it comes to preserving variety in the game. Meanwhile, a lot of players have become aware of this fact and starting sending us a lot of feedback and suggestions. We, in turn, have been tracking Moskov’s data and confirmed this point, so we’ve decided to implement further adjustments.

     In our discussions about how to go about this, we hoped to preserve the hero’s core game mechanics. We didn’t want these adjustments to change the feel of this hero too much for players already used to using him. Therefore, our adjustments were mainly focused on two points:

     First is his ability for rapid development. Moskov can very quickly clear a whole line of minions, then go off and do something else, basically making it possible to avoid lane battling with the opponent, and there was not much the opponent could do about it. So, we’re making his penetration damage increase with level. This way, his passive damage in the late game hasn’t changed, but his lane-clearing ability in the early game is maybe not as strong as before.

     Second, we’re adjusting Moskov’s attack speed. Currently, his 1st skill greatly increases his attack speed, and at the same time, attack speed helps lower the cooldown for his 1st skill. This leads to him being able to teleport quickly and get lots of attack speed without having to equip much of any attack speed equipment. So, we are lowering the attack speed boost provided by this skill, which will make Moskov unable to rely on the attack speed boost from the skill alone to quickly run down the skill’s cooldown time. And it will also lead to a certain drop in his attacking ability. This will force players to make some trade-offs when choosing between attack speed, lifesteal, and crit strike equipment.

     Of course, these adjustments are still in testing and may be tweaked further pending test results. But with these changes, we hope to keep Moskov within a reasonable range of strength and allow room for other marksmen to be competitive. If you have further feedback about your hopes for Moskov, come let us know and discuss it on our official forum. Thank you all for your support.

Post time 2017-5-15 08:51 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
For those of you who complain about moskov need to be nerf even more are just pure bs. He is easily countered by anyone in the early that know his weakness you guys are just too lazy to pay attention to it .. just because it played often doesn't mean it's overpowered it's just because alot of smart-ass like you think that moskov is very op and want to use it and by the end of the day u fked up the game.
Post time 2017-5-16 11:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Anyone else miss MLBB before moscov come.?  On that day, all MM still worth to play, elayla, miya, clint, bruno, even the worst yss still has his place.. And no one get one step ahead among MM division, they are balanced with their own unique.. Now.? Every match, yes i mean 99% match you will find moscov, if you pick other MM except moscov then your teammates will force you to get moscov, but i think they won't force you bcoz everyone want to be moscov..  On that day, tank is crucial, with tank, our MM is safe, Now.? Moscov penetrate you, what's the point of tank if moscov can att the MM behind the tank.?  if you look 1st global rank miya/clint/bruno/layla/yss, they no more use their 1st hero, they use moscov now coz they admit moscov is the best of all..  OMG, i hope they delete or make moscov useless, i miss that day, where i see all sorts of  MM, not only 99,9% moscov..  Moscov come to take peace from MLBB world And i hope the devp bring it back.. We count on you devp, you are our saviour.


Totally side with you, Moskov completely destroyed the game balanced and set a whole new game meta, which is just painfully boring...  Post time 2017-5-17 04:05 PM
Post time 2017-5-15 02:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Do itbfast because this hero ruining the whole game. I rarely see any other marksman anymore this is bullshit. You know what? I see too many times people are saying "take moskov or i will feed." this is new motto fuck this.
Post time 2017-5-15 08:47 AM | Show all posts
Unfortunately, I felt like that wall of text is insincere.

Really? They just realized this now?
Aren't they the freaking developer of Moskov?
Didn't they freaking do a lot of freaking testing before they released him?

That is the problem when you release a hero every two weeks.
You fail to do a full-scale test of one hero, because you are already in the process of developing a new one.

I know it's hard. But this is their game. They have grown so much, so they are expected to up their game.
Post time 2017-5-15 02:21 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Remove moskovs passive
Post time 2017-5-15 04:52 PM | Show all posts
The idea of changing Moskov passiv is great and I also suggested it here. Make his passiv better the more you level up is so needed!

Also nerfing his first and second ability would be good but please go ahead and buff his ultimate then, like the more his spear travels the higher the damage!
Post time 2017-5-15 09:41 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Baddada at 2017-5-15 09:44
wingkian replied at 2017-5-15 09:15
just leave moskov alone these noob are just complaining because there's many ppl playing moskov . if ...

If they nerf Ruby, Saber, YSS for no reason then why they don't nerf this hero ;P ?
Post time 2017-5-15 02:44 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
All the heros are danger if you master it,  so don't just complain noobs
Post time 2017-5-15 01:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
"his passive damage in the late game hasn’t changed, but his lane-clearing ability in the early game is maybe not as strong as before."
Post time 2017-5-15 01:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
we are lowering the attack speed boost provided by this skill, which will make Moskov unable to rely on the attack speed boost from the skill alone to quickly run down the skill’s cooldown time. And it will also lead to a certain drop in his attacking ability.
Post time 2017-5-15 01:30 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This two adjustments will lead moscov to be a non helpfull hero in a team LOL,.. this is the abilities of moscov that makes him different from others. Actually moscov cant easily clear up a line if he will be match up by a player who knew his weakness. In line everyone can have an assasin to line up with moscov tss.
Post time 2017-5-15 01:40 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Kindly nerf Aurora for his ulti. Too damaging & hardly can escape a one on one battle with her.
Post time 2017-5-15 01:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Still there is a big problem, Miya first skill in past dealt 50% of the damage and you nerfed it to 30%. Moskov late game is alot stronger than early. So you must nerf his lategame too. Make his basic attack do 90% of damage on the first target like kalistas basic attacks are in league of legends and the piercing damage should be from 85% to 100% growing with levels. Attack speed buff should be 60% instead of 80%. These adjustments will be better. That way this hero will be hard to play and it will need more profession.
Post time 2017-5-15 02:01 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I agree on the number one nerfing, I suggest nerfed his 2nd ability's 2s stun instead of the number two nerfing...
Post time 2017-5-15 02:11 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Chiefrhen replied at 2017-5-15 01:30
This two adjustments will lead moscov to be a non helpfull hero in a team LOL,.. this is the abiliti ...

You dont understand that he is played in every game, he can easily 1v1 any adc be it late or early game. He can easily wipe out a team, makes enemies unable to group together while he is protected by his teammates, especially if it is a tank, makes it kind of impenetrable fortress. He needs big adjustments. Assasins cannot approach moskov at all cause tanks are in front line and until they get wiped out you cant aim moskov, will requite top player to do aim him but still even if you aim him, you either get stunned or slowed and he teleports away. And before tanks get wiped out moskov kills the enemy team and enemy cant focus on tanks that much cause moskov passive. To counter moskov you need moskov and every game is probably like who is the better moskov. Other heroes cannot decide the battle that much as moskov does.
Post time 2017-5-15 02:12 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank you for your wonderful efforts, but I have some simple observations. I mentioned that Moskov was associated with attack and speed. If a speed is high, it is a weak attack. If a high attack must be slow, this will cause the inability to balance, for example if it is fast and weak. In the attack will be the initiators who need to hide either if it is slow movement and a high attack must be at the forefront of the team in an attack where the players will rely on it a lot as well as there will be a big inconvenience when the killing of the commander in the game will be considered Muskov right hand of the commander This causes high damage to the enemy causing the fugitive The success period is high and the player's life period is long. I mentioned an attack and the speed but you did not mention the defense. If his defense is high, he must be one of the defenders. He should have a weak point. For example, if the weak point is the lightning, then the team who choose Maskov against the team. They have the thunderbolts. The two teams will continue to choose the two people so their defense must be balanced. Also, the extent of their attack has expanded.
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