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Author: yjubilosa
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Post time 2017-5-18 07:43 AM | Show all posts
Trash changes Moskov will still be cancer, you're only kidding yourselves to "realise he is only a problem as of RECENT". No you imbecile he has been a problem since his release.

These changes won't do anything because:

1. He farms too quickly so he'll reach max level before anyone else, thus having his full passive effect with no risk
2. Longest stun in the game that's auto target
3. Has really long range because of piercing, you say his trade off is his low range BUT his range is longer than normal heroes after 1 auto attack pierces

You need to hire real MOBA developers because your devs are clearly inexperienced with this kind of sh*t
Post time 2017-5-18 11:46 AM | Show all posts
Lol .. I don't even know what you guys are talking about ...

I just started playing last night :D
Post time 2017-5-18 12:35 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
first they lower hes attack power, and now he will get fully nerfed and soon be an unused hero like bane. Moskov dont need changes, even if he can clear a wave faster and avoid ganks, he have a verry low resistence so any mistake can kill him, like i can kill him whith 3 normal attacks of natalia, if he lose more fighting power, he will get unused
Post time 2017-5-18 01:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by akanotanindof at 2017-5-18 14:27

Moskov isn't that strong.  Many players love to stand behind Tank, die Tank not them.  They dislike it when Moskov can attack them even when they stand behind Tank.  I find a lot of players love to use long range hero.  Every match player shout for "We need a Tank", but they themself don't learn to use Tank.  Typical selfish players.
I suggest we can block players after match.  Many players fuck/scold teammate when losing the game.  I saw few players even ask his teammate to quit ML.
Post time 2017-5-18 05:24 PM | Show all posts
Prof.Gaming-19 replied at 2017-5-16 23:17
Anyone else miss MLBB before moscov come.?  On that day, all MM still worth to play, elayla, miya, c ...

yeah...moscov need to be nerf because i wanna see other marksmen other than moscov in now-meta game. Everyday is just Moscov vs Moscov...hardly see other marksmen win against moscov. all other players in my friendlist use moscov now. So just delete other marksmen because its useless against moscov especially early game in Mid lane.
Post time 2017-5-19 05:00 PM | Show all posts
advanc replied at 2017-5-18 17:24
yeah...moscov need to be nerf because i wanna see other marksmen other than moscov in now-meta gam ...

i see marksman all over the match (ranked - master), instead of other heroes.  a lot of times whole team is marksman, and scout for other to use tank.
Post time 2017-5-20 02:18 AM | Show all posts
Moskov needs a nerf. You go mid with him, push the lane in a few seconds, then go jungle and kill monsters, come back to lane and push more minions. Over and over again, you just get levels too fast and you can gank other lanes because you push faster than anyone. Leaving your lane doesnt give you any penalty because of that. And besides that, insane damage and a 2 seconds stun.
Post time 2017-5-21 01:11 AM | Show all posts
Can you add this game to amazon and kindle devices so i might be able to play with my brother
Post time 2017-5-21 04:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
İ think Aurora is very perfect because your ultimate skill win the match as Alpha's ultimate skill
Post time 2017-5-21 07:21 PM | Show all posts
Edited by mtalha13 at 2017-5-21 19:23
Leonys replied at 2017-5-18 12:35
first they lower hes attack power, and now he will get fully nerfed and soon be an unused hero like  ...

say me any reason, why i should use bruno instead of moskov? Natalia can kill bruno 3 normal attacks too. Even if moskov has 16 armor (bruno has 17) with purify+going out red fied of nata, moskov easily kill natalia with his stun but bruno cannot kill as easy as moskov do.
For me, Moskov's stun is absulately strong. Thats why people use tig+moskov combo
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