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Author: yjubilosa
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[Other Official News] 《Talk With Developer VOL.6》

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Post time 2017-5-15 02:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Cry babies
Post time 2017-5-15 02:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Do itbfast because this hero ruining the whole game. I rarely see any other marksman anymore this is bullshit. You know what? I see too many times people are saying "take moskov or i will feed." this is new motto fuck this.
Post time 2017-5-15 02:44 PM | Show all posts
To be honest, I would have liked a nerf on that 2 second stun. For a marksman, it's pretty huge, taking on consideration the fact that the skill's cooldown is already so low...
Post time 2017-5-15 02:51 PM | Show all posts
Yagloo replied at 2017-5-15 14:44
To be honest, I would have liked a nerf on that 2 second stun. For a marksman, it's pretty huge, tak ...

Yeah, hope they can make it 1s


well considering its not always hit... i think 1,35 or 1,40 is good  Post time 2017-5-16 06:06 PM
Post time 2017-5-15 02:58 PM | Show all posts
Sounds awesome!:D
Post time 2017-5-15 03:12 PM | Show all posts
remove your clothes
Post time 2017-5-15 03:43 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
If Moskvo gets such nurf then his defense should be buff
Post time 2017-5-15 04:52 PM | Show all posts
The idea of changing Moskov passiv is great and I also suggested it here. Make his passiv better the more you level up is so needed!

Also nerfing his first and second ability would be good but please go ahead and buff his ultimate then, like the more his spear travels the higher the damage!
Post time 2017-5-15 05:10 PM | Show all posts
Those nerfs are pretty good and deserved, really glad of it. Nevertheless, I'm not sure it's the best way to make Moskov a skilled champion, and keep his in game mehanics safe.

1) The penetration damages are too high on minions, anytime in the game Moskov can depush waves too fast, and farm jungle or gank other lanes without fear of losing farm. Decreasing those penetration damages is fine, but not on champions, i'll explain it later. (3)

2) Reducing the attack speed will also indirectly increase Moskov's cooldowns. It's a perfect nerf. Now moskov will have to focus on building attack speed early on, whereas he could just just build damages before.

3) Right now, the most difficult mechanic of Moskov is to knock an ennemy back on another ennemy, to stun both of them and deal huge penetration damages (reason why keeping penetration damages on champion high would be better, cf 1). But the 2s stun on walls is just much easier to do and more rewarding at the moment.
That's the reason why I would rather reduce the stun on walls (1 second), and increase the one on champions (1,5 seconds or keeping it 1 second, not sure...).
-> Higher skillcap champion
-> Risky plays generates higher rewards
-> Ennemy players can counterplay it (you can avoid standing behind your mates, whereas you can't avoid walls. The knockback range is so high that Moskov can pin you to a wall almost anywhere in the map)

4) Moskov's ultimate has no real utility right now. The damages are too low, and the passive bonus damage doesn't make sense. Predicting ennemies' moves is hard, and should be more rewarding.
Increasing it's damages would give this skill an aim of finishing blow. As a compensation, removing the actual passive seems a good idea, after finishing off an ennemy on another lane, Moskov doesn't need more damages for a few seconds on his own lane... Replacing this passive with a permanent slight attack damage bonus when finishing the ennemy off seems like a better idea to me, and would make his ultimate an important tool at any stage of the game.

In a nutshell, those changes would:
- Reduce the ability of Moskov to duel. Marksmen are supposed to deal huge damages but be weak in duel, on average. Even fighters and assassins had issues fighting him. Those changes would keep the ability of Moskov to duel (like Bruno), but it won't be his main role anymore.
- Reduce his ability of depushing and hard farming, while keeping safe the rewards over positionning well on teamfights to deal penetration damages.
- Increase the rewards of risky/skillful plays, with the hero on hero stun instead of here on wall (which becomes a secondary tool) and the utility of Moskov's ultimate.
- Give real counterplay opportunities when facing Moskov, as avoiding walls is often almost impossible.

Well, I know that changes are already in test, but please take a look at this, and maybe later, on an upcoming patch, give Moskov a real interesting and synergised gameplay...
Thanks for listening to our feedbacks though, I couldn't stand seeing one Moskov on each team almost every game!
Post time 2017-5-15 05:33 PM | Show all posts
Can you add more special effect of attack and skills for Ruby's hidden orchid butterfly? The effect is not worthy with the price since i already bought it, can you add more color or glitters with it's attack? Because i want to buy all Elite/Epic skins with special effect and make sure that is worthy.
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