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[Share] [Tutorial] Customize your forum profile (Space)

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Edited by skourpy at 2018-5-16 09:00 AM

= Customize your forum profile =

Hello once again everyone and welcome back to another forum tutorial. This time i shall be talking about "How to dress your forum profile".

For example:

Profile above are:

After seeing their profile, you might be wondering:

"why their forum's profile so good?"
"is it only for moderators? or at least grandmaster forum ranks?"

no no no! every member even the newest member that has just been registered, has the access to customize their profile.

or some of you might think:
"why do i need to dress my page? i'm just going here to report a bug anyway"
"isn't it just wasting time?"

Well, we are all playing Mobile Legends, and are all comrades who will journey together through the ups and downs of this game. Our aim is to make you feel this is your community, providing all players a great forum where you can talk all about Mobile Legends with other like minded players. Not only talk, we also aim to make getting involved in the community fun for all members. A true community is a community wich knows its members, and create bonds.

so i hope you can understand it :D


Alright, let's get started!!! :lol

= Uploading new avatar =

this is the default avatar
firstly when you logon to forum, look at the top right of your screen, click on your username or avatar
and you'll directed to your own profile page (your space) and then search for your default pic (probably on the left screen)

Click edit avatar (below your default avatar) and you'll directed again to another page,

click on 'Browse' button and new window will pop up, browse your pic and click it twice (it's better to adjust your pic to 200x200 px first)

you can also adjust which area of the pic that should visible, move the box or just Zoom in and Zoom Out.

once you done, click confirm and now you have a new avatar :D

(*In case the pic not visible or cant showed up, please clear your cache and image files from your browser setting*)

= Dressing your Space =

once again, visit your own space, and click 'Dress Space'. You'll directed to the editing page.

in the editing page, there's 4 features we can use to customize, let's learn it 1 by 1:


here where you can choose a layout for your page, the position of your content.

BlueZero, troy01, and GodxScarlet are using 3 parameter, i.e = [1:2:1] [1:1:2] [2:1:1] [2:2:1] [1:2:2] [1:1:3] [1:3:1] [3:1:1]
in other words, left - mid - right.


Ryu~ are using 2 parameter, i.e = [2:2] [1:3] [3:1] [1:4] [4:1] [3:2] [2:3]
in other words, just left and right.

you're free to choose the layout, i'll just use the default 3 parameter for now :D

Next is:


there's 8 type of style you can choose (to put it simply, this is profile theme selection)

i'll choose the simple style, number 3 - the flower :$

once you done, you need to save and apply it right away, to avoid error or heavyload while editing your space.

and then click the 'Dress Space' below your avatar to enter editing again.
so next is... we put a background and header pic.

Custom Style:

when you entering the custom style editing, there is another 4 area that you can edit, which is:

[Title Bar]
[Content Area]

so let's change the Background first.
in the top right corner of the screen, there is 'Upload New Image ' button (below the orange button)

1. click the 'choose file' button (top right corner) and browse window will pop up.
2. click twice the pic you choose. (or manually one click the picture and then click 'open' button)
3. click start upload (top right corner) and wait a bit for the pic to load.

done, you've change the background pictures of your profile :D

And the next is change the Header Picture. *Sorry sunflower, i need to change the header for the tutorial :'(

Make sure you click over the 'Header' option (the selected area, header text will become black colored):

the method is just like you upload the background pictures :D

but for header, the default sunflower header size is 970 x 140 pixel. You can change the height freely, but make sure the height is not so high.
otherwise your profile will sink. and it will become heavy for others to look at your profile page.
i've just changed the height a bit like 970 x 200.

once you done, the header will not automatically load, so after you upload the Header pic, click the save button (orange button at the top right corner).
and come back again to editing mode for the text color editing :D


in the Title Bar, what can you change is the Title text color and link color, just click over the color box and choose whatever color you want (you can also use hexa color code)


you can also change the bar color, or upload the image for the bar, just like GodxScarlet did.

alright, the last one is Block cuztomization

this is where you can add additional content up to 5 box, you can put a pictures or some sentence in this additional block :D or decrease the number of content you want to show. uncheck to remove them from your profile page.

let's find out what we can do with the box.

check the first box to add some block, this block will appear above your avatar.


move it to anywhere you want (i put it to the mid)


Click the edit button at the top right of the bar, then click the attribute option. a new window will pop up.


feel free to put it anything, just like you make a thread or replying to the thread xD
but here you can't put a video, even if you use bbcode [*iframe][*/iframe] just the link that would show.


once you done, click 'OK' buttin and click the save button (orange button at the top right corner)


and congrats, your profile page has become more interesting :D
so that's all for today, and see you next time for the next forum tutorial :D

*sorry if my english grammar bad xD *and i will update this soon.

Post time 2017-5-19 03:57 PM | Show all posts
Wow this Awesome!!!!!

You may add this, how to resize Display Picture.

1. Move your cursor to top right Profile Div, Edit button will appear, then click Attribute.
Screenshot (27).png

2. Pop up will showing, default size is Middle just change resolution to Large or Small
Screenshot (28).png

Sorry, i am use dim screen to made my screen more darker :lol

You should use yours haha :lol

Bonus, if you have already enter my profile, then scroll up down, you'll see a girl with green hair colored :'(


Thanks  Post time 2019-4-19 12:35 AM
Post time 2017-5-18 11:03 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ryu~ at 2017-5-18 21:05

Mom! I'm on TV! :D
+1 Support :)
PPL needed this :3


"Mom! I'm on TV!", hahaha xD  Post time 2017-5-19 09:07 AM
Post time 2017-5-18 11:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ichijo at 2017-5-18 23:12

So that's the dimensions of the header. Always having trouble with the header. >_<

Thanks a lot for this!~ Time to edit my header once more...
Post time 2017-5-19 01:09 AM | Show all posts
Really useful tutorial. Mine's done a couple of days ago. Support +1


i i iz daaaat mee? >.<  Post time 2017-5-25 02:49 PM
Post time 2017-5-19 05:41 AM | Show all posts
Good job skourpy, but im sad that u didn't include mine :(


</3  Post time 2017-5-25 02:50 PM
poor laser :'(  Post time 2017-5-19 08:01 PM
but your profil pic showed up >.<  Post time 2017-5-19 10:58 AM
He doesn't love us </3  Post time 2017-5-19 09:06 AM
Post time 2017-5-19 09:49 AM | Show all posts
I'd like to add some kickass music to my space but im having some difficulty. Can anyone help a newbie like me?


Lolz I'd like to add some to my acc. too, but I can't seem to find out how. Trollololz. I already put the Music box but I'm having difficulties  Post time 2017-5-25 02:31 PM
i've tried too, but idk the plugin won't appear or not compatible hahah :(  Post time 2017-5-19 03:30 PM
oh right, i'll update it next time :D  Post time 2017-5-19 10:41 AM
Post time 2017-5-19 03:55 PM | Show all posts
thanks for this! haha I never tried to edit my space... but I can thanks senpai skourpy!
Post time 2017-5-19 05:04 PM | Show all posts
Here's my finish product what do you think? :D:P link here


the link you put it's wrong xD  Post time 2017-5-20 03:00 PM
 Author| Post time 2017-5-20 02:57 PM | Show all posts
sheenkz09 replied at 2017-5-19 17:04
Here's my finish product what do you think?  link here

WOAH, That pudge, and the gif text xD
that's good sheenkz, i didn't know it can also uploading gif. thanks for this xD

*sorry for the late reply, i got my laptop back now wuahahaha, borrowed since yesterday :'(
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