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[Ranking Tips] Prophet.'s 10 Brutally Honest Tips to Players stuck at Grandmaster/Master etc

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Welcome to Prophet's 10 Brutally Honest Tips. I will post a series of Brutally Honest posts about players, heroes, games etc once/twice every week for fun, knowledge, laughter. Many will nod in agreement, some might violent object my views. For the latter, just calm down, sit back and get roasted.

10 Brutally Honest Tips.
For :  Players that are stucked at Grandmaster/Master rank( in general)

1. For most of the time, they have a messiah complex. "Oh no. I need to save the world and my team from everything. This world needs me to cleanse it." I must play the Carry. If not me, who? *proceeds to lock in Moskov and spam the We need a Tank button.*

Tips : No. You are not. You will not admit and the only time you do, you are actually on the verge of losing your game and your self-godlike confidence. Realise that you are not the best player, anyone can carry. I always carry the same philosophy for every game.
"Hope that you are the lousiest player amongst your team, not thinking that you are the best." But then again, you will only realise it when you are losing.

2. The AFKers
This is the most annoying part. I understand. You live in a village, the volcano erupts and yeah... If you know your connection is unstable or you are playing in a flood etc, dont play. Will you go to the toilet to shit when there is nothing for you to clean your butt after excretion? I wouldn't. OR maybe you don't clean yourself after shitting.

3. "We need a Tank" squad
Button mash the We need a Tank when he is 3rd or 4th player to lock in a Marksman after seeing a Marksman already.
C'mon man. The team is not as blind as you. If you want to be a jerk, stay selfish at Master/Grandmaster.

4. The man that doesn't know numbers
This guy here, will flash his win rates with thrilling numbers. Like Match Played : 1138198319  Win Rate : 11.11% But this guy insists on playing that particular champion.

In school, we are taught Mathematics for a reason. Sometimes you just got to trust numbers. Confucius says, "If a friend tells you, you are ugly. Ignore. If the world tells you, you are ugly, embrace the truth."

5. The Salesman
This type of players will tell you how good is his Marksman.
"I will carry. dunch worry"
"my layla very strong. see my stats later"
"can let me miya please? i miya main player"
proceeds to get first blooded and dies to assassins in the whole game AND BLAME the team.  
Stop boasting. Keep quiet and play. Empty vessel makes the most noise.

6. Rager
Everyone knows a rager. Someone that types puta*ng i*a m* , **ob, l*ser, when they die because of their stupidity. When everyone is retreating and he wants to make a huge play by engaging himself against 5 enemy heroes. He/she will type incessantly and swear at you because of his own mistakes.

You are only as good as your score. If you rage and you meet another rager, this whole game is as good as a forfeit. Learn to be patient. Learn to mediate. Learn to accept that you are only human. It is okay to make mistakes.

7. Pingmaster
This player is a musical talent. He will spam pings like he is writing a new song for Ed Sheeran or Yiruma. He is the next Beethoven / Mozart. He will spam pings like a retarded kid. Unnecessarily. Personally, it gets on my nerves alot. It is extremely distracting.

Dude, your pings must be justified as times. But you know that, if that person doesn't respond to your ping for once or twice, you know this guy doesn't care about your pings right? Stop pinging that much. Pay more attention in winning the game for the team, save the deaf teammate.

8. Naturally bad players
Players that will fill up any roles. Very nice, chatty, friendly. He will listen to instructions. A 50% of a perfect teammate you can dream of. However the rest of the 50%, he is lacking in mechanics, skills, understanding of the game, the basics sometimes. Just not good at it for now.

It is okay. Just pick one/two heroes to focus on, play more, read more, learn more. We understand that not everyone is talented etc.

Comment if you are one of the 10 types? :p  
Comment if you can relate to me.
Follow me at Prophet. to see what I mean by all these players.
See ya. Ciao.
Post time 2017-6-18 11:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I'm no.7! I will follow u, will u marry me plz!
Post time 2017-6-18 11:48 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Dude which is ur account?Can u give a sreenshot!
Post time 2017-6-18 11:50 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
o the ping that i musically spam are sorry okay wait gg and i will gank and also thank you! I'm the Ping grand master 4!
Post time 2017-6-19 03:48 PM | Show all posts
i am   3.We need a tank squad xD
Post time 2017-6-19 04:29 PM | Show all posts
i think you should include here..

9. the First blood forfeit. when he got killed and be the first blood of the enemy team.. he/she will now afk all throughout the game ... he/she cant take the disappointment. i always get paired up with this kind of players in ranked in my grinding times.

ohh ohh and another.

10. the "Moves like LAGGER" they always make reason on their bad plays because of high ping.. but its not.. they just want to cover up their bad decisions to lag and high ping.. theyre not!! how come a lag person for example tigreal to initiate a fight with using a flicker directly to  the enemies? he said he is lag and he manage to do the combo.. ahahah. .. well... i got paired up with these guys..

and by the way.. i do #4 .. ahahah.. :)
Post time 2017-6-19 07:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
omniibon replied at 2017-6-19 16:29
i think you should include here..

9. the First blood forfeit. when he got killed and be the first b ...

well the 10 actually happened to me,

the timing of the high ping is sometimes unpredictable and could cause a disaster

when i use flicker when it happens, it took 3-x secs to respond and my hero walks to enemy turrets on its own. (when this happen; the ping shows green at first, when you're dead or almost cause a disaster, the ping will turn to red; atleast now its being honest)

we cant really do much action in this period or you'll end up making an epic faill(slim chance of success)


Me too!! Sometimes when i'm using moskov to chase the enemy, i use my 1st skill but it took 5 seconds to respond and it walks to enemy turret on it's own, then "FIRST BLOOD!!" but my ping was green!!   Post time 2017-6-21 11:24 PM
Post time 2017-6-19 07:34 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Was a good read, not sure if it's very helpful though :")
 Author| Post time 2017-6-19 07:34 PM | Show all posts
I have a secret confession. I am secretly #3. Haha

Post time 2017-6-19 08:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I started out as a number 8 because i
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