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[Hero Concept] New Support/Fighter Lucky the Controller

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Edited by Mjuyts at 2019-6-6 11:48 AM

Name: Lucky      The controller     


Specialty:Initiator/Team Buff

Movement Speed 258
Physical Attack 120
Armor 23
Magic Resistance 12
HP 2634
Mana 490
Attack Speed 0.83
Hp regen 38
Mana regen 18

Story: Lucky was a boy who lived in the apprentices' town. During the escape of Alpha, several androids were stop in the city of the apprentices. Lucky found the KuroXY and ShiroxX androids and kept them at home. When Lolita joined the guards of the city, the passion took over Lucky and took the two androids to the apprentices to help the young elf. The apprentices took the boy up until Rooney,who together made two gauntlets that allowed Lucky to control the robots.Rooney also
added in the androids
The ability to protect people around you,and so together with Lucky,would help Lolita and Bruno protect the city, approaching Lucky of your beloved.

attack basic:
ShiroxX will kick
then KuroXY
then both will give a quick attack
(Lucky can walk while they attack)

1-skill: Sunny day -will exit two mini ShiroxX and KuroXY
From their arms
One mini ShiroxX and KuroXY brighten Lucky and an selected ally , allowing the speed of movement to increase in 40%/50% for 2,4sec and the attack speed to increase  20%/25%/30%/35%,witch last of 6 hits.they will also give immunity of silence per 0,95 sec,and other
two ShiroxX and KuroXY will cause the opposite effect in 2 enemies
Per 1,6 secs and silence per 0,9 sec
at the end
They will return to arms of ShiroxX and KuroXY.
Recharge time 8 sec.Mana: 60.

2-Skill: Protection Mirror - Creates a shield around you and allies. This shield will reflect 28% (When reaching levels 6/12,increases to 36%/42%) of damage done to enemies per 2sec(increases to 3sec in the last lvl),after 2/3 sec
the shields will return to the androids and will break,when break the fragments  causes 320/350/380/406(+140% total physical damage
) nearby enemies and 1,8sec bleeding 60/70/80(+5%total physical damage) every 0.3sec .Recharge time 10,9 s. Mana 90. Allies hit: everyone in the area.

3skill-Plane Infallible=
he controls ShiroXX and KuroXY to stay close to him, giving him 10% / 15% / 20%/25% of hybrid defense to him, or distant giving 10% / 15% / 20%/25% more physical attack to him.
cooldown 2 sec mana 30

Ult: Combat Attack - Attack 4 times the enemy causing 170/250/280(+220% total physical damage) points per attack,Androids will lift
the enemy
KuroXY will punch
and ShiroxX a kick
and then they will finish
with KuroXY attacking from the right and ShiroxX from the left
stuning the enemy for 1.4 sec
. If the enemy dies after the last hit
or before  , Lucky and a closer wonded ally gains
5% regeneration of life for 5 seconds every 0.5 secs. If the enemy stays alive reduces the cooldown time by 25%. 140 mana. 1 enemy. 42 s of recharge.(lucky can walk
while they attack)

Passive-Regenerating And Helping: Kill minions regenerates mana at 40 pts. Monsters in 80 pts. And assistance or kill enemy 100 pts.when a ally or Lucky gain shield
increase shield by 900 until the shield ends and gain 10% additional damage
on the next attack(attack basic or skill).
in addition, aegis will have 40 sec of cooldown
and give shield to two allies.

Creators: Renato Alexandre and Mjuyts Jmser ^^

made by Neko Sarako Chan. Thanks

made by Neko Sarako Chan.     Thanks

Other skin suggestion

Other skin suggestion

Teen. Type Lolita ^^

Teen.    Type Lolita ^^


Post time 2017-7-2 08:18 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Schutzstaffel at 2017-7-2 08:51

Hello Mjuyts, Thanks for your suggestion, i'll submit your suggestion into our weekly reportKeep giving us your suggestion and thank you so much
 Author| Post time 2017-7-4 09:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
;-; i love you
 Author| Post time 2017-7-5 05:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Schutzstaffel replied at 2017-7-2 08:18
Hello Mjuyts, Thanks for your suggestion, i'll submit your suggestion into our weekly re ...

       Tnks.  :)
 Author| Post time 2017-7-7 09:07 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Shield causes burn enabled near enemies
 Author| Post time 2017-7-8 05:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Only if you want
 Author| Post time 2017-7-11 05:19 AM | Show all posts
2- skill When break the fragments they damage nearby enemies.
 Author| Post time 2017-7-12 01:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
and causes bleeding :)
 Author| Post time 2017-7-13 12:45 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You choose the damage of the fragments
 Author| Post time 2017-7-13 12:46 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Not much op median :D. :)
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