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[Complaint] Question on the in-game report system

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How does this system actually works? I'm sure the mlbb team gets thousands of this in a single day. Some people do legit reports. Some people report just because they are pissed. I'm sure there is a certain computer algorithm system to handle these reports and deal out any punishments if necessary. Surely there isn't a human actually responding to these reports right?
So yesterday with the release of karrie, obviously everyone is snatching to use her. But we were in RG mode, in the character selection screen. This certain player chose her. The team was obviously quite apprehensive and kindly told her not to use karrie as this is RG & there was another MM in the team. Mind you, the update was only 2 hours live and no one knew exactly who/what karrie was. This player went into toxic mode and proclaimed ''U noobs, I'll be the MVP" "Report the other MM"

Game started and she went mid obviously, forcing our MM to switch to bottom lane after 3 waves of creeps. Proceeded to steal all buffs. Steal = last hit/retribution as teammates are jungling it. This was going on constantly the whole game. Spammed "Well played" each time we died. Fed a couple of times during early game.  By now the team was pretty frustrated and angry words started flying. The game was going real bad, we were losing. The 4 of us unanimously agreed to report her to prevent this kind of player in ranked mode.

Long story cut short. We played a good gank, she came in to clean up, flamed some more, clamied all credit. We won. She was MVP.

Thus my question, how the heck would the system know all this is going on? The last I checked, her credit rating is still 100% Obviously nothing is gonna happened because she was the MVP.

Other mobas report systems do give a follow up report and also state if punishment has been given out or if the party is innocent. I know this is a very grey area but what happens if the MVP/gold medal has been a total jerk throughout the game but does he escapes punishment just because he has a good score?
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Hmmm based on your story looks like this is just a clear case of someone kill-stealing which is part of the game and nothing wrong with that.
As how do they follow-up on reports, there are sets of procedures for the CS team to handle these cases, the procedures are not transparent to us but I only assume that the 1st check for the reports are done by the system to check from the game logs if they detected or proven that the report is valid then an appropriate action/penalty will be provided. They may check manually on some reports that is hard to detect by the system such as hacking, account issues, etc...
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Edited by Avant7 at 2017-7-6 15:04

Thanks for your reply.

So I guess it's suffice to say that the system is actually more for serious issues such as hacking issues. Bad behavior such as kill stealing, bad item gearing and foul language  would be let away Scott free. (I saw a Franco (RG mode) went full carry items, started spewing vulgarities when the team addressed it) We obviously died a slow and painful death and lost a star.

Well i guess it really boils down to luck then because the bad players will be here to stay and nothing concrete can be done to it.
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Kill stealing is part of the game, foul language i think has an appropriate action for that but not sure abt the details.
Heroes with weird build is also part of the game, it's on players free will to experiment on their builds.
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