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Author: Coffin-Kun
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[Other Official News] Moonton Official Statement

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Post time 2017-7-12 02:13 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2017-7-12 02:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
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DriveBy replied at 2017-7-12 02:19

May be is Bluepanda and Ask Vells lie?

I heard rumors said Riot Game threaten MLBB youtuber for stop promoting MLBB.

I believe MLBB won't shut down as rumors claim. All are hoax done by irresponsible parties.
Post time 2017-7-12 03:57 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Poor ML, stil trying to earn money on last moment?... This just a PR bullshit to calm and control the mass, by lying and denying.. It is a fact ML did a copyright infringement!
Post time 2017-7-12 05:09 AM | Show all posts
Wait, there're people who actually spent notable amounts?? On what? l0l

Also: I have to admit this "letter" thing isn't very reassuring for me as a customer. Imo Moonton should just stay quiet about it until actual things happen and they can tell us more than "we're not worried".
Post time 2017-7-12 05:13 AM | Show all posts
From what I've read, the lawsuit is real as it appears in credible government websites.

Truth be told.. they did rip off this game not only from LOL, but also from the top Chinese moba king of glory which is also owned by Tencent. How so? Many heros do have similarities and the mechanics of the game as well as the features of the game functions.

In this day and age, everything can be easily copied, imitated, replicated. Just think of our mobile phones and the similarities between the various brands. What moonton did here in marketing terms was to be a second mover or fast follower. They did rip majority of the content available but I'm not saying they did not do any work on their part. A lot of work has been done to ensure certain differentiation and to create its own unique selling point. The success and acceptance of MLBB and the amount of players worldwide playing this game now is testament to this of a good product!

So moonton for your fans, be a man, face up and answer the lawsuit. Own up and pay ur necessary dues if convicted of copyright infringement or fight for your rights if you think u are merely being a fast follower and have kept infringement to a minimal. The mobile gaming industry is a very lucrative business I'm sure u've have known from your own profits. So give something back to us, your players and do whatever it takes to keep this game alive.

I wish you all the best, fight for your good game, fight for your good fans. Let's leave it to the lawyers now.
Post time 2017-7-12 06:53 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
crash_lord replied at 2017-7-11 19:03
Kek. Moonton fight back. If your statement is true. Im waiting for moonton to sue gemik and bluepand ...

And ask vell -_- ,, no one stand up with ML , All ******
Post time 2017-7-12 06:57 AM | Show all posts
All I have to say if these rumors are true is..
Get over yourself, Riot. Your game is no fun.

I played league for literally 1 and a half days before becoming completely and utterly bored out of my mind yet I still enjoy playing Mobile Legends just as much since the first day I started playing it.

MOBAs are a genre at this point. A genre you didn't even create.
Newsflash.. characters are going to stun, pull, knockup, teleport, characters are going to do the same shit in every MOBA.. again, something that isn't original to your own game.

Mobile legends is for phones/tablets. League is for PC.
The controls are extremely different (in mobile legends' favor).
As far as the map goes, literally every MOBA has a similar map. 5v5 with 3 lanes and jungles in between. That's the genre.
You didn't invent stone floors with steps, grass, and bush. Other MOBAs are bound to use those graphics

Let's say Mobile legends WAS inspired by League. The characters, graphics, and everything else..
That still doesn't mean they are copying you, riot.

Are you going after heroes evolved? Any other MOBA on google play with some similarities?
Or are you just mad that another MOBA has the word "Legends" in it's title?
Post time 2017-7-12 08:13 AM | Show all posts
Just be sure to get a good lawyer ...
Post time 2017-7-12 09:00 AM | Show all posts
Based on my observation of what really happen, first the lawsuit against MLBB is true and i am very sad to heard that. Second the public statement of MLBB is to relief the panic moment of players who spent a really really big money to this game while fighting the case against Riot LOL. I hope the MLBB will win this case. and i guess the MLBB will not close they only have to pay a damage or what to Riot becoz there is a lot of changes in MLBB as the time goes by.

NOTE* I also hear some humors that the MLBB will create another MOBA game who are really different from MLBB and upload our data and records
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