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Author: FlashS12
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[Poll] Who is the Best Tank?

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Post time 2017-7-22 02:18 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Great analysis from various players, keep up the discussions!

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Post time 2017-7-23 10:49 AM | Show all posts
I'm only a GM, and have played only a handful of the tanks here. However, I'm a tank main. so this is my input based on what I've observed, know, and experienced.

*  I do not play this champion

1.  Lolita* - Lolita is definitely a neat tank. Her ability to block projectiles along with her invulnerable ultimate makes her a tough target. However, if the enemy team were to spread out, all her abilities lose a lot of their effective potentials. I don't really play her much, simply because she requires lots of communication and game sense (of your teammates as well) to be used effectively.

2.  Hilda* - Hilda is tanky, but her damage and pursuit is what is frightening about her. She's less of a "sit down and eat shots" but more of "get in and deal damage". Due to this, she also feels significantly less effective when a teamfight rolls around. That being said, if she's fed, she can wreak havoc while still taking blows from the other end.

3.  Gatotkaca* - I know little of this champion. However, his abilities lets him tank like hell, and it's no wonder that his ultimate is the ultimate CC machine. In terms of damage, Gatotkaca feels lesser than most tanks, but tanks are there to soak damage anyways.

4.  Johnson* - Johnson is fun. He is extremely hard to kill, and his abilities contribute greatly in securing kills. Since he can chain his stuns, I find him especially good and rapidly chasing and shutting down unsuspecting targets. Personally, I don't like using his ult, but it definitely is an important part of his kit.

5.  Balmond - Balmond. AKA: Late game. I mained Balmond for a huge part of my early game experiences, and I personally love everything about him. I definitely would stick to a tank build, but pick up Bloodthirsty Axe for the precious lifesteal (and CDR). Balmond is rather weak early game, but due to his ultimate, he can turn the tides extremely quickly. You always want to use it as an execution. Balmonds should focus on enemies when there are minions around, or if they are clumped up together. Assuming that his team is dealling sufficient damage, his ultimate can nuke the enemies, slowing them and instakilling those under 20% hp.

6.  Franco - Flicker drags. Enough said. Franco has crazy follow-up CC, but he's definitely not a tank. In my opinion, Franco is a win-more character. On the losing team, he can definitely make good plays, but his effectiveness in teamfights drop significantly.
7.  Akai - Akai is a fighter tank. Due to his kit, it is important to build as much health as possible. Personally, I love to play Akai. His ultimate can't be cancelled, which means it must be situationally used, usually to push the enemy towards you or to trap them in a corner. Since enemies often anticipate this, I run him with Petrify so I can position myself to push them into a wall. Also, the lower Akai's health is, the greater his potential increases. His ultimate, if used sparingly, can act as a free Purify/escape ability.

8.  Tigreal - CC hell. Tigreal in my opinion isn't a character that takes too much skill to use. Regardless, he is quite good, and he's able to immoblize multiple--if not all--enemies in rapid succession. Every part of his kit allows his team to eliminate targets faster, and his passive itself helps him tank more in prolonged engagements.

9.  Minotaur - Rage mode makes plays. When Minotaur is charged up, he can pretty much outperform any hero in the game (assuming they are at a similar vantage level). That being said, it is imperative to keep the Rage mode in check, and always stack at least some Rage before engagement. While roaming, Minotaur should tag any jungle minions along his way to prevent his rage from detiorating. He also should stop attacking minions to keep his Rage at level when expecting engagement. Minotaur is practically useless without his rage mode on, but with them, his abilities allows him to soak up massive damage while dealing some and CCing large areas.

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Post time 2017-7-23 11:35 AM | Show all posts
S8N replied at 2017-7-23 07:49
I'm only a GM, and have played only a handful of the tanks here. However, I'm a tank main. so this i ...

Sadly Lolita is still having the bug where she isn't invincible while charging up the ultimate. Her signature skill is actually skill 1, where you can constantly stun a single enemy, provided your manual aim is good.

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Post time 2017-7-23 01:15 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Top 1: Tigreal
HUUUUGE CC even a whole enemy team would be caught and dragged to the combo of your team (karina, aurora, tigreal are the most OP combo in the game ATM) and an instant wipe out combo turns the game upside down

Top 2: Gatot Kaca
Even more CC and also one of the best tanks in the Game and I main him since released and I prefer making him AP when against a team full of ADC because he is much tanky with his passive and he is immortal with his heal and I got 3 pentakills already with him and the last penta was 1v5

Top 3: Minotaur
If you know how to play minotaur then your team could wipe out the enemy instanly and before minotaur was designed to dive and ignore towers so thats why he is a huge terror and before his skills can damage the tower significantly but now he got so weak with a tons of nerfs

Top 4: Johnson
Too much tanky and I tried to troll with a build of 5 blade armors and actually I carried the team with that build lol I got a huge 1st skill damage with that build and a HUGE shield from passive

Top 5: Akai
I really like his playstyle and I like pinning down enemies in the walls and even on a full tank build I can still kill adc's and other assasins and fighter single handedly due to his damage output which is OP

Best Tank?
Best tank is Chou but he's a fighter but to me he is the best tank overall
Unli CC?
Unspeakable damage?
Chou is the best hero in mobile legends in my own opinion because he can play adc or tank and he is very good on both roles and HE can carry games and kick those estes and adc to your team and actually win the team fight and the best feature is he can dive towers with ease and without the fear of dying because his 2nd skill is immune and also his ult making him OP!

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Post time 2017-7-24 04:17 AM | Show all posts
I vote Lolita :)

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Post time 2017-7-25 03:04 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BlueEscaliber at 2017-7-25 15:11

Idk why tigreal is so higher than mino.If somehow you can master Minotaur rage it becomes the best tank ever.And superlaser97  saying that mino 1st skill is useless.But in my opinion it is not.Minotaur first skill gives slow in rage mode while doing a bit of damage.Mino first skill can also help someone doing a good chunk of damage to enemies without rage.

As for Lollita goes,
Lollita is a great tank.I love playing her.But i can only see her viability in fighting some of the mages and marksman.Lollita is pretty weak to yun zhao,alucard etc.And Lollita's ult is more useless imo.It takes too much time to cast her ult and stun can interrupt it.

And for Johnson,
Johnson is the tankiest tank.But he lacks cc like the other tank does.And also his ult is pretty hard to use.Well at least for me.

For Tigreal,
Tigreal used to be the best tank.Literally picked in every single game.But after the nerf it is to hard to use his ult.Besides in the latest update when he is about to use his ult,a red circle shows off showing the tigreal's ult range.Making it easier to evade.

Hilda and Balmond,
I cant really call them a tank.It will be better for me to call them semi tank.They both does great damage.But Balmond lacks the hp and cc.While hilda has cc and hp regen,but the cc of hilda is too low.

Gatot Kaca,
I never played gatot kaca.So I dont know much about him.But as for fighting against him his skills are too slow and easy to evade.

Franco:Franco is good in killing 1 enemy.But he is not as good in teamfights(I know,Mino is more useless in teamfights without rage).But still I dont like the fact that franco does not have aoe stun.

Akai:Kung fu Panda is good.But I dont feel like he is as much as viable like other tanks.Some may argue that Akai is one of the best tanks in the game.But in my opinion i dont like him(specially bcs i cant control panda's ult).

Yes i am writing about him again,
As we all know minotaur 2nd skill gives heal and 1st skill is stated above.Though he does not have much cc like gatott kaca and tigreal,he in rage form is too tanky.The only hero that can counter him is karrie(Karrie is the counter to any tank except lollita).Besides his ult in rage form can create a huge difference in fights.
So analyzing all of this,I will vote for mino as the best tank
Edit:I forgot about franco and akai.

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Post time 2017-7-25 05:03 PM | Show all posts
I choose Minotaur.. because in the MSC indonesia i see him most on every match

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Post time 2017-7-25 07:46 PM | Show all posts
Gatotkaca is doing well, ofcourse pro player are good in any champ but, I think Gatotkaca is much OP.

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Post time 2017-7-25 08:04 PM | Show all posts
BlueEscaliber replied at 2017-7-25 12:04
Idk why tigreal is so higher than mino.If somehow you can master Minotaur rage it becomes the best t ...

I always laugh whenever fighters decided to jump in tho, not sure why everybody thinks that the shield is the selling point there...

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Post time 2017-7-25 08:05 PM | Show all posts
Eddy@SPX replied at 2017-7-25 14:03
I choose Minotaur.. because in the MSC indonesia i see him most on every match

Most played does not equals the best......


Most Played does technically equal the best. Before pre patch Tigreal nerf, it was Most Played Tank = Tigreal. If most plaeyd doesn't equal the best then, Tigreal wasn't the best back then?  Post time 2017-7-26 07:41 AM

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