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[Share] My Opinion bout Alucard in 1.2.02

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So after playing Alucard since 2 months ago (around 650++ games using Alucard), here's my opinion about Alucard in 1.2.02 :

His Default skin are way much cooler, they changed from ugly pixelated Dante with funny-looking sword into high-detailed Vergil with badass-looking sword, though for me still not as cool and high-detailed as Advent Children skin with Fusion Sword.

Sadly the detail and animation of new default skin are barely noticeable. Even Advent Children Skin is not that different in-game other than changing color of skills without any differences in skill animations. I mean it's cool to look at Alucard's animation at Hero-Selection-Screen but it will be much more rewarding if he has different animation when using skills, attack, running and teleporting (especially for Expensive Advent Children Skin).

Voice Actor
To some maybe it's something that trivial but I think his new voice is annoying and worse than previous one. And I'm not even fans of Alucard's previous voice since it sounds so cringy

Since Dev introduced "stagnation period" or mostly known as delay-after-skills (Kagura's the first victim), Alucard's really suffer from reputation as popular useless hero. He's really hindered by delay everytime he casting skills which makes him unable to do Ground Splitter + Whirling Smash combo quickly, fire Fission Wave quickly right after activating it and most noticeable is he entirely stops for 0.5s everytime after using Whirling Smash.

He's buffed several times (pursuit and skill damage) by Dev to compensate this but to me it's just answer to question nobody asked. But thanks to this buff you can see his popularity rises in normal games and so many people use Alucard as pub-stomper in normal games, maybe new default skins has some of impact too, I mean who doesn't like bad-ass looking hero with cool Huge Great Sword.

But going to ranked games and you can see the real cold harsh truth. Even after Alucard's damage got buffed at newest patch, he's still hated by team in ranked games. The hatred is so strong that 99% the most and first comment I got from my own team after I say I want to pick Alucard is "No Alu please"

Even though I main Alucard, but objectively I agree that Alucard's suck big time hero. For Example : ZhaoYun has better mspeed, aspeed and even disable skills, Roger has evasion skills and better damage, Hilda has better damage and more tanky etc. Especially ZhaoYun where I notice I saw ZhaoYun near all of my Ranked Games.

I even had several chances to 1v1 Roger, Hilda and ZhaoYun and still lose very badly despite I have around 500-1000 gold advantage. AND before any1 asking, the answer is NO, I don't make shitty items or choose stupid emblems and skills (I used Inspire). And mentioning about skills, at Ranked Games, you notice that Purity is near useless thanks to mostly enemy-team have more than 1 heroes that can stun you, not to mention long CD. Both Iron Wall, Weaken and Aegis is not a great help to since Alucard's armor and HP are kinda low. Inspire works great when pushing or 1v1 enemy hero AS LONG AS they don't have disable or evasion skills

The only fighters that're weaker than Alucard in 1v1 are Chow and Ruby BUT please remember that both of them have 2 very good disable skills which is very useful at Ranked Games especially if your team have very good AOE disabler Hero such as Tigreal, Aurora, GatotKaca and Minotaur

Last but not least, Alucard also suffer from Target-Bug problem. Targeting-Method has slightly improved in newest patch but still not completely eliminate the problem, resulting in funny and hard to control, especially if you're fighting range-heroes which may makes you frustated

Some Alucard main (me included) that wish Alucard has some disable skills to make it on par with other Fighter Heroes. But I guess it won't happen at all

Those are my own 2 cents regarding my fav Hero, Alucard
Post time 2017-7-26 07:45 AM | Show all posts
His remodeled skin looks much better than his old one. Plus blue is my favorite color ;). Tho that remodel could've been another skin for Alucard.

Voice Actor
Agreed. Don't like his voice now lol. Makes me cringe.

I haven't played him as much. But, other Assassin and Fighter heroes are better than him without a doubt.
Post time 2017-7-26 08:31 AM | Show all posts
Come on why do you use inspire? Real alucard users prefer execute. To begin with he is not that bad the problem is when newbies start using alucard ended up playing terrible giving other players negative stigma.

1) He is still formidable on 1on1 situations but never solo hayabusa or Karrie if you are not sure yet (item gap) Learn to know all your current enemies specially with stun. Let the charger or tank engage first against team fight.

2 ) Activate your ult before engaging on 1vs2-3 scenario. Give him at least 10-20% cdr to complete every combo.

3 ) Create a personal build for him never use default items given by the game. Trial and error to master him.

4 ) Learn what happened to saber most old saber users are soloist selfish arrogant to the point they only want to kill at least do teamwork with alucard so devs won't make him suffer again.
 Author| Post time 2017-7-26 09:10 AM | Show all posts
sensual4ubaby replied at 2017-7-26 08:31
Come on why do you use inspire? Real alucard users prefer execute. To begin with he is not that bad  ...

Cmon, I tried all skills, not only 1. I used inspire mostly for split pushing, or rarely for 1v1 fight if I can't run away

He's quite good at public but when ranked match which is much more serious games, it's different.

1. Not only solo Hayabusa, but as you know, some heroes with stun or serious damage such as Roger, Karrie, ZhaoYun gonna easily kill Alucard in 1v1 despite slight gold advantage. And it's common sense that Alucard jump in battle right after enemies already used their stun skills else Alucard gonna die a dog death

2. It's also common knowledge to activate Fission wave to creep first so you can fire later on enemy heroes, especially to all Alucard's main, it's because "stagnation period" 0.5s after-skill delay which prevent him to fire Fission wave right after locking

3. Who the hell will use default items, especially most Alucard mains. Those default items are garbage that I think Devs are joking to put those items as recommendation

4. Saber is still more useful at ranked match since pro Saber will contribute to team fight by stun-locking 1 enemy heroes for full 2s. Theoretically by using Alucard's skill 1+2+ulti combo then you can help your team kill faster but in reality it's so hard since you can't run after you jump in, unless you go inside the war using pursuit rather Ground Splitter

Is he bad ? Not quite, especially after buff and most people use it for pub-stomping. But problem is since he lack disable skills or crazy burst damage, he's not wanted at Ranked Match
Post time 2017-7-26 09:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
nah. he's still okay. i've seen a lot of good alucard players that have good stats in ranked game. mostly epic and some legend above
Post time 2017-7-26 09:26 AM | Show all posts
He's decent, his main problem is that he doesn't have a CC or immunity, he's combo is very predictable.
Post time 2017-7-26 10:28 AM | Show all posts
Edited by sensual4ubaby at 2017-7-26 10:29

@hayase Come on? Inspire for split pushing what the heck is that for? First alucard skills hit numerous quantities and 2nd you are not a marksman learn your spell kid.

Don't blame the hero just because your moves being predictable if you can't deter enemies 1on1 its your fault not mine coz I can make most enemy heroes run and call back up just by using alucard.

Every item has different price I don't get what the heck you are talking about having 1000 gold higher but still losing? As if you are using gold as skills lol duh? Buy items for god sake. Farm Def Push

You talk about losing to zilong and roger 1on1 are you kidding me? Alucard ult is unique that 100% lifesteal is OP and I guarantee you all damage type fighters are very squishy on team fights so you likely die first which I don't mind dying as long my team wipes out the other team.

I still use alucard in higher ranked game elo fighting legend tiers. Maybe you lack of confidence playing alucard and your teamates doesn't trust you.

Alucard still have that burst damage trust me I can 2-3 hit any mage or marksman. You must learn discipline, timing and patience when playing alucard.

Anyway can you give me your full item build on your alucard? for saying he got no burst damage lol
 Author| Post time 2017-7-26 11:45 AM | Show all posts
Edited by hayase at 2017-7-26 11:51
sensual4ubaby replied at 2017-7-26 10:28
@hayase Come on? Inspire for split pushing what the heck is that for? First alucard skills hit numer ...

just because he hit numerous doesn't mean he can just go straight charging. And yes just because he's not a marksman that he need a proper timing kiddo. Too fast and he gonna die, too slow and his teammate will die. And before you gonna say "Timing", yes easy to say but not as easy as said when you're at ranked

Yes he can do 2-3 burst skill damage to kill any mage, but so are those mages since he's a glass cannon

So what ? His ulti 100% lifesteal ? So ranked people won't make deadly blade ? Besides ZhaoYun will stun you and pro Roger or Chow will use evasion skill when you ulti unless they're an idiot of course

wow you want my items :
- Tooth of Greed
- Bloodlust Axe
- Wind Chaser
- Hunter Strike
- Blade of Despair
- Blade of Despair / Deadly Blade / Berserker's Fury
- Potion Attack

I even gave up making any aspeed items since I know I won't be able land more than 3 normal hits before enemy gonna stun so I better make full atk items, depend on Fission Wave and shoot as many heroes as possible. Or by you mean it's not enough and should go 1 x Wind Chaser + 5 x Blade of Despair ?
 Author| Post time 2017-7-26 11:48 AM | Show all posts
beklog replied at 2017-7-26 09:26
He's decent, his main problem is that he doesn't have a CC or immunity, he's combo is very predictab ...

Exactly, he's decent

he has no disable skill like ZhaoYun or evasion skill like Roger and Chow

Combo is predictable is fine, he's straight-forward hero after-all and besides most Alucard won't jump-in first

but yeah, hope he as at least 1 disable skill to contribute more to team fight
Post time 2017-7-26 12:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by sensual4ubaby at 2017-7-26 13:05

@hayase Ahihi see that's what I'm talking about. I've been playing alucard since the day he comes in mobile legends s1s2s3s4s5 for you playing him for 2 months you're still inexperienced about him not only in alucard's history but in his gameplay.

I'll give a little refresher to you the old alucard without nerf is very OP with full cdr his skill and passive are spamable not to mention his ult lifesteal are endless instant penta kill during clash fights.

You are that type of alucard user who wants the 1vs5 killing mindset think about your teamates aswell. Typical alucard users like you mostlikely i saw in classic match up games.

Seriously you sacrifice alucards mobility for some damage? Each team can use deadly blade so its even for both teams. No wonder you struggling too much about slow stuns and disable, therefore you won't able to compete on higher elo with much discipline and organized glorious legend tier teams.

I will also give you another hint clue 3 of your alucard items is not so good RIP to your build

Ground splitter already have slow effect giving him another stun or immunity skill will make him OP again not a smart idea. Because you will make other players salty again. = nerf

Consider alucard very fortunate for getting some attention yea I don't like his new voice but seeing him getting some love again makes me happy. How about those forgotten heroes like sun saber alpha kagura etc people used to like these heroes too but nerf kills them so consider other feelings too don't be selfish and bias.

P.S I still use alucard in ranked game although since I got chou dragon boy skin on skin pack I prefer using chou recently I wish I got child of the fallen though. My last reply on your thread good day
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