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[Complaint] Playing with 9 bots

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This is a game where i played with 9 bots,recently i also saw another guy who posted the same thing.And i wonder why?Why so shady as to trick me into a classic match where everyone is a bot?And before someone says "thats nice you did the achievements" well whats the point of being achievements if doing them is just because i went into a bot match,there is no acomplishment in that
Post time 2017-8-2 02:24 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by superlaser97 at 2017-8-2 05:48 AM

You might be playing at the wrong time where everyone isn't playing or your account is in a new server and not many players are in that server yet. I recommend you 2 things. One, try to find a time to play where there are more players, 2, play ranked games. In rank, there will be no bots unless the player goes afk
 Author| Post time 2017-8-2 03:44 PM | Show all posts
But still,shouldn't there be an official post or something that inforrms me about this?Why cover up the fact that there are not enough people to match me with by tricking me into a game with bots whose name tries to resemble real players?
Post time 2017-8-2 03:49 PM | Show all posts
i am curious about the performance of the bot, some can get to 7.2 while some at 3.0.
Do dev actually fine tune bot with different AI setting in each team?


They're garbage bots. If you destroy all towers, enemy bots will stay at base and don't have efforts to even defend. The bots are trash in the game. Also they try to zone towers and die going back  Post time 2017-8-3 12:22 AM
Post time 2017-8-3 12:33 AM | Show all posts
superlaser97 replied at 2017-8-2 02:24 AM
You might be playing at the wrong time where everyone isn't playing or your account is in a new serv ...

Here is a picture of the devs trying to cover it up. There is no point to but they still do so. Look at the battle spells also wtf are these vulgar names yet I can't say 'h***' (hero) or 'he goes mid' (he goe* *id). Also there is a problem. Before they made people match to others by rank in classic and brawl, I was getting in actual games for those modes. Now I can't get into a brawl game (because they don't have bots there). And no matter what time of day I'm getting bots in classic more than before. The only way to get real players is rank and rank is too stressful or I'm waiting for my brother when he can gets on because he works long hours. I am on the NA servers and I'm sure they are not that inactive. I know this was implemented to let Bronze and Elites play at their own level but give them the reality of the game and let them play with other ranks in Classic and Brawl. Those modes are not rank play so why would they even match people by ranking. They need to remove that matchmaking for those modes or all I'll be getting is bots.
Post time 2017-8-3 12:48 AM | Show all posts
DPloi replied at 2017-8-2 09:33 PM
Here is a picture of the devs trying to cover it up. There is no point to but they still do so. Lo ...

Well, they are torn apart from either introducing more servers but less players or less servers and more players but high latency for those that seems further away. Nothing much they can do until more players play at your area..
 Author| Post time 2017-8-4 04:03 AM | Show all posts
Edited by behemoth15 at 2017-8-4 04:04 AM

Superlaser i agree with you that the lack of players is a real problem and not one easily fixed.However ,I believe you will agree on this,that there should be clarity on who i play with/against.Didnt find players to match me with?Fine give me a message if i want to play a game where bots fill the empty spots.Instead of that simple solution mobile legends tries to hide the obvious bot-players with seemingly normal names so that i think that i just played a weird match.Dont you think that trying to trick the players is a stain to the game's name?
Post time 2018-5-27 09:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I finally got fed up with bots in classic and turned to the internet. I was directed here amd feel like I'm late on this topic but... does anyone have any solid reason why? I cant testnout new builds competitively against bots.
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