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[Complaint] Heroes prices

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Post time 2017-8-2 04:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Every new hero's price is either  32.000bp or rarely 24.000bp...  its taking forever for non-chargers to get those heros... thats why i demand one of three possibilities below :
1- start making new hero's price lower, once in a while, for like 15.000, 6500 or even 2000bp like eudora..
2-make the 30% discount on first week after the heros release applicable for both diamond and bp price.
3-keep the same procedure of new heros prices, however, lower the old heros prices or make a discount for bp prices once in a while for phew heros ( with different prices )
I find my words reasonable and objective, i hope u like and agree to the idea :)
Post time 2017-8-2 04:38 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Cyclops 15k. That's the lowest price for "latest" hero, other 32k/24k. Yep you were right pewpewpew..
 Author| Post time 2017-8-2 05:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ah true ! Totally forgot about it bcuz i got it as soon as it came to game... not like the ,32.000bp heros...
Post time 2017-8-2 08:43 AM | Show all posts
1- Some new heroes like Cyclops was sold at 15k BP.

2- I disagree with this. They need to make profits for making the hero so therefore making a discount for BP will be pointless because most people will buy it with BP than Diamonds. Remember they need money to keep the servers going and the game running smoothly.

3- They once made many heroes such as Minotaur discounted at 3k BP and other heroes too. I'm sure they will do it again in the near future.

All around I think the prices for the heroes are understandable. You just have to grind for BPs just like all online playerd because you need to earn them yourself. What is a game if you don't work hard to get something that you wanted
 Author| Post time 2017-8-2 08:59 AM | Show all posts
Faiz12 replied at 2017-8-2 08:43 AM
1- Some new heroes like Cyclops was sold at 15k BP.

2- I disagree with this. They need to make prof ...

Mr.Trainee allow me to explain you :
1- someone before u already made the notice and i replied by acknowledging  my mistake : '' i totally forgot about cyclops ''
2-thanks for explaing, i Do  understand that the game need money to survive.. i only gave a tip of possibilities, trying to help & support the game and satisfy both sides.
3- i hope too.
However, u're ''[size=31.5241px]What is a game if you don't work hard to get something that you wanted'' <--- i dont believe thats the reason behind playing a game ?? Maybe for some people addicted to gaming (gamers)... still, games are meant to be enjoyed... not to dedicate all of our time for it, as if we're praying it...
[size=31.5241px]Well, whatever, i understand and thanks for ur support to the game ! Keep up the hard work trainee !
Post time 2017-8-2 01:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I feel after a certain period of time, from the non-payment but dedicated players (myself 1500+ games / average of 20 minutes a game. Do the math). We should get better deals that don't ALWAYS include diamonds. I have 82,000+ BP I don't really want to use. I am a Natalia hardcore fan. I would pay 40,000 BP for her Rare skin, I feel I'd enjoy it. I would pay 100,000 BP for her Season skin (but they want Ca$h for that lol). About skin deals see;
Post time 2017-8-3 12:18 AM | Show all posts
You don't need to buy every hero. Just the ones you will need. Though I agree that BP for older heroes should be lowered because they will not get much attention. It was lucky enough that they made Gord, Akai, and Franco ticket heroes for me to buy or I would have never bought them. There is actually a strategy for trying to buy most of the heroes and I actually have most only missing 5-7 but this will take a long time.
1. Avoid buying useless, unpopular, or non meta heroes with BP (Alpha, Sun, YSS, Ruby, Lolita)
2. Only buy ticket heroes with tickets.
3. Cap BP each week and if enough BP cards, cap to 9k.
4. Always share game results at least once to get the BP card.
5. Find an active squad and cap the rewards.
6. Try to get at least gold chest in MVP system Bronze: 300ish? Silver: 500ish? Gold: 700ish? Purple: 1000ish? (This part is difficult because the formula is confusing.)
7. Use free gift card websites and have the option to buy skins or heroes. (AppBounty, Cash4Apps, etc.)
8. Don't spend BP on emblems and emblem packs and stop them to at least level 20 (mine is stopped at 40)
9. Take advantage of events that give BP.

Note: this will get you most of the heroes, not all of them. But trust me when I say you will not be using most of those heroes anyway.

Post time 2017-8-3 12:51 AM | Show all posts
DPloi replied at 2017-8-3 12:18 AM
You don't need to buy every hero. Just the ones you will need. Though I agree that BP for older hero ...

I agree that you don't need to buy all the heroes in the game.  Just the hero you want to play and master, fits your style, and not just who is currently getting the most attraction.  Remember that just because a hero is OP doesn't mean it will fit your style or you can master it very well.
 Author| Post time 2017-8-3 04:51 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I thank u both deeply for ur explanation, it has enlightened me a lot !! I'll do with ur advice :) but what's this free gift card websites ??
Post time 2017-8-3 12:29 PM | Show all posts
Edited by omniibon at 2017-8-3 12:31 PM

hmmm.. i think people now need to have almost all the heroes.. as we all know in RANKED game in EPIC division and upwards.. DRAFT pick is implemented.. well.. in that case people sometimes wont play to their mastered hero.. like for example.. iam the first pick.. and my team mate wants to play karrie.. i dont have karrie sadly... and that will be a bad mood to everyone.. because doing ranked you need to have those HARDCORE heroes or most used heroes even though you dont master them or even used them.. remember that SWAPPING is implemented also.. you can pick your teammate's desired hero.. while he/she pick yours.. then swap.. if you dont have that hero in you... maybe that will give you a problem.. by some reasons... this scenario sometimes can affect a team in RANKED games..

just saying...

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