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How To Play CLINT Wisely in the game? #ByMLFans

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As a powerful ranged damager, Clint could become a very powerful ADC. Also with his agile moves, he can cut in the enemy's line precisely, and wipe them out if the moment is proper. Then MVP of the game must go to you. One of the best damagers in team fights.

Skill Analysis
Two-Fisted (Passive): Basic attacks will deal damage twice, dealing 45% physical damage each time. After Clint's gun deals 6 hits of damage, the next attack will deal 5%-10% of the target's max HP as true damage.
Combo Shot (Skill 1): Fires 6 shots in a row, each shot dealing 55 physical damage.
Tuck n' Roll (Skill 2): Rolls forward, throwing a trip rope at a nearby enemy, dealing 180 physical damage and slowing down the target. Basic attacks will reduce cooldown for this ability.
Deadly Bloom (Skill 3): Initiates Crazed Gunman mode, dealing 170 physical damage every 0.5s to enemies in the area. Lasts 3s.

Battle Spell Choice
Flicker or Interference: Flicker allows Clint to have a higher mobility. You can give enemies a deadly blow coordinating it with the Ult. As to Interference, it allows Clint to destroy turrets very quickly, giving enemies pressure when they are suppressing your own team to trouble them, or to win the game directly with an epic comeback.

Recommended Gears
Swift Boots, Thor's Sting, Blade of Destruction, Fallen SwordBlade of Despair, Wind Chaser

Gear Analysis
Swift Boots: As a ranged-class physical damage-dealer, the importance of movement speed is needless to mention. Besides that, this gear provides attack speed addition as well, which is necessary for an ADC hero.
Thor's Sting: Easy to synth. It's the best choice as a crafted item in the early game with its crit strike and attack speed addition. High cost performance, with Clint's passive, it will give you a lot of advantages in the early game.
Blade of Destruction: Both attack and crit strike addition will give you the pleasure of one kill with one shot. Well then, shot some more times. Usually forge after your attack speed is enough.
Fallen Sword: Increases some endurance. When you have a enough damage-dealing ability, this gear will allow Clint to restore some HP and recover by attack after receiving damage.
Blade of Despair: massive attribute addition, the guarantee of Clint's powerful damage-dealing ability in late games. You can eliminate enemies easily with one Ult.
Wind Chaser: Makes Clint's bullets penetrate enemies' armors. If enemy Balmond, Franco or other tank-like heroes start to equip armar addition gears, you can buy this item to pierce their defense.

Emblem Set Choice
Physical Assassin Set: Provides physical penetration, physical attack, crit strike rate, increases  HP upper limit and movement speed, decreases the cooldown. It's perfect for Clint and is the foundation to his dominant lining ability.

Combat Tips
Cline is the kind of hero who can deal a massive burst damage in team fights, also have a high mobility. In the early game, use frequent Combo Shot to consume your enemy and suppress them with ease. Use Tuck n' Roll to evade enemies' attacks or hunt down escaping enemies. Use the skin as often as you can, plus the powerful passive skill, you will be able to suppress opponent team rapidly and destroy the turret like a cork.

Team fight tips

The ult should be released blindly. Choose the timing well, Clint's Ult can bring victory to your team. However if you choose the wrong timing, the ult will be wasted and place you in a disadvantagous position. So watch and wait for enemies using their control skills, then a Tuck n' Roll followed by the Deadly Bloom, tear down the defence and crush them. Of course, if you choose to hide in enemy's blind zone then launch the bloom behind them out of blue, that will do.

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This should be updated according to the rework of Clint.
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