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[Poll] Remove all evasive skills from all marksmans!!

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Post time 2017-8-5 07:31 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
So lately, all of the matchup nowadays has marksmans in team. Some matches even go 5 marksmans if you go solo. And often, all marksmans players have ego like the feeling that they can carry the teams to winning. So all want to play marksmans which is cancer to the game itself. Imagine that you are fighter main like freya or chou. You go to the front, using charge skills, they dodge it by their evasion skills. now assume you pick flicker then you flicker to the marksman to pursue them, if they have flicker also you will look like retard now.

Now imagine you are tank. You need at least a lot of armor and a lot of hp to go near marksmans. But they can dodge it and tank will take more damage again. so why u need to pick tank?? Only for taking damage and die??

Imagine that you are playing fanny, for all of that burst and skills, you can still die by focus fire of 5 marksmans. You take a risk jump to them! And all they do is just click basic attack. Fanny ulti, then they just dodge it and do more basic attacks.

Imagine you are main mage like aurora, nana or cyclop. You take risks to come into marksman. And all they do is just basic attack. Imagine it! They can dodge your skills by their evasion skills!! And what they do to counter you is just basic attack with 1500 crit!! Totally balance!! Not to mention that they are regenerator as long as they are survive by just doing some stupid basic attack??

They say nerf eudora, they say nerf kagura, they say nerf chou! But marksmans is totally balanced!! That is the biggest bullshit that i ever heard.

Other moba has melle carry that also can bring victory. In this game?? Range retard basic attack with evasive skills and sometime slow and stun?? Totally balance!! And they says like nerf karina nerf saber!! When your basic attack can do 2000 damage per critical and no need to buy defensive items, you still complain for all that burst damage that use lock hero?? Imagine that you are fanny player and try to lock marksmans, imagine you are saber main that try to lock the marksmans. How many button that you click and dont even talk about positioning since you can also die by that retard 2k crit damage!!

Imagine that you play tigreal trying to stunlock marksmans!! And after all your sacrifice, you still die from stupid basic attacks and they complain that tigreal is need nerf??

So the problem is, if they can do that much damage by only using retard basic attacks, while evading almost all skills by their evasion skills,  why you even need to play other roles??
Damage - marksmans
Range - marksmans
Evasion - marksmans
Survivalibilty - marksmans
Regen - marksmans with tooth of greed
Support - marksmans with stun and slow
Burst and reap - marksmans (clint bullet burst more hurt than kagura)
Tank - just kill lord
Why you even need a tank, support, assassin, or fighter if you are better at all??

Not to mention the egoistic gameplay that feed all buffs for marksmans, mage dont need butt, fighter dont need buff!! Only marksmans need buff!! Jungle is for marksmans also, all is for marksmans except for turtle since they are too busy creeping all lines and jungle. What other role need?? Basically they are just marksmans slave!! Just play i can carry you all games, or i need you jump front so i can use my mighty basic attack!!

So my suggestion is to remove all evasive skills from marksmans, just make it like layla and miya. If they want evasion, they have flickers already!! Why do they need more?

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Post time 2017-8-5 07:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
After all those noob and afk issues, i don't mind a good 5 marksman squad. The game is to win by take down their base not killing hero. The map have a lot of hiding place for counterattack. This is hard for fighter and tankbto get close to marksman but you can also use marksman too. This is why practice your skill and play differently with same hero in different games coz we are not AI here for you to kill, we want to dominate the game too.


+1  Post time 2017-9-9 03:24 PM

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Post time 2017-8-5 07:57 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
When i use marksman i would be like sniper; when i use tank i always arrive late; when i use fighter i hide like assassins; when i use Estes i do A build. I surprise my opponents and this is how everyone should have their own way to play and not down to what hero you use. Just my 2 cents

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Post time 2017-8-5 08:00 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
A little nerf on Karrie's passive is what we need.

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 Author| Post time 2017-8-5 09:15 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thewingman287 replied at 2017-8-5 07:52 PM
After all those noob and afk issues, i don't mind a good 5 marksman squad. The game is to win by tak ...

I quite agree with you, but this game is marksman centered vs other mobas that i played. For example karrie, with blue buff it takes only 2 second for evasive skill cooldown, which is totally unbalanced vs other evasive or charge skills that have longer cooldown. For example, when panda get 2 second cooldown on 1st skills you will also get triggered right? Not to mention the damage of other class with no evasive skills like mage. So for example, gord used to be a good magic burst from behind, but it is easy to get countered by jumping to it directly because the only evasive skill of gord is flicker. But marksman? For example moskov, he can just dodge it, basic attack + skill 2 which is contain stun and have its evasive skill refreshed and if he pick flicker, he got another extra evasive skill. Bruno skills got refreshed when he pick the ball, karrie only 2 second, yss can jump backward and run. Not to mention roger which have soo many evasive skills. So it is fun breaker for melle hero which charge skill have longer cooldown. Thats why this game is so marksman centric and have little space for role like tank and support. Everyone complains about ridiculously burst damage mage who can one combo kill marksmans. But the problem is not mage, it is the problem of marksmans that makes retard build with all damage items. If eudora can one combo kill you why u dont build saints refugee or oracle?? But let say that mage dominate in early games? Just try all mages and see if the burst can kill a marksmans or not. So basically there is no advantage of playing mages in this game. Can mages bring a victory to the team?? In other moba yes. But in here, they dont have damage high enough to reap even a fighter! Not to mention playing tank/support which cant even bring team to victory. so basically all jobs beside marksmans is only a slave. In other moba, a good tank like mountain giant can carry the game if you dominate in the early game. But let say that in here you want to dominate the game with a tank. Can you??

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Post time 2017-8-5 09:57 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
pfft do you play marksman and meet a pro assasint before? i quess NO. a good assasint user like natalia,hayabusa ,saber ,karina and fanny can take down a mm in just a blink. natalia with a full item can kill a mm in just 3 NORMAL ATTACK with her silent so there's no way to run if u dont get help from ur team or purify . hayabusa is a hard assasint to use, but someone who can use him can kill mm with just his ulti , saber? got stunned and u will die. why? because a good saber player always play gank, karina nothing special from her just 1 combo from her skill and bye" mm and fanny the last one, fanny for me is the hardest hero to master in ML but fanny damage is insanely high in early game and she have a very good mobility if u know how to use her cable. okay so if they can kill mm so easily and u want to remove mm evasion and mobility because u cant deal with them? then why dont u suggest to remove all the mm from the game? mm without evasion skill is a trash example like layla , layla dont have any evasion skill unless u take flicker and i rarely see her in any epic+ ranked game like maybe only 1% chance to saw her. i can see your point that's a good mm is annoying but i think mm is to squisy and if they dont have any evasion skill thats mean u can't run from any cc skill or a ambush and that's mean instadeath. but i agree to balance the evasion skill from karrie, i know they say karrie is squisy but 2 sec cooldown evasion skill with 2 extra normal attack? wtf should be changed to 5 sec for me but increased her jump range


agree. they are easy to squash when you catch them.  Post time 2017-11-21 08:00 PM

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Post time 2017-8-5 10:27 PM | Show all posts
I think matchup should just be like this its the place to try out new heroes and stuff before going in to ranked, while i know some of the marksman are selfish i thinm its important to know that the marksman role is really important and nowadays when u have 2 marksman in 1 team it might actually work

But this is my opinion

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Post time 2017-8-5 11:55 PM | Show all posts
I agree to the account of the selfish game of shooters. I am particularly annoyed by the fact that if you do not give them the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they just start to feed, and it's tough. I, for example, often play Bane and go to the Foreign Ministry. But the shooters for some reason resent why I do not give them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although Bane, as practice shows, is the most effective player for the central line after Kerry of course. The author says that there is no deviation from Mia, is that so? And what about its Ult? - this is essentially a dodge

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Post time 2017-8-5 11:58 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Okay buff fighter, buff assassin, buff tank

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Post time 2017-8-6 12:27 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts

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