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Author: dieru
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[Poll] Remove all evasive skills from all marksmans!!

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Post time 2017-8-6 12:37 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
lol to this thread. assassins can easily pick on marksman especially natalia and karina

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Post time 2017-8-6 12:45 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Layla is the sole marksman without evasive skill -.- !! ( which is my main ) yet, i can do a good job if i master my hero...

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Post time 2017-8-6 12:48 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This topic is kinda pointless, most marksman are balanced atm with the exception of karrie, they need an escape or they will be useless, good teamwork and character control will always come out on top

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Post time 2017-8-6 01:26 AM | Show all posts
in my opinion :
it means your team is lack of good initiator,,
when facing many mm situation like that, you should surprise them. you (tank) and your damage dealer must work together. if not, your sacrificed will be in vain and after you die, your team will be swept off~

if you dont want anyone to be sacrificed, you should considering to use Franco.

it is better to kill them 1 by 1 fast
than kill them all together slowly

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Post time 2017-8-6 02:04 AM | Show all posts
I think mm is weak

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Post time 2017-8-6 02:15 AM | Show all posts
There's a flaw to your argument about other roles. A marksman cannot initiate like a tank, it cannot CC like fighters, mages, and supports, and it cannot burst like assassins. Yes, MM got good damage but have a full team of marksman in higher rank and you will always lose. I voted need some balancing but that's only due to Karrie. The rest of the Marksman in evasiveness is pretty balanced

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Post time 2017-8-6 04:28 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
dieru replied at 2017-8-5 09:15 PM
I quite agree with you, but this game is marksman centered vs other mobas that i played. For examp ...

I think this is the function and the only reason of marksman having evasion. I do Layla main and Roger now but Layla still stronger in killing. Marksman job is very simple, say clint and YSS dont have the evasion skills, they are useless. I cant use hero like clint but other hero like Franco i have earned him the expert wingman and get over 10 kill a game. I think the main problem is your teammates isnt doing their job, say marksman/ fighter cant kill or take down turret. When i get someone can push hard i dont need to care clint/moskov with evasion skill as we take down the turret and minions and push them back. But soon they have little place to hide. Stop letting them to get buff and get gold faster then them. One thing you can do is being mean, i was layla and i have being chased the whole first 8 minute by 2 heroes, except boots and some 3 tier item that was all i got, i have to player behind my teammates to get back to the game later. So this is up to you, you can be mean and stop them at soon as the game start if you are concerning them.

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Post time 2017-8-6 06:22 AM | Show all posts
If marksmen do not have a form of evasion skill they will be severely imbalance (Layla makes up this with her long range). The goal of marksmen is to stay alive and continuously damage from the back lines being the teams most damaging resource. However they trade away burst and crowd control and cannot start a fight by themselves. If you take away a marksmen evasion they will literally be a sitting duck to all the burst and cc from assassins/mages/fighters. Now the only Marksmen in this game that fit your description is Karrie, too much mobility damage. The rest of the marksmen are pretty balance

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 Author| Post time 2017-8-6 06:33 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
CalvinTan replied at 2017-8-5 09:57 PM
pfft do you play marksman and meet a pro assasint before? i quess NO. a good assasint user like nata ...

What i tried to point here is the game is marksman centered, which is kinda annoy me. And my main role is one of assassin with 1700 match and 75%++ winrate. But i found the game itself is quite annoying since all play marksmans. Lets consider about class balance. Do you need tank at all after that stupid karrie show? Two second cooldown and boost attack speed with ridiculously true damage? Is it fun to see that if you play tank?
Have you play mage and think that in another moba a lot of mage is a good mid hero and carry you until the end of the game? Do mage needed in team at all? What if your mage go jungle? Can mage go jungle??

Have you play support and think how they role are basically useless right now? No one pick rafa player in team, no one need estes and nana right now. The only support that i still see in rank are lolita and minotaur.

Do marksmans in another moba dominate the jungle also? In this game they ask for all of the jungle monster and buffs. Do you find it fun to play that kind of game?
Have you ever met a marksmans that say i need blue while you are playing fanny and then go afk if you dont give blue to them?

If they want to have evasive skills just pick flicker! Gord is ok without that, eudora is ok without that, aurora is also ok without that. Why mages dont have evasive skills? Do you see in here a lot of marksmans pick retrubution even they role is not jungling?

You said good assassins can kill marksmans. Yes of course you can. But what should you do? Even saber ulti combo cant even one turn kill a marksman. And what the risk that saber take to getting close to marksman? Avoid chou ulti, minotaur ulti etc and basically what marksmans are doing is sitting in back and do basic attack? Eudkra can kill marksmans. But they want a nerf on it right? If mage damage too high they want nerf! But no one ever complaining about ridiculously high damage and attack speed from marksmans.

Every time i go matchup basically all want to pick marksmans. But almost no one want to pick a tank. So much fun playing marksmans right?

I can carry you..
I can carry you...
We need a tank!!

I am tired of this shit.

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Post time 2017-8-6 09:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
what i hate the most is when i play mage or assassin but mm take blue buff like wtf... mage and assassin role need the blue buff the most

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