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[Hero Techniques] Alucard Guide [Combo] [Tips]

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Hi~ Here Lim! I'm from Malaysia, my english is not very good. So sorry if you dont understand it. I played ML for just a few months and I successfully climb to Legend Ranked. I play ranked game by myself but i recommend you to play with friends because it is more easy to win the match if you and your friends are pro. So lets start the guide.

• Alucard is a very easy and strong hero to play. You need to focus on your game to have a good start. If you doing good in the early game, i guarantee you can carry your team to win the game.
•If you are a beginner, i recommend you to play with trial card first to know your potential to play this hero

When just a child, both of Alucard\'s parents were killed by demons and he was imprisoned and suffered cruelties at their hands for several months, until finally he was rescued by demon hunters and raised by them. From a young age, he was raised to be an outstanding demon hunter, with an extreme enmity for the demon race. The three iron laws of the demon hunters are: Swear no allegiance to any army. Spare not a single one of demonkind. Never stop carrying out missions.

■Pursuit [ Passive ]
If it hits 1 enemy, deals damage x 1.2. If it hits 2 enemy, deals damage x 1.1. Next basic attack after using skill deals damage x 1.2 and move to the target

■Groundsplitter [ 1st ]

Leaps forward and launches 1/1/1/1/1/1 strikes. Each strike deals 240/270/300/330/360/390 pts of physical damage to the enemy and slow them down.

■Whirling Smash [ 2nd ]

Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230/260/290/320/350/380 physical damage

■Fission Wave [ 3rd ]

Raises the hero\'s physical lifesteal 20%/25%/30% and also locks onto an enemy, dealing extra damage with any attacks on the target and raising lifesteal 100%/100%/100% for 8/8/8s. While the skill lasts, the hero can fire powerful attack waves forward, dealing 440/600/760 physical damage to enemies.

•The best skill is the 3rd skill because it deals lots of lifesteal. So you need to farm as fast as possible to level up. Once you get the 3rd skill you are hard to be kill.

Level 1-5

-2nd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd

Level 6-10
-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 1st

Level 11-15
-2nd, 3rd, 1st, 1st, 1st


Starting Item Hunter's Knife ( 1st )

■Gives bonus +20 AD to jungle monsters allowing you to farm them faster and level up quicker.Sell it when you are about lvl 12.

■Haas's Claws ( 2nd )

Give +70 damage and 20% lifesteal. When hp drops below 40% the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. This item best to use with to deals more lifesteal.

■Magic shoe ( 3rd )

Give +45 movement and 10% CD. To make your skill CD faster to deals more damage.

■Berserker Fury ( 4th )

This item gives you +65 damage and 25% crit chance. Yes it has been nerfed by 5 AD big deal, but the unique passive gives you +40% damage for crits and increases your physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds. To deals more damage in the late game.

■Thunder Belt ( 5th )

Give +25 magic,+800 HP,+400 mana, +40 armor and 15HP regen. This item use to slow down enemy from escape.

■Blade of Despair × 2 ( 6th )

The most expensive item in the game currently but a must have on nearly all marksman. This item gives a whooping +130 AD, +25% attack speed and 10% crit. Unique passive Despair will deal an extra 10% damage to enemies that are crowd controled. I prefer you to buy this item 2 because it can deals more damage on enemy

•You must choose the battle spells and emblems wisely because it is very important to game.



This is the most recommended spells. It is because Alucard is very weak if stunted. So you need to use purify to prevent stunt and deals lifesteal and damage to enemy.


This is the most useful spell to escape from enemy.


■Physical Emblem Set


A= Attack

S= Skills

■ 3rd(S)--2(A)--2nd(S)--2(A)--1st(S)--2(A)
Everytime used a skill make sure you hit the enemy twice because the damage is higher after using a skill.Use the 3rd skill to increase lifesteal. Use 2nd skill to deals damage. Use 3rd skill to jump to the enemy to prevent them from escape.

Use this combo when 2 or more enemy are stick together.


■Go to bottom land
To get redbuff

■Clear wave
Use skill to clear waves faster. Just use the skill because you dont need mana to use the skill.

Buy jungle item. It will make you farm faster. Do this after you clear the waves.


Attack the enemy when you have your ulti in level 4 and when they are still in level 3. It will make you more strong than the enemy. You will deals insane lifesteal.

Be sure you have backup when attacking enemy. If you are very strong, you can just attack the enemy by yourself.

■First item ( Haas's claws)
When you have this item, it will make you more stronger to attack the enemy.

TIPS TO GANK ( Many enemy)

Wait until the enemy team use all their stunt and ulti. After they use their stunt, you can just jump in and use the combo

When you being stunt by the enemy team dont forget to use this battle spell to purify and use the combo. You wont die if your hero have very high damage because the 3rd skill give lots of lifesteal.



This hero can help you a lots because Chou have many stunt. Jump in when Chou stunt the enemy. Let Chou take the damage before you jump in.

This is my first guide . Sorry if my english is bad. Thanks for reading my guide guys I hope you will like it and I hope this guide can help you guys to play Alucard. Once again, Thank you.
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Very nice... thank you for the guide
Post time 2017-8-20 10:24 AM | Show all posts
Or just buy Blade of despair 1x and Immortal
 Author| Post time 2017-8-20 06:46 PM | Show all posts
DAUZ replied at 2017-8-20 10:24 AM
Or just buy Blade of despair 1x and Immortal

I like more damage hahahha
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