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[Hero Concept] Dracon, The Dragon Couple (Support/Mage)

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DRACON, The Dragon Couple
role : support/Mage

Range basic attack

attributes :
Movement speed: 255     Mana: 520  
Physical attack: 115         Attack Speed: 0.864
Mana Regen: 20              Armor: 17               
HP Regen: 36                  Magic Resist.: 15           
HP: 2525                     

“whatever happens i’m always beside you” - Nagara
“and i’m always with you” - Kaida


Kaida and Nagara are young adult dragons couple with different species, they are in different areas of power. Kaida is a female water dragon whose family controls the oceans around the volcano island, and Nagara is a male dragon whose family controls the volcano island. Their families are destined to be hostile to each other, but not with kaida and nagara, they love each other. That's why they decided to go together to the sacred place of marriage for elope marriage. When they arrived but their efforts failed with the arrival of a group of hunters who wanted to capture them. After combat when the hunters are dying, one of them is a black Mage, he curse Kaida to be a human, a race hated by dragons. After looking that, Nagara angrily burned down them. But the curse does not disappear. Poorly, Kaida becomes a disabled girl, she can not move her legs. The sacred wedding altar was destroyed by the combat, and they still had to find a Healer to get Kaida back into a dragon body back.
They are together looking for people who can cure the curse, until they are finally in the Land of Dawn, they must fight while looking for the healer.

Appearance :

Kaida is a water dragon with girl body in a kimono suit, She has dragon horns and a dragon ears, also has a blue iris. Because of her body weak and can’t fly, she always mount Nagara to everywhere.

Nagara is a fire dragon, looks like a red chinese dragon, he doesn’t have wings but he can fly.

Dracon consists of two characters :

Kaida is the main one, she performs the main skill that is water skill and that performs basic attack

Nagara is the second one, he performs side skill that is fire skill, and passive skill

My concept is every skill used will change with other skill
Example :  First skill is water skill has been used after cooldown finished, First skill changed into fire skill.
Unlike roger and lapu-lapu that all skills change in one time.


Fire Reprisal
When Dracon get hit by Hero, every 6 second Dracon firing a fireball to attacker dealing 150 magic damage and also cause burning deals 15 true damage per 0.5 second in 3s.

First Skill
cd : 9
mana : 80
Aqua Shot
Firing a water ball to specificied area dealing 250/x/x/x/x/x magic damage and also because of explosion make silence effect to enemies for 1s

mana : 90
Lava Spit
Spit up lava to specific stright direction line that dealing 250/x/x/x/x/x magic damage to enemies and also slowing them down 50% for 2s

Second Skill
cd : 11
Holy Aqua
mana : 100
summons holy waters surrounding hero to allies that dealing 250/x/x/x/xx pts HP and get shield that absorb 300/x/x/x/x/x damage for 4s.

mana : 90
Zest Ember
summons ember on ground surrounding hero and give hero and allies raise movement speed and attack speed 20%/x/x/x/x/x for 3s. and also dealing 50/x/x/x/x/x magic damage per second to enemies in burn area lasting for 5s

Ultimate Skill
cd : 38  
mana : 140
Grand Aqua Wave
summons  tsunami in a forward direction that make enemies knock back dealing 350/x/x magic damage and also stuns for 1s.

mana : 155
Grand Fire Orb
firing a super fire ball in a forward direction dealing 300/x/x magic damage to attacked each enemies and slowing down them 80% for 2s.and also cause burning 50/x/x true damage per 0.5 second in 3s.

fire dragon and sea dragon girl.jpg
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I support this, but the silence part is kinda OP because of that long 3 second silence. The rest of it's skills, it's fine so I support this.
 Author| Post time 2017-8-31 08:29 AM | Show all posts
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Maybe with some tweaks here and there that it might be a super awesome cool hero xD! I rly support this
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     Is amazing
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sankyu fufufu
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intresting idea of skill's turn
Post time 2017-8-23 08:59 AM | Show all posts

This is awesome,
amazing character
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