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Author: tianziwei
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[Patch Note] PATCH NOTES 1.2.12

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Post time 2017-8-26 08:16 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
what about issue auto restart at 10 countdown? there's no fix? 2 week already
Post time 2017-8-26 11:07 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
KVRA replied at 2017-8-26 04:50 AM
A good regulations and punishment will leads less money from noobs.. i think maybe in future, unti ...

yeah, that's make sense for me.

However they (dev) must be thought the right timing about that, I mean don't let a big players out because that. Like a boomerang.

I will wait till MSC end.. looking forward to see better upgrade (no bug, smooth UI, smooth ingame, optimized) and better regulation.
Post time 2017-8-26 11:36 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
What is AD?
Post time 2017-8-26 12:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I wonder when they will buff Kagura or at least make a new skin for her. Maybe she got shoved under a rock again. Forgotten by Devs.
Post time 2017-8-26 04:17 PM | Show all posts
  I have to say I'm so sad about what they changed on nana. They Nerfed her second skill,  most important is they changed her passive! Nimble makes nana unigue, and most players play nana cz she's fast as a cat, nimble can give her speed which means position, escape or chase. The new passive it's just useless when your team know how to farm. They did buffed the first skill but in general nana get a huge big nerf.

  After this patch more and more people will say 'no nana'
Post time 2017-8-26 11:21 PM | Show all posts
Edited by WtripleO at 2017-8-26 11:30 PM

Hi guys!
For those who are wondering about the hero balancing, this would basically sum it up:
Nana,Clint,Natalia,Alucard- Buffed
Nana-Instead of gaining movement speed after skill lands based on her passive. Each of her basic skill now adds slow effects. Plus her passive now lets her gain more income meaning even if she falls behind in lane, she can catch up on itemization due to her passive.

Clint-Ultimate recharge time decreased CD, Meaning more Damage output for him

Alucard-Minor buff with the increased range

Natalia-Each slash from her ultimate is increased by 15 damage + the ratio has been adjusted to be higher


Irithel, Tigreal's Dark Knight Skin-Bug fixed

Akai-Reworked, 1st skill is still the same as Old Jump ability, but this time around it trigerrs a mark that is only caused by his 2nd skill. Upon triggering the mark it stuns them. Basically Akai now has a combo for his skills wherein his 2nd skill's full potenial relies on his 1st skill.
His ultimate is basically the same as his old ultimate with different animation and damage ratio(Basically you can still pin people to the walls)
As for the remake system, this is only implemented for higher ranks as of now due to the increase of afks in this said divisions. Do not worry as this maybe implemented to other ranks as well in the future.

Post time 2017-8-26 11:36 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Shinzuriki replied at 2017-8-26 11:07 AM
yeah, that's make sense for me.

However they (dev) must be thought the right timing about that, I ...

Me too bro. Hope the better future.
Post time 2017-8-27 06:42 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I think the devs hate Nana so much, the small buff- which is the slow effect of her skills is hust a small buff bec they nerfed her second skill and man it was a HUGE nerf... Her second skill is the most helpful to the team, that also makes her a good support but with this update, Nana is no longer playable. She will be a support not to her team but a support to the opposing team.. So what's the purpose of her second skill now?- to heal the enemy. Lol.. one of the main purpose of her 2nd skill was to help team mates catch the enemy and do damage but if her team mates attack the cat form, Nana'a second skill will be nullified abd help heal the enemy. Lmao! Congrats Dev! You just made Nana unplayable. Even on brawl, I'll no longer choose Nana... Goodbye Nana, it was nice playing you. Your second skill is what we're after but now, it's basically useless for the team. I'll be happy to see a Nana on the enemy team
Post time 2017-8-27 08:36 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
WtripleO replied at 2017-8-26 11:21 PM
Hi guys!
For those who are wondering about the hero balancing, this would basically sum it up:
Nana, ...

Why didn't you mention about Nana's 2nd skill nerf? Sugar coating much? Lol Pls tell Devs to delete Nana as she is useless now. Maybe just let her be the jungler and not engage in team fight as she will be helpful to the enemy team. Her most important skill is now useless plus the made her voice sound awful. She used to be my favourite but after this update, Imhate her with a passion.
Post time 2017-8-28 03:36 AM | Show all posts
As a nana main, global top 10 nana player. I'll stop using nana after this patch. GG Devs.
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