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[Talk With Developer] Developer Update: Battle Related Changes

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Hi everyone, my name is Arnold, I am responsible for the game’s combat design and hero balance. Let us talk about some upcoming battle related changes.

About the upcoming balance changes

Recently we have received a high volume of feedback about our hero balance.

1. Firstly, no matter if the feedback it’s sent to customer service, Facebook page, other social media pages or the official forums, we will collect and read them.

2. Secondly, as we are in the middle of the MSC, we hope to provide a stable version of the game as well as the environment for the professionals to strategize within, so they can bring us more exciting matches.

We understand that it is common for players to feel helpless when playing against certain powerful heroes. We also know that sometimes players are met with hostility from own teammates when picking what is considered a weaker hero.

As the MSC is about to conclude, we will be pushing some major balances changes, including:

1. Buff the early game of Mages and Tanks, as well as skill progression. In the current patch, Marksman heroes have a clear advantage, it is common to see double Marksman setups doing alright in the early game and being unmatched in the late game. On the other hand, if Tanks and Mages fail to accumulate a lead in the early game, they will eventually fall behind in items, causing them to fall into a vicious cycle. This is not what we want to see, which is why we are adjusting the early game prowess of Tanks and Mages, so they are not like the Marksman class who are very dependent on items.

2. Improve and optimise neglected skills.

Even though every hero gets 4 skills, we have found that some players only give attention to 1-2 skills. This could be due to that we have yet to perfectly synergize skills with hero play styles, or that there is an over-complication making it hard for many people to fully understand the skills. We will soon make changes to some skills, with the hope that each skill set for each hero has their own unique playstyle and solutions.

About the upcoming new items

Even though we already have more than 80 different items for players to choose from, we are still not able to satisfy the needs of every player. This is due to ever growing hero roster and improved skill level of the community. Since the beginning of the season we had already begun to design new item ideas, and now they are finally here. There are the types of items we will be releasing:

1. Items that can help Mages wave clear

Every Mage player has probably experienced being unable to clear a wave, only to have all the gold and experience soon to be swept away by a Marksman. Now we are hoping to balance the hero tweaks along with that of the released items, in order to allow Mages to have more optimal lane shoving.

2. Items that can improve Tank’s ability to provide assistance

Most Tanks have low mobility, impacting on their ability to help teammates or initiate team fights. We do not wish to see Tanks wasting large amounts of time traversing the map, which is why we are designing items to help Tanks reach the battle on time in order for them to do their role.

3. Optimising the Support classes’ economic income

Diligent supports babysit the Marksman in the early game, but by mid game they eventually fall behind in terms of equipment, meaning they become an easy initiation target for the enemy. The released items will help with improving the gold income of these players who contribute so much to the team.

Otherwise, we have many other adjustments for players to try out. We hope that these changes will help the player experience, as well as allow every hero to reach their full potential. See you next time.

Post time 2017-8-26 01:02 AM | Show all posts
Ruby: remove her mana bar, increase the radius of her ultimate, change her to fighter/support (she has low damage, best at crowd control)
Alucard: add a stun effect to his 1st ability because he has no crowd control (his specialty)
Aurora: change her to mage/support (she can freeze entire enemy team)

Buff: Rafaela, Nana, Lolita, Vexana, Lapu-Lapu, Balmond (weak/not in the meta)
Nerf: Chou, Karina, Karrie (overpowered/most banned & picked)

Skill Remake: Alice, Bane, Sun, Yi-Sun-Shin (useless heroes/rarely picked)
Post time 2017-8-27 09:25 AM | Show all posts
Please don't overnerf some heroes, while it's good to listen to community, it's bad if your every decision is based on community only. alpha or yi sun shin for example
Btw keep up the  good works!
Post time 2017-8-26 11:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Honestly speaking Tanks are Super powerful depending on how u actually use them,This game is made such that if u can do dmg and not die u win.What I like to do is come up with build such that u can sustain in game and also take in All ur opponents ulti&skill shots but not die.What most people do now is simply following the item build that's alr there for them,or simply copying one online.They won't read the Info on the items,For example,Sometimes u come across teams without mages at all,yet people still go magic resist,instead of the Armour.People buying health item when,opponent marksman has like 1000AD at 2-3atk speed.Not forgetting how people buy Cooldown items when they're alr at max cooldown 40%!Whats wrong are not really the champions rather the people[*Ehem*Except for karina]Not saying everyone must be good or smth liddat,honestly speaking I am not good in terms of attitude,I sometimes find myself running down mid while singing.But I suppose franco could use some buff,his passive,hook,ulti is great,but his 2nd skills does nothing except for a slow which last like 0.5 secs!
Post time 2017-8-27 10:57 PM | Show all posts
DarkoDante replied at 2017-8-27 10:38 PM
Na sua opinião, em que são bons o Alpha e o Yi-Sun-Shin?
Você consegue ganhar num X1 contra Kar ...

Hahaha man, english is apreciated even a broken one ... In my opinion alpha needs a little more buff in his prime days he can initiate and able to survive the whole fight.. i think his skill or growth needs to be buffed
As for yi sun shin he's actually still good but youu need a good team to utilize his full potential but compared back in the day yi sun shin nowadays only 1/3 his  prime. both his passive and skills are nerfed too much and bleeding don't deal as much
Post time 2017-8-27 10:18 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Johnson so much weak he is good because of his pasive but his skills is a crap, His SS even I drive directly to an enemy still the damage too low His rocket its says several rockets but its only 3, and why he can only drive with one player? Why not 4? Is that really unfait to make drive them all? Or atleast 2 can drove with him? Im a Johnson user and Pro driver but honestly I can win even I perform good but always end up by losing I also have problem to his skills, so low damage even in minions or jungle, He is just good from being a Tank but cannot do anymuch like Tigreal or Minotaur or Lolita that can crowd control Please make Johnson crowd control too, make rockets more like Eudora when he use first skill and make Rapid Touchdown can drive with atleast 2 people
Post time 2017-8-27 02:21 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I agree about tanks and supports. Mid game : useless. I'm maining tanks and supports and they can't even do their role property. Let's talk about a tanks: they have crowd control, they can be annoying in early game but when it comes to mid and late game teamfight the tank is completely useless. Why? Go do teamfight and you'll see. 4-5 seconds at max survivability even with immo and some heavy armor-mr.
Post time 2017-8-26 12:48 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Post time 2017-8-26 03:09 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
What are your thoughts on the Fighter class being less picked? IMO Fighters are very weak right now and assassins are a preferred pick in the MSC. The only fighter being picked a lot now is Chou.
Post time 2017-8-26 07:03 PM | Show all posts
emptyhand20 replied at 2017-8-26 01:02 AM
Ruby: remove her mana bar, increase the radius of her ultimate, change her to fighter/support (she h ...

what rank are u bro?
your comment is funny cause only half of them are true :>
Post time 2017-8-26 07:25 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Shinzuriki at 2017-8-26 07:26 PM

Yeah nice!, looking forward this big update.
Support for more gears.
Post time 2017-8-26 08:08 PM | Show all posts
Nerf : Karrie and Karina
Post time 2017-8-26 09:09 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Pls remake SUN
Post time 2017-8-26 11:10 PM | Show all posts
I think you must make aurora ulti faster
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