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Author: Soulz
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[Complaint] Shitty players and punishment

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Post time 2017-9-4 04:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
At the moment the only way to avoid feeders as best you can is to play with your friends. Maybe someone can be banned from ranked if they feed and are reported during the previous match for one day? Or make sure that the players in ranked need to have ping below 100ms to play? The matchmaking system should also be improved, for example players of different ranks should not be matched together so that games can be more fair (in both ranked and classic).
 Author| Post time 2017-9-5 08:55 AM | Show all posts
Tank, mm hell even Mage ...

I've seen a player take Eudora then cuss at the jungler because Eudora wanted the dps BUFF and proceeded to go afk because he didn't get it and started complaining .. Mind you this was a ranked game.
Further more I've seen a player stick w Layla and follow a player around just because they don't know what to do OR don't look at the Map,

It's 5vs5 ... All players help of course the occasional carry but that's not 99% of the games
Why should I get penalized and lose points even a rank because some player didn't earn his spot in our ranked game ?? That's what I'm complaining about .

If it's a 5vs5 and we lose, all power to the other team it was a gg but my last 10 games were because of bad teammates .... That's not me at this point . The matching system in the game IS NOT fair nor right .

Yes I agree, every game has what you call " noob " but that applies when you start not when you're half way to GM in a ranked game ..,

of course you will not punish those players , why Would  you ?? They are probably spenders .
Post time 2017-9-5 07:59 PM | Show all posts
None of our comments matter. The Devs won't even bother reading this and focus on how fast they can make money
 Author| Post time 2017-9-9 06:51 AM | Show all posts
Yeap I agree. I went from GM to epic because of the matching system.
I have a sh1t ton of money , I want to spend thousands on game already have and plan to spend more but
The way this game proven itself with the programming and matching system and the unfair system us good players get penalized and suffer for

I swear on my dead ancestors I will never give the team a penny.
They don't deserve it.

Sorry not sorry

Post time 2017-9-9 07:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
That 100% a rant, blaming your mates for Not being able Go rank up is complete bs. Of you think about it logically theres exactly a 50/50 Chance you ok the enemys get an afk/Troll etc
Post time 2017-9-9 08:03 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Wait I just read it now fully LOL you want to punish players you think are bad? This is just about you always having bad mates and you wanting to punish them? So if a player has a bad game once in a while, I bet you do to he looses bp? That's the most small minded and stupid thing I've read in quite a while.
 Author| Post time 2017-9-11 08:02 AM | Show all posts

First and foremost it's a 5vs5 not 5vs4 hell even 3 sometimes .
The team is to blame if a loss occurs. You bet your ass it is unless you're blind and ignorant that it's a 1vs5 that's your problem not mine.

I've played games I couldn't attend certain events NOT because I was good, not because I SUCKED but because you have to earn your way to certain events much like any other game.

Only way for a player to play right , not afk or even learn his skill is to penalize
Otherwise trolls will emerges constantly hence why some games are popular and Some aren't .

I haven't had a bad game once in a while , maybe if you read my post you would use your brain to speak rather then being a keyboard warrior
From grand master to elite ... That's not a bad game once in a while ,,  that's shitty players logging in and wasting my time.

Any other ignorant observations you want to point out ?
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