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Author: Đëǿȵ
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Match-making system is screwed up

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Post time 2017-9-4 04:02 AM | Show all posts
My suggestion is to play with friends because its a more reliable way ya know further than that try heroes like fanny or karina they are insane carry heroes
Post time 2017-9-4 01:39 PM | Show all posts
Đëǿȵ replied at 2017-9-3 05:07 PM
yea sure I can take that losing is part of the game. but it is really unfair to have cancer teamma ...

I completely agree with this, the ranking system is unfair.  GM shouldn't be playing with legends or even glorious legends at that. I am at GL level and as much fun as it is popping a lower rank player with one skill and having double gold that they have it's unfair.  Fixed the ranked system please because it goes vise versa, I don't want a cancer on my team.
Post time 2017-9-4 03:09 PM | Show all posts
Oh my oh my hearing this so call legendary, pro, super players that refuse to play with lower tier player. If you think that u're so good and dont deserve playing with those newbies then play only with pre made all legendary player and dont even touch that Classic button.  Everyone start as newbies and not everyone have the same skill in games and those newbies are the one who keep this game alive. I know the frustration when we teamed up with newbies but have some respect for them, never ever think you're so good that they dont deserve to play with u.
And by the way, if for example GL level can only play with another GL, how long do u think the system need to find u a match??
Post time 2017-9-4 07:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i second to this. the matchmaking system is pretty broken at least for Classic mode. i have this smurf acc which i practice using Fanny. I've never touch rank on this acc yet i always got paired with GM and sometimes Epic player. i mean, where did all my Warrior scrub go? the only place i met them is Vs AI mode.
 Author| Post time 2017-9-4 10:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Zombie78 replied at 2017-9-4 03:09 PM
Oh my oh my hearing this so call legendary, pro, super players that refuse to play with lower tier p ...

lol i didnt claim that i am super pro or legendary player, im jus saying that the match making system needs a revamp. look at league of legends, when you are at least in platinum division or even gold, u dont play with anyone from bronze be it in ranked or classic. and plat in league is equivalent to GM in ML so why am i playing with unranked players when plat in league doesnt get teamed with bronze players??? besides, in league, challenger players are at most playing with players from diamond, so why cant ML do the same?? i am not saying players from GL have to team with players from GL all the time but at least have a certain limit to how low a rank of players they can team up with, like GL players can play with players from legend or epic. and u said if GL were to only be paired with GL then the system would take very long to find a match, but tht is how it works in league, if ure in challenger, u take a longer time to find a match, but thats alright cos at least u get to have a quality game. i have totally nthing against newbie players so dont make it sound like i dont respect them. what i have a thing against is the match making system which is why im asking that ML do smthing abt it because the way they team up players is ridiculous and doesnt make any sense. pls read the title of my post, im asking for a change in the MATCHMAKING SYSTEM.
Post time 2017-9-4 11:05 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
People don't play classic seriously, If you need good team try adding few players and play rank to climb higher league, in higher leagues the rate of trolls is comparatively lower than epic minus leagues
Post time 2017-9-4 11:49 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
oh cmon man, classic is where im having fun after those losing streak at ranked, nobody should take it seriously imo, but if you really want to play seriously all the time consider playing with friends, thats how we should play this game anyway, its a team game, soloing means you'll accept anyone (including noobs like me XD) get in your team
Post time 2017-9-5 12:05 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
KoHaku replied at 2017-9-4 11:05 PM
People don't play classic seriously, If you need good team try adding few players and play rank to c ...

^This. And also, current match-making system matches you up with feeders after you've gained a certain amount of winstreak.

Laughable, right?
Post time 2017-9-5 09:11 AM | Show all posts
Well i think even in classic we should take every match seriously. If u want to learn new heroes there are custom or versus ai for that purpose. I have no problem playing with newbies as long as they take it seriously and they want to learn
Post time 2017-9-5 10:29 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Khaltz replied at 2017-9-3 05:00 PM
Losing is part of the game . If u are really good u can reach legendary easy. Even solo

hahaha you like them, just trash people like a shit, i know losing is part of the game, but how about this fvcking trash team like this, what do you think about this, TRASH PEOPLE
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