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Author: senpai05
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[Complaint] Noob everywhere

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Post time 2017-9-11 04:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Just try your best to climb to GL even epic has noobs
Post time 2017-9-11 05:06 PM | Show all posts
Upon reading your post and seeing your stats, The MAIN reason why you will never climb out of the GM Tier is because YOU ARE A NOOB YOURSELF. Don't think too highly of yourself. This is 5v5 Team Game. If one or two of your teammates are NOOB then you just have to help them, always have their back so whenever they will be ganked you are their to counter gank. Ofcourse the enemy team will also take damage from your NOOB teeammates, so all you have to do is finish the job and kill them. If you don't know how to properly ROTATE, GANK and COUNTER GANK, I will personally ensure you that you will never reach EPIC TIER unless you learn this BASIC SHIT. If ever by some miracly you reached EPIC V for a moment, I will bet all my MONEY that after 1-2 GAMES, You will return to GM TIER and worse you will have a losing streak and by the time you know you are back at GM III or IV.
Post time 2017-9-11 05:32 PM | Show all posts
i see a lot of players having this problem, not knowing that they are the one to blame.

as i read this thread word by word, i was wondering how this author speak/talk to his team mate in game when there is something wrong and the moving is not according to what he want. :p

Sometimes, be a Leader to the whole team.. not a BOSS, who always says DO THIS / DO THAT.. your team mates is not a Robot and always have to put yourself on someone else's shoes. bruuh~
Post time 2017-9-11 06:32 PM | Show all posts
I bet he's cursing and blaming everybody else everytime he died.


i bet when the games end, he'll be the one having a bronze medal, coz he's to busy typing and cursing...  Post time 2017-9-11 06:53 PM
Post time 2017-9-11 09:20 PM | Show all posts
LOL this kind of "it's never my fault no no no no no  it's not my fault, everything is other people's fault". if you GM THEN YOUR SKILL LEVEL ON AVERAGE REALLY IS IN GM. if you can get better performance then you will climb with enough matches (because on Close match you can carry your team to win, on almost lose game you can carry some of the game to win)
Post time 2017-9-11 10:21 PM | Show all posts
Thewingman287 replied at 2017-9-11 03:30 AM
They won't do anything for it, save your breath if you can. I don't really play this game these days ...


Never EVER get too attached on a product made by a Chinese company.
They will always say the things they need to say to make you feel better, but that's it, they will never change something that will make them lose money.
Post time 2017-9-11 10:51 PM | Show all posts
I noticed that you picked harley in every match. You shouldn't do that. Instead you need to adapt to your team composition and pick a hero to balance your team. To climb to higher elo, you need to able to play multiple roles. In draft pick, you can't force yourself to use your favorite hero if your teammate already picked them. Be more versatile and you'll be on your way to epic.
Post time 2017-9-11 11:05 PM | Show all posts
lmao your stats is good enough. its just your luck because you keep getting matched with noobs. my advices is use hero that can carry the game or find join Squad/Guild. Harley is just isnt a good character to play solo with. i hate noob too but can't really blame them. you'll be surprised to know that there is still noob in Legend rank

Post time 2017-9-12 01:07 AM | Show all posts
Maybe focus less on why your team is bad and instead improve aspects of your gameplay. Everybody have games where they are matched with players than aren't playing as we would like them to. However we still see people climbing and getting to GL. Just move on and see where you can improve.
Post time 2017-9-12 01:54 AM | Show all posts
Try to queue up with friends, wich aren't noob, it will definitley help a lot in climbing the ranks!
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