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Author: senpai05
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[Complaint] Noob everywhere

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Post time 2017-9-12 03:39 AM | Show all posts
Orumaito replied at 2017-9-11 10:51 PM
I noticed that you picked harley in every match. You shouldn't do that. Instead you need to adapt to ...

But this is the way the expert gamer suggested to carry yourself in the game. They have said if you want to rank up then just carry 4 other heroes in low ranked gamebwith a Marksman or mage. I think a friend or 2 is a better option.
Post time 2017-9-12 03:46 AM | Show all posts
goarweam replied at 2017-9-11 10:21 PM

Never EVER get too attached on a product made by a Chinese company.

I would not say Chinese Company or company from other country. Every company or game have their own idea to make money. What ML is only making people love their heroes. If they really want you to play with a friend or setup a team then you shouldn't need diamonds to create a team. What ML is making every solo people noob and let the one who pay with real money win. Therefore some people would keep putting money in or some people won't pay a penny and cool their interest real quick before consider to put any money in.
Post time 2017-9-12 01:57 PM | Show all posts
Thewingman287 replied at 2017-9-12 03:39 AM
But this is the way the expert gamer suggested to carry yourself in the game. They have said if yo ...

Here's the thing with the advice. A marksman or mage is too popular of a choice in ranked. Another teammate would have insta-picked a marksman or mage. Should your teammate already picked marksman & mage, pick a fighter instead. Why? because a fighter has mobility, damage and charging ability which is very useful to carry the team, initiate fights and split pushing.
Post time 2017-9-13 03:35 AM | Show all posts
Orumaito replied at 2017-9-12 01:57 PM
Here's the thing with the advice. A marksman or mage is too popular of a choice in ranked. Another ...

Actually i didn't have a choice, most of the time there were at least 3 MM plus mage, i can only choose fighter or Franco as there is no one back me up for tank. This is why i have stop playing rank a while ago.
 Author| Post time 2017-9-14 03:31 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
To tell the truth this is my 2nd account after i lost my legend account last season and i feel like this season is much worse than ever
Post time 2017-9-14 08:10 AM | Show all posts
Don't take the MVP medal too highly.

You're a mage, and adc is expected to kill a lot but that doesn't mean you're the best.

It's a TEAM if got people who only ks and play negative that means they are the best? Karina is laughing her ass off reading this post.

Though I do agree there's a lot of afkers this season compared to the past.
Post time 2017-9-14 08:49 AM | Show all posts
MortredX replied at 2017-9-11 05:06 PM
Upon reading your post and seeing your stats, The MAIN reason why you will never climb out of the GM ...

hahah well said
Post time 2017-9-14 08:50 AM | Show all posts
Thewingman287 replied at 2017-9-11 03:44 AM
This season do have a lot more afk and noob players, if you get higher rank before this season then  ...

i just statred my new acct and reach legend less than 100 games noob :D
Post time 2017-9-14 08:53 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i join this game just a couple of months ago (yes im a noob), but i climb my way to epic V mostly solo with hilda (as tank), its actually pretty easy, yes i lose sometimes, even got like 3 losing streak sometimes, but most of it are winning games. my opinion is, below epic V, soloing is not that hard
Post time 2017-9-14 08:54 AM | Show all posts
   Everybody goes through this, there are games where I start 8/0 but wind up like 8/4 or 8/6 and lose the game. It just goes to show that this is very much a team oriented game and kill aren't everything.
     One thing I can't stand is how so many players lack basic knowledge of thing like when to push or when to rotate for team fights. I also dislike how many players utterly ignore other objectives like jungle camps/turtle/lord after winning a skirmish or having excellent positioning to do those objective.
      One of my very recent games we actually lost a TF, re-spawned and caught the enemy team at turtle, kill 3 people and took the turtle (although we were very low HP) and my team went up bottom lane and sieges inner tower where they ALL DIED. This is very late game mind you so instead of just being happy with the 3 kills and turtle steal to reset they instead threw the game for the sake of greed.
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