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[Complaint] Balancing Hero

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Post time 2017-9-11 02:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by Thewingman287 at 2017-9-11 02:43 PM

This game have started more and more problem, from matching system to hero balancing. I dont see this is the problem from players.OK this time i want to dicuss about balancing hero, As long as there is new hero coming out every now and then, there will always have balancing issue. But by balancing hero, they are just killing the old heroes, buff and nerf, again and again. This kind of unnessessary workload i can see the dev are causing trouble for themselves. Players will adjust to the new coming hero so no need to adjust for us. There is always some heroes are stronger than the others. But by buffing or nerffing it is really killing the game too. Please make all heroes back to the original status. This is stupid having the same item build for the hero but going up and down every patch for their stat., layla cant run anymore and Alpha cant fight anymore etc... If you really want everyone have a chance to fight back and HAVE FUN, and just simply add more hp for each hero. Please consider stop balancing hero, this is not good for dev team and we players who was loving their heroes, but not anymore
Post time 2017-9-11 05:51 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
No the game should have balance, and yes some heroes will be stronger than others. But the fault is on the dev team. They are the ones creating really op new heroes
 Author| Post time 2017-9-11 07:05 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
taomaster replied at 2017-9-11 05:51 PM
No the game should have balance, and yes some heroes will be stronger than others. But the fault is  ...

Yes theorically the game should be balanced. However each hero have their own special skills, there isnt any thing to base on what is balanced hero should be. Let say if all heroes are OP in their way, in a 5 vs 5 game the selection would be   determinte which team is better, even if you have balanced each hero one of the team could still stronger than the other one. Therefore, to make the game more balance, it should be visable for both team which hero are choosing. Balancing each hero stat. will only make it weak or stronger,  but in a team game it would only make it worst. For example, 5 buffed heroes vs 5 nerfed heroes. How do you determinte what kind of factor to nerf or buff?
Post time 2017-9-12 03:00 AM | Show all posts
I think with the countless number of games being played each day and stats recorded, you can get metrics on which heroes are stronger than others.  For example, in 1,000 games played evenly across all tiers, Chou may have a 55% win rate, whereas Sun only has a 45% win rate.  You can also look at damage dealt, MVP, KDA, deaths per match, etc. between Chou and Sun.  Then you compare the skills and attributes of one versus the other to see what is making Chou stronger than Sun.  Also you can you can look at market forces.  Why do players in general prefer to pick Fanny, Karina and Karrie, instead of Hilda, Vexana and Nana.
 Author| Post time 2017-9-12 03:33 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Thewingman287 at 2017-9-12 03:34 AM
Sykesian replied at 2017-9-12 03:00 AM
I think with the countless number of games being played each day and stats recorded, you can get met ...

Yes but it seems they dont have the time to check, otherwise Sun and YSS would have balanced for a bit. In your details analysis with new hero come out every 2nd week, there would be inaccurate if you are base on win rate, team composition changes so much when a hero is kinda OP (what everyone say at that time). See Karrie and Layla, Layla nerfs her ms for what reason? Its because they cannot nerf her high damage or range? Roger got reduce his ms too quietly a few patch back and just speed up in for another 5 ms not long ago. Nerfing movement speed is the deadliest nerf ever!
 Author| Post time 2017-9-13 02:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I have to give some credit to the dev this time the balancing for some heroes are good, well done i own you this time.
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