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Author: joejoe88
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[Share] 1.2.16 Patch Note Preview

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Post time 2017-9-16 02:06 AM | Show all posts
What is the magnitude of the damage increase from the basic short-range attack of yi sun shin?
Post time 2017-9-16 02:22 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I agree with all of you , fanny/chou/kagura not supposed to get nerfed , they all hero that need good control and mastery , with fanny you must have good control to use her cable , with chou you must have good timing and control to dodge , and kagura need mastery on all his skill to sync it , but why they supposed to be nerfed ? I dont see whats the point on nerfing skilled game hero , or did devs really want to change mobile legend to arena of valor like game ? Where you just spam skill and bam enemy died , fanny/chou/kagura need skilled player to make it usefull , i really hope devs reconsider my tough , what happen to fanny after this update ? Fanny will gone forever like what you do to alpha , who would use squishy assasin that cant even flee with that much energy now ? Who would use chou that deal so little damage without CC now ? I can see mobile legend future already hahahaa
Post time 2017-9-16 03:02 AM | Show all posts
Lol, the balance changes, rip fanny and chou
Post time 2017-9-16 07:16 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
well shit happens mobile legends knows what they are doing. After all ITS MAGE META !!!!!!! I WILL PICK AURORA,AND ALL OF MY TEAM GOING TO PICK EUDORA AND MY ANOTHER GOING TO PICK GORD AND MY ANOTHER TEAM GONNA PICK KAGURA WTF ... brace yourself boys MAGE META IS COMING!!!  we must use Aurora as a Tank now cuz she have a lot of crowd control CC just like Chou....
Post time 2017-9-16 08:16 AM | Show all posts
ahlamr replied at 2017-9-15 03:02 PM it for real...........

i wish this were a dream so lets back to the slumber party
Post time 2017-9-16 08:16 AM | Show all posts
beklog replied at 2017-9-15 03:38 PM
Check the official patch notes there's more info abt her, as for her pic:

any info about her skills?
Post time 2017-9-16 08:39 AM | Show all posts
Edited by hmwales at 2017-9-16 08:41 AM
Randa2512 replied at 2017-9-16 02:22 AM
I agree with all of you , fanny/chou/kagura not supposed to get nerfed , they all hero that need goo ...

just wait till the patch release. remember previous patch review where kegura got nerfed? in current patch, kagura get no nerf. i believe that the more fanny and chou users complaint, dev will change their mind to nerf them
Post time 2017-9-16 08:46 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Lucrecia at 2017-9-16 08:56 AM

I'm not Fanny player but nerfed Fanny even more to death? You kidding me? Fanny is balance now IMO don't nerf her.

Also for YSS, why remove bleeding effect when his bleeding just deal little damage? AND CAN BE DODGE if we keep running and anticipate the Ult. It's better to make bleeding effect twice or have more damage than remove it.

Really, don't nerf wrong hero when they still balance. Fanny is very difficult to play yet you nerf her again. YSS need more buff yet you remove his bleeding.
Post time 2017-9-16 09:28 AM | Show all posts
seriously?? Fanny?? Nerf??
controling her is hard enough to do, now she got nerfed,
ahhh.. i dont feel like playing this game anymore..

Post time 2017-9-16 12:01 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Through the new update I noticed that the weapon lighting effect when the jumps of ruby ​​were gone, this effect is a very beautiful effect of ruby. I really like this effect not only myself but also many other people like it. But in the new update the devs again dismissed this light effect of ruby, this is a huge loss of ruby ​​players. I hope the devs will restore the glowing effect of this ruby ​​weapon. The following I have a ruby ​​passive suggestion when restoring glowing weapon effects. "When the ruby ​​leaps forward, her weapon will glow and increase 5 ~ 10% attack speed for a period of time. short time ". This proposal can help ruby ​​be on par with other fighters and will not be as cold as before. Hope the devs will follow my suggestion. Dear friends and wish more and more development
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