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Author: MasterJi
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Post time 2017-9-20 04:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
gg moonton
Post time 2017-9-20 06:39 PM | Show all posts
Laboom replied at 2017-9-20 04:16 PM
She was an absoulutely uniqe hero and art but devs messed her up. It is very hard to learn and play, ...

if you find another game with a fanny-like character, please let me know.  she is the reason i have played this game so long.  still playing, but still frustrated.
Post time 2017-9-20 06:55 PM | Show all posts
The reason why they keep on NERFING Old Heroes is because MOONTON wants you to use the new HEROES and BUY their SKINS because that's how they MAKE MONEY. With this kind of development Mobile Legends will not achieve its E-SPORTS dream because they dont fucking care about its players.
Post time 2017-9-20 07:56 PM | Show all posts
Fanny has been one of the most unique heroes in ML, hard yet fun to use her and very hard to counter. I'm disappointed that Dev nerfed her. The adjustment was to much for her, please consider that she's one of the hero that is difficult to use so she doesn't deserved to be nerfed.
Post time 2017-9-20 08:06 PM | Show all posts
I am not a fanny user, but I can feel the sadness and the pain brought by this stupid update.
I used to try using fanny, practicing and practicing time and time again. I never became a good user, but I respect the hero and the users because I know what they gave to attain that level of mastery. And then you just nerfed her because 80% of the players are dumb and complaining about Fanny being OP.

Yes she is a strong hero, but she can't be called OP if the user isn't great. It just means that her being termed as OP is just deserved by those who gave too much effort and time mastering the art of playing fanny.
Post time 2017-9-20 09:04 PM | Show all posts
Edited by amazngbasslines at 2017-9-20 09:10 PM
stjarna replied at 2017-9-19 07:56 PM
Fanny’s nerf was deserved. Where were you guys about saber nerfs? Fk off pls.

She's not an OP hero. She's a legend. You're not a user obviously, I'm not as well, but I have tried several times and with that, Fanny and her users earned my respect. She's very strong if you're good at it, but do you really have an idea how many hours and games it would take for you to be a "good" fanny user?

Simply, what I'm trying to say is that Fanny being very strong is just a reward for those who exerted and invested effort and time in learning its art.  If you end up being killed by Fanny like 10 times in a game, well the player deserve that. You're there celebrating because you're ignorant.

There are a lot of OP heroes that are practically easy-fair to use. These heroes are in much need to be nerfed.
You can call her OP if you like, but it's the reward of those who put time playing fanny, time that is probably more than your total playing time of ML.
Post time 2017-9-20 09:07 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Noobs just like to rant and whine to the dev to nerf that hero rather than just searching for a counter like good players, im not a fanny btw, im a saber main
Post time 2017-9-20 09:16 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
stjarna replied at 2017-9-19 07:56 PM
Fanny’s nerf was deserved. Where were you guys about saber nerfs? Fk off pls.

cant you just accept that person is just a better player than you and your just too retarded to admit because that your too much of a noob to deal a certain hero, a true pro wont ask for nerf, they search for a counter. You think its easy to use fanny? Im no Fanny main but i tried her once and i got rekt and gave up on trying to main her, those player who plays her well deserve a praise, they are the one who makes fanny powerful not because she is naturally op, i bet if nana rekt you, you will ask for a nerf just like whiners in this community. I say this again, if you want to be a pro, search for a counter not whine in the forum asking for nerf
Post time 2017-9-20 09:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
What im trying to say is,fanny main use skill to play fanny so thats why she great
Post time 2017-9-20 09:18 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Unlike karrie who doesn't need skill whatsoever to get savage
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