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[Hero Techniques] Natalia Hero Guide

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Ability 1: Claw Dash
Dashes forward, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way. This ability can be cast again within a short period of time after hitting an enemy.

ClawDash is a rather straight forward ability. Natalia dashes forward and deals damage, and is allowed a second dash if the first dash hits an enemy hero. That said, it is a very important skill in Natalia’s toolkit as it grants her mobility for both securing kills as well as escaping from sticky situations.
With Claw Dash, Natalia has one of the fastest early game wave clearing abilities. Dash through the minions in a straight line back and forth, a few more basic attacks and the wave is cleared. Claw Dash is also extremely useful for securing a kill under turret, as it allows you to strike the enemy, land a few hits, and dash right back out.

Ability 2: Smoke Bomb
Casts a smoke bomb on the spot, slowing down movement speed for enemies within 65%/65%/65%/65%/65%/65%. The hero\'s attack speed will increase 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55%, and the hero will be able to dodge all basic attacks.

SmokeBomb is one of Natalia’s signature abilities as it makes her immune to all Basic Attacks, which is especially good against Marksman. Aside from being completely invulnerable to Basic Attacks, Natalia also receives less damage from Turret Shots, which allows for strategic Turret Diving.
Smoke Bomb also temporarily increases Natalia’s Attack Speed, as well as reduces the enemies’ movement speed. In other words, the Smoke Bomb is Natalia’s domain. Outsideof Smoke Bomb she is weak, but inside the Smoke Bomb she is a beast.

Ultimate: Cold Blooded Strangling
Makes multiple forward attacks in a row, each dealing 60/85/110 physical damage and lowering movement speed of affected targets 65%/65%/65%.

Natalia’s ultimate is a slightly-larger-than-melee-range attack that strikes the enemy several times and slows their movement speed. Amongst all assassins, Natalia’s Ultimate is the weakest, and is not a game changer, unlike Saber, Hayabusa, etc. However, it is still useful for slowing fleeing enemies for your teammates to follow up.

That said, you can still use Ultimate during jungling or to secure kill for its small instantaneous burst of damage. Note that using your Ultimate while under turret can be a risky and dangerous thing. This is because, during the duration of the ULT, Natalia cannot move, and ULT animation cannot be manually cancelled, which makes Natalia vulnerable to tanking unnecessary turret shots, or being an easy target to stun or burst down due to her temporary immobility.

Passive: Assassin’s Instinct
Attacks made from behind will deal an extra 15% damage. If the hero is in the bush for 2s without receiving or dealing damage, the hero will enter Stealth mode, and leaving the bush for 5s or dealing damage will make the hero reappear. Stealth mode increases hero movement speed 20%, causes the next basic attack to deal 35% extra damage, and silences the target for 2s.

Natalia’s Passive is by far one of the most powerful Hero Passives in the game, particularly her stealth mode and silencing ability. Utilize her passive to deal more damage by attacking enemies from behind, as well as disabling them for 2 seconds. Lastly, don’t forget to roam a lot with the increased movement speed and invisibility to apply a lot of lane pressure on the map.

How to play Natalia
Be careful of:
1) Crowd Control, Stuns
Natalia is extremely squishy and can be burst down fast. Therefore, like most assassins, always wait for the enemy to burn their crowd control abilities before going in. Approach from the side or from the back to target enemy carryheroes instead of having to walk through their tanks.

2) AoE abilities
Natalia’s invisibility is extremely valuable as it allows for a 2 second silence as wellas keeps her hidden from the enemy. Therefore always be wary of AoE abilities, particularly Saber’s Flying Swords, to avoid from being revealed by the enemy.

3) Double Mage Burst
Natalia is immune only to Basic Attack damage, not Spell Damage, and her Passive only silences one target. Therefore, if enemy has two burst mages, silencing one will not protect you from the burst damage of the other mage. Therefore, be careful when engaging on a double mage composition.

1) Invade and Gank
Natalia’s invisibility is a really powerful tool to have on a team. Utilize it to hide your position from the enemy, and only appear when you have to. And even when you do, disappear as quickly as possible. Especially when playing in a team, roam, gank and invade a lot, as your sudden ambush will put a lot of pressure on the enemies, since they won’t feel safe when going out into the open alone. Try not to always stay in one lane for too long, as you will be very predictable and the enemy will then be daring enough to push the lane you’re not on.

2) Split push
Natalia is not a very team fight oriented assassin unlike Saber and Fanny. If you don’t feel confident in a team fight, especially when enemies have strong CC heroes like Tigreal and Ruby, don’t stick around for too long. Instead, call for your team to distract the enemy (and don’t hard engage), while you split push. This way, even if your team loses the fight, the enemy will not be able to take towers as their lanes are all pushed up, and they have to defend their towers.

Of course, you also shouldn’t split push the entire game, otherwise, the enemy too will learn that this Natalia will never join a team fight. And will be daring enough to engage your team in a 5v4, most likely resulting in your team losing the fight. And there will be a certain point where the enemy will just ignore their side lanes, and push down mid lane. When that happens, even a fed Natalia cannot win a 1v5.

3) Scout and Hunt
Natalia is a very powerful assassin during a 1v1 scenario, especially when the enemy is caught off guard. When enemy lanes are all pushed up, wait patiently in the bush for the enemy to show up to clear the minion wave. Do not engage immediately as enemy reinforcements could be just behind. Look at the mini map. If the rest of the enemy team are on other lanes, and the enemy marksman or mage is alone, burst them down as quickly as possible before their team mates have time to react. If the enemies aren’t alone, just walk away. The enemy’s position provided to your team during your scouting is extremely valuable.

Skills Tips:
Since Natalia is not a Skill Oriented Hero, Skill Combos aren’t really Natalia’s strength. Instead, I’ll show you how to maximize the utilization of yourskills.
1) Wave Clear
As mentioned before, Dash forward through minions, land a few basic attacks, Dash backward, land a few more basic attacks to clean up the wave. Always remember to manually aim your dash. Otherwise, when using auto aim, you might dash right toward an enemy, or even into their tower.

2) Mind Games
The circle around you is the area in which enemies will be alerted of your presence with an exclamation mark ‘!’. If you don't want enemies to know you are around, don't let them touch the circle. As your surprise ambush attack is a very valuable asset to your team.

Note*: Natalia will not alert enemies when she is in the bush, even when the enemy is in the same bush. However, enemies will be alerted when they are in the bush, and you are not. So be very careful.

However, you can also use the alert sign to your advantage. Come out from a bush, have your Circle alert the enemy, and go back into the bush, you can do this a few times if you want to. Sometimes, the enemy will randomly use their skills to try to reveal your location. When that happens, you can now safely clear the lane knowing that the enemy has used their skills. This trick works better on Mages since Mages rely on their skills to deal damage. Once their skills are on cooldown, you can then Wave Clear without fear of taking too much damage in the exchange.

This trick also works in a team fight setting where you either bait enemy abilities to reveal you, or cause them to save their abilities for when you appear, making them hesitant to go all in during a team fight against your team (because they know that you are around somewhere).

However, make sure that you use this trick only in appropriate situations. This trick is better used against skill shot heroes, instead of AoE heroes. For example, Aurora's blast can be dodged easily, but Irithel's AoE roar will easily reveal you.

3) Dash Escape
When caught in a bad situation, do not dash away immediately. Instead, position yourself so that your first dash hits an enemy. This way, your second dash will be able to bring you much further.

4) Turret Dive
When enemy’s health is low, Dash under turret, Smoke Bomb, land a couple of Basic Attacks, then Dash out before the timer expires.
This is more of a reminder that during the early game, your dash deals a considerable amount of damage, and that Smoke Bomb also reduces a decent amount of damage from turret shots. Therefore, don’t be too afraid of engaging the enemy under their turret. Of course, you will need practice and experience to know the limits of Natalia’s capabilities. But once mastered, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

5) Back Stabbing
Also another reminder that you should always try to attack or engage the enemies from the back, as it will deal more damage.

ULT > Skill 1 > Skill 2
Eventhough Natalia’s Claw Dash and ULT don’t deal as much damage as other assassins (since Natalia relies more on Basic Attacks), do not underestimate the damage output of those two abilities, as they are really good for securing fleeing targets.


For easier jungling as well as stealing enemy’s jungle, preventing them from farming. Using retribution while in stealth will NOT remove your invisibility, and is therefore a really good way to steal jungle monsters. Just make sure the enemies aren’t aware of your presence. Otherwise, they will use their AoE abilities to reveal your position.

For burst damage especially during the early game. Inspire grants bonus Attack Speed and Armor Reduction, allowing for a lot of burst during quick ambushes. Having a 60 second cooldown also makes it a very viable Spell to take especially when playing in a team and ganking a lot.

Nimble Blade (sell late game)
For some extra Physical Damage when jungling. More importantly, the extra heal from killing jungle monsters provide very good sustain for Natalia to stay active on the map, instead of having to constantly recall.
For the extra movement speed and mobility.

This item does not provide any Physical Attack stats, but provides a decent amount of Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Mobility and Wave Clear, which makes it a very good early game item.
This item synergizes extremely well withBerserker’s Fury for Attack Speed and Crit Chance.

This item is the main source of Natalia’s Damage as it provides increased Critical Damage as well as Crit Chance.

Since Natalia doesn’t take damage from Basic Attacks when in Smoke Bomb, I take Endless Battle (instead of Haas Claws) mainly for the mobility stats. The true damage passive is also a good added bonus.
The highest lifesteal item in game. Also, this item is much cheaper than Endless Battle.

Bladeof Despair
Damage. Just pure damage.

For surviving burst damage especially from Mages, or when being caught off-guard such as being ULTed by Saber.

To counter high lifesteal heroes such as Miya, Alucard, Roger, Zilong, etc.

For penetration against tanks. NOT A PRIORITY ITEM, since Natalia should be focusing on the enemy’s back line, such as Marksman and Mages.

Main Build: Roamer Build
Rapid Boots > Berserker's Fury > Windtalker > Endless Battle > Scarlet Phantom > Blade of Despair
Alternative Build: Damage Build
Swift Boots > Berserker's Fury > Scarlet Phantom > Haas Claws > Windtalker > Blade of Despair

Jungle Emblem is by far the best for Natalia since it provides Attack Speed and 4% Movement Speed, but it doesn't have Penetration.Physical Assassin is another alternative as it provides Penetration, but only provides 2% Movement Speed, and doesn't have Attack Speed.
1. The mobility stats from Rapid Boots allow for easier roaming, split pushing, and ganking.
2. Since your attack speed early game is still quite weak, building Berserker’s Fury early game is to allow for the few hits you’re able to land hurt much more, as well as provide more damage to your Claw Dash and Ultimate.
3. I get Windtalker instead of Scarlet Phantom as third item since it provides more mobility stats. The same goes for why I usually prioritize Endless Battle over Haas Claws.
4. All the extra mobility from Rapid Boots, Windtalker and Endless Battle makes it extremely easy to roam across the map, either to split push to gank, or even just to scout.
5. Scarlet Phantom synergizes extremely well with Berserker’s Fury for both Attack Speed and Critical Chance.
6. And finally Blade of Despair for more damage output.
7. I switch an item to Immortality or Rose Gold Meteor during late game if enemy has a lot of burst. Occasionally, I also switch Endless Battle to Haas Claws during late game for the extra lifesteal, particularly when enemy has AD Heroes, and I don't need as much mobility since I won’t be roaming that much anymore. But it still depends, sometimes the extra mobility comes in handy during a messy and chaotic team fight.

Alternative Play styles
1. If you want more damage earlier on, you can take Haas Claws instead of Endless Battle, since Haas Claws is much cheaper than Endless Battle. The same goes for taking Scarlet Phantom instead of Windtalker first.
2. There are generally two playstyles:
Roamer Natalia: Rapid Boots, Windtalker, Endless Battle (still using Jungle Emblem, don't get confused) - This build provides more mobility, but less early damage
Damage Natalia: Swift Boots, Scarlet Phantom, Haas Claws - This build provides more early damage, but less mobility
3. I usually play Roamer Natalia. But when I am solo Laning against another assassin, I usually play Damage Natalia since I won't be roaming much, so the earlier damage allows me to have the upper hand in terms of damage against my enemy.
Of course, you guys aren't bound to these two play styles, you can mix and match both of them, finding the perfect balance to suit your own playstyle.

Any Tank, especially those with better AoE CC
Ruby, Gatotkaca
- For tanking damage and to control the enemies while Natalia bursts them down.

Saber, Chou, Cyclops
- Saber and Chou can stun the target or Cyclops can root the target, while Natalia follows up with a 2 second silence, making it a very deadly combo for hunting down unsuspecting targets. Also, since Saber and Natalia are both assassins, Chou is a mobile fighter and Cyclops is a mobile mage, they can roam together effectively.

- Having two split pushers on a team will put intense lane pressure on the enemy, causing them to be constantly busy with clearing minion waves and be unable to push turrets or secure objectives such as Lord. This is a very powerful mid-game strategy, but very risky during late game as both Hayabusa and Natalia do not have much team fight presence.

- Harley will burst squishy heroes to low HP, and when they go into bush to recall, Natalia can then go in to finish the job.

Layla, Clint (Marksman in general)
- Marksmen in general are food for Natalia, except Miya as she has an ULT that works as a Purify from Natalia’s Silence. And Irithel, since Irithel's AoE skill as well as Basic Attacks during ULT is AoE, which reveals Natalia easily.
Gord, Aurora, Eudora (Mages in general)
- Low mobility mages are also easy targets because they do not have any escape mechanisms aside from Flicker.
Lancelot (yes, you heard me right)
- Lancelot is a very hard hero to counter. Natalia is a decent counter to Lancelot because Lancelot's skills are skillshots, which means that it can be dodged since Lancelot cannot see Natalia when she is stealth mode. Hero Lock ULTs such as Saber and Haya on the other hand, counters Natalia, which we'll talk briefly about later.
In laning phase, while in stealth mode, make sure you dodge Lancelot's Triangle of Death when he uses it to clear waves, then approach from behind or from the side and silence him and burst him as fast as possible. During the Smoke Bomb duration, Lancelot is vulnerable and is quite squishy. If he is still alive after Silence fades, use your Skill 1 Dash to dodge Lancelot's Skillshots / Dashes, then continue Auto Attacking him if possible, if not, then run into a bush, silence him again and repeat. It is still quite hard to counter Lance, but it IS POSSIBLE.

Zilong, Ruby
- Heroes with displacement abilities can pull Natalia out of her Smoke Bomb and crush her easily.
Yi Sun-Shin
-  Yi Sun-Shin’s Ultimate can reveal Natalia from time to time, not only removing her invisibility during crucial team fights, but also constantly alerting the team of Natalia’s current position, providing the team insight on Natalia’s roaming path.
- When Natalia is near teammates, Hayabusa’s ULT will be able to damage Natalia (while ULTing Natalia’s nearby teammates), therefore removing invisibility. Hayabusa's Quad Shadow can also hit and reveal Natalia
- Saber’s ULT can lock Natalia down, allowing for his teammates to follow up on the kill. Saber’s Flying Swords also create a wide zone that temporarily prevents Natalia from coming close without being revealed. However, that said, a good Natalia can still beat Saber in a 1v1 during the laning phase. This is because Natalia has sustain damage, while Saber only has a small window of burst damage.
- Has AoE damage that reveals Natalia, as well as Natalia being unable to land Basic Attacks on Fanny as Fanny is always moving around.
Freya- In a team fight setting, Freya's Orbs can reveal Natalia even in stealth mode, and with Freya's AoE skills (including ULT) as well as AoE basic attack during ULT, Natalia can be revealed quite easily. So be careful when fighting Freya. However, if you manage to get in a silence and SmokeBomb first, then it's a different story. All in all be careful of Freya.

Despite the many possible counters to Natalia, she is still a very strong hero when played well. The mere fact that she is invisible will cause these heroes, especially Saber to save their abilities just to catch Natalia. This means that, in a team fight setting, the enemy will not go all in during an engage, fearing that a Natalia might ambush their back line heroes.

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A very helpful Guide! I will try the Mind Games trick later HAHAHA because im new on playing Natalia. Thanks for the Tips and Tricks.


Haha just make sure you are careful, the Mind Tricks could backfire if the enemy actually reveals you >_< So, just becareful. You could even alert them several times, then go split push XD  Post time 2017-11-3 12:29 PM
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Nice guide, but can you add Freya as special case. I know freya easily counter by the smoke but she most of the time cannot be silenced cause her passive always hit before natalia hit her.


Thanks, added it in <3  Post time 2017-11-17 10:28 PM
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Nice guide,  I main natalia by the way.


Thankieeww <3  Post time 2017-11-24 10:14 AM
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