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Author: LancelORD
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[Request] Lancelot need buff! Not nerf

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Post time 2017-11-3 11:03 AM | Show all posts
Nerf Lancelot until he's only wearing underwear in the game. That's true nerf. #NoHomo
Post time 2017-11-3 11:49 AM | Show all posts
Noob spotted
Post time 2017-11-3 12:07 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
he dies way too easily? try using grock or akai, or loita or gatotkaca etc.. other assassins can survive 1 vs 5? a good timing make it possible.. he got no escape skill?? is this a joke?? hahaha
Post time 2017-11-3 12:37 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
iFaust replied at 2017-11-3 01:52 AM
Not sure if a troll or just someone who lacks knowledge.

I'm not even going to bother. lol

I sense his lack of knowledge is very disturbing
Post time 2017-11-3 01:57 PM | Show all posts
This is the first time I am reading on a request for Lancelot buff. LOL.
Post time 2017-11-3 02:53 PM | Show all posts
I'm sure this is a kid from low elos. He should be nerfed. His CC immunity during his 2nd skill casting should be removed like how Hayabusa, Chou, Natalia, Lolita, Karina, and other heroes with immunity from CC got removed.
Post time 2017-11-3 05:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
lol,I think this hero is to OP
 Author| Post time 2017-11-3 06:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-8 04:25 PM

I don't appreciate the insulting I'm getting. Just because I suggest Lancelot need buff? That shud be a good thing for everyone

Vymonchyyy replied at 2017-11-3 12:07 PM
he dies way too easily? try using grock or akai, or loita or gatotkaca etc.. other assassins can sur ...

He does not have escape skill. His 2nd skill is just some triangle thing that does damage and maybe immune to some skills but there is a CD to it so it's not a escape skill. but his Ulti is his only escape skill which is joke. Ulti shud be damage dealing skill not escape skill that dash so far. His first skill can only dash 2 times and short distance

And I'm suggesting to buff his durability.. Not his damage omg chill
Post time 2017-11-3 06:13 PM | Show all posts
If the devs really buff his durability, the game will not be playable. Further, please do keep in mind he is an ASSASSIN. Since when in the game are assassins durable? If you are looking for a durable hero, then I suggest you play the tank role in your game.

Lancelot is alright for this meta now. I don't think anything needs to be done to him.
Post time 2017-11-3 06:15 PM | Show all posts
he need nerf, maybe increase the cd of his skill
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