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[Official Forum Event] MLBB all Hero guides collecting Timekeeper - Digger

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tanker Build
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Id: 13371522
Server: 2015
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User name:「ĎĶ」l o r d
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  • Hero that can not die is very useful when given the following items and can be the best support hero in the game.Hero who can not die is arguably would be the best support hero in Mobile Legends later when he was present at the official server. Digger can be pretty cheat because many items with passive effects still work in egg form. When respawn, it will appear in the location where the egg is located and come with HP and Mana full. All of his skills also have a good control plus the ultimate effect that makes his team-mates immune to any kind of control effect.To take advantage of both life-time and egg-shaped roles, Digger would be well-suited for the following items to support team performance.1. Cursed HelmetMobile Legends Guide: Best Digger Build, So Best Support In The Game.Maybe you are wondering why Cursed Helmet? When it dies, Digger can not be targeted by enemy heroes but the unique passive effect of this item still works and gives 1.5% max HP damage as magic damage. If there is a dying hero and his HP is below 10%, a dead Digger can still kill enemy heroes.2. Magic ShoesMobile Legends Guide: Best Digger Build, So Best Support In The GameIn order to use his skills more often, Magic Shoes is the best item movement option in this build. Cooldown reduction of 10% is equivalent to other cooldown-lowering items. If you are more concerned with gold when it becomes egg, you can replace it with the Boots Wizard.3. Ice Queen WandMobile Legends Guide: Best Digger Build, So Best Support In The GameAlmost the same as Cursed Helmet, the slow effect of Ice Queen Wand still works even though it is in egg form. The slow effect of 15% is very useful to prevent enemy heroes from escaping and exposed to damage from Cursed Helmet.4. Holy AegisMobile Legends Guide: Best Digger Build, So Best Support In The GameSource: in-game screenshotsJust like the others, Holy Aegis or more familiar with the name of Dominance Ice still gives the slow effect when it becomes egg. While still alive, a number of armor and Mana given this item make Digger even harder. Cooldown reduction from the passive effect of this item is also very useful for reducing the old ultimate cooldown.5. Courage BulwarkMobile Legends Guide: Best Digger Build, So Best Support In The GameSource: in-game screenshotsCourage Bulwark is the best support item in the game. The passive effect of this item provides an additional 10% attack power and defense to all teammates. In addition, your minions can also generate more damage to Turret. This effect works well in life and into eggs6. Disaster TruncheonMobile Legends Guide: Best Digger Build, So Best Support In The GameAlthough the meta mage is getting a little faded, Disaster Truncheon is still useful to support your friend's hero mage. An enemy magic resistance reduction of 25 is very useful for generating more damage than Cursed Helmet.That was the first Digger support build this time. Good luck and greeting +1 stars!                                           And this my ID : 40030792        Server : 2064                                  IGN : Bagasara02

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IGN: NSC_Edward
ID: 37169086
Server: 2057
Division: Legend

What are Diggers capabilities? Is he strong enough to change the tide in teamfights? Can he carry? All those questions will be answered in this GUIDE so keep on reading and start Pwning.
Digger the Timekeeper is excellent for teamfights, with his insane CrowdControl I think digger will be very popular for support players. He can stun and give allies a shield. Also his passive makes death reverse and you’ll turn into an egg that still gains XP and Gold!

First skill:          Digger throws a bomb with a timer around it, when the timer is conpletely gone the bomb will STUN all enemies/minions and deal a decent amount of Magic Damage. If you choose to detonate the bomb early, it won’t stun (only if you time is perfectly) but just deal magic damage.

Second Skill:       Digger locks an enemy to the ground, if the enemy leaves or stays long enough in the area, the enemy will be pulled to the middle of the circle. An amazing skill to counter Harley, Kagura, Lancelot and Fanny.

Ultimate:              Digger gets surrounded by an area which gives allies and itself a shield and a short duration of Purify (deletes all negative crowd control affects and other harmfull spells)

Digger’s passive skill will reverse death and make him an egg, he will still be able to spy on enemies and deal a very low amount of DAMAGE.


So first of all, Digger is a SUPPORT hero so your main objective is to keep your allies alive and disable the enemies with a lot of movement speed.
For me Digger is working perfect and the bird got me to Legend Division in no-time. I do recommend to play Digger with a team because you won’t be able to carry a losing team (most of the time at least).

Get yourself in lane with either an ADC (Marksman) or Mage to ensure KILLS. Use your second skill first followed by your bomb. If you place the bomb first and then shackle your opponent makes the bomb go off in a perfect time but this method won’t work 100%. I’m using the shackle (2nd spell) first to make sure my allies can lock on, followed by the bomb for a stun and some damage. And if they come in with a gank I’m using the Healing Spell (Battle Spell) followed by my Ulti. This trick will get your allies to safety and makes the enemy team lose their Skills by Cooldown.

Playing Diggie in the beginning can get a little bit hard, but like everything in life, with a little practise you get better and better.
I found that Diggie works well with Zhask, Karina, Saber and Harley. But also Heroes like Alpha can achieve a lot of kills working with Diggie by his side.

To pick Digger you need at least a Mage/Tank in your team to fully work but obviously a well balanced team with every role in it works best.
Only pick Diggie if you have a little trust in your team, because you won’t deal enough damage to kill the opponents without any help.
A trio premade team works best in my opinion.

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*Role                   : Support
*Specialty           :CrownControl/Cost
*Cost                   : Bp.24.000
-Summary about Digger:
            Digger one ofhero support in Mobile Legend which is very helpful in a team. because one ofthese heroes is quite ngeselin in the game and make some players kesel in agame, because he has skil-skil that is quite helpful in the team.
-Skil Skil Digger:
*Passive: [Young Again]
Time will reverse after death and Diggie will become an egg, the movement willbe possible and Digger will receive all new chick Abilities. The egg formcannot be targeted, after a period of time, Digger will revive.
* 1st Skill(Time Bomb)

In this first skildigger will throw a bomb that is useful to slow down the enemy and if the bombwas already big he will pull out the stun and also his damage quite large.
*2 ndSkill (Reverse Time)
In the 2nd skill isuseful to attract enemies who try to escape and return to the place, this skillis very helpful for the team.
*Ultimed (Time Journey)
maxresdefault.jpg file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image006.jpg
This skill is helpfulin the team, because if diggie issued ultimed stun dtun who want to lead to himor to his friend will be automatic neutral
* Additional Skill (egg mode)

Ifdiggie die he will not get lost in the battle tetepi tetepi he will turn intoan egg, he will make people who want to recall to be difficult and also heuseful to know where mush was (spy), kind of digie skill if he turned intoeggs:
-1st    disdain
-2nd    egg dance
-3rd    Victorry players

*Item recommended
Here I wear 35 Couldown, because diggie musthave lots of canown for his skill skills
* Item 1: in this itemI wear it if the enemy hero has a hero hero who will definitely lock me anexample: akai, ilong, etc.
* Item 2: in this itemI wear to strengthen me and also team
IGN    : Nyannyan Kamen
ID       : 33374363 (2046)
Rank  : Legend 1

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Digger Build, Skill, Ability, Price, Suitable Set of Emblems, Tips To Use It


Digger is a type of hero support, so the use of a build that suits him is the type of gear that goes into the magic category, and also inserted with the type of gear defense to become HP digger amplifier to not be easily eliminated enemy.

Here's a recommendation of the Build Digger type:

  • Enchanted Talisman : Pasif untuk +50 magic power, +250 HP, +20% cooldown reduction
  • Winter Truncheon : Pasif untuk +60 magic power, +50 armor
  • Magic Shoes : Pasif untuk +10% cooldown reduction, dan keunikan +40 movement speed
  • Clock of Destiny : Pasif untuk +60 magic power, +615 HP, +600 mana
  • Blood Wings : Pasif Untuk +150 magic power, +150 HP
  • Ancient Ghostatue : Pasif Untuk +920 HP, +70 HP regen, +5% cooldown reduction


This is unique from Digger hero, where skill - skill possessed by him, is a skill - skill which is very useful in case of war fighting

But what I think is most unique is his passive skill, which sskill can make Digger stay in battle, even when he is being killed.

For more details are as follows:

Young Again (passive): After death, time will reverse and Digger will become egg, the egg can move, and Digger will get skill of chicken, then when in egg form, Digger can not be attacked. He will return to his normal form when his waiting time of death has been exhausted

Time Bomb: Throw a clock alarm towards the target, it will explode after the specified time, give 300 points of magical power damage in the stun area for 1.2 seconds, damage increases with the length of the alarm set (during alarm set, tap again to detonate the bomb, if the bomb is detonated before 2 seconds, the bomb will only give slow instead of stun)

Reverse Time: Locking the target gives 10 points of magical power damage, 4 seconds later the target will be drawn back to the specified location, giving 150 points of magical power damage. If the enemy wants to get out, then they will immediately drawn back to the location of the circle and hit damage.

Time Journey: For 2.5 seconds friends around will be immune to Crowd Control. During this skill, friends around will get a shield for 5 seconds.


In terms of using good ability to be paired with hero Digger this is just one, that is Flicker


For those of you who have bought Lancelot, I think it will take a long time again before you later can try to feel using this Digger hero.

Yes the reason is that of the Diggie hero price this is equivalent to the Lancelot hero, which is 32,000 battle points, or the equivalent of 599 diamond


Since Buildya itself is the focus on the use of gear magic, then for the appropriate set of emblems, of course the best paired with the Digger is the Magic Emblem Set.


The use of hero support is quite difficult - the hard way is, where it will be as the main target of enemy heroes, especially the enemy assassins, then easy is the most protected hero in a team.

Because it already feels safely protected, then of course it makes hero support more prioritized.

And to further maximize the use of this Digger hero, then I will also give you a few tips that might be useful if you use the Digger hero later.

Do not Solo

Always Find a Fit Position

Use Combo Digger 2 - 1

1. Do not Solo

For this first, you certainly know for sure that hero support is totally unsuitable for walking alone.

The cause?

Surely it is because he will not be able to overcome the enemy in a state alone.

2. Always Find a Fit Position

Placement, that's what's really important for hero support, where if you're good when using hero support is in a place protected by your teammates.

That way, then the function of the use of hero support in a team will be more pronounced.

3. Use Combo Digger 2- 1

Digger's combo is fairly simple, where first you have to do is use skill 2 and make the enemy trapped inside the circle, then then sebellum skill 2 ends, immediately continue by using skill 1 to the same target with skill 2 earlier. That way, then (if successful) the enemy will definitely be affected by 1 Digger damage skill.


Well that's a little discussion about the latest Hero Mobile Legends Support Digger.

Guide: ♡ Diggie Starter Guide ♡
ID: 50758902
Server: 2083
Rank: Grandmaster


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Peran: Dukungan Khusus: Kontrol massa / Biaya Poke : 24000 Poin Pertempuran / 499 Berlian Latar belakang Cerita Para ilmuwan dan pemikir dari seluruh dunia berkumpul di kota antoinerei Di sinilah tempat diggie yang biasa diabaikan. Banyak yang tidak memberi gambaran kedua untuk diggie karena bingkai kecilnya, sampai mereka menemukan penelitiannya dalam chronoscience. Diggie menyukai jam, dia percaya bahwa di dalam mainan mec mekanis mungil ini masih banyak yang belum ditemukan rahasia. Padahal penggunaan waktunya Doggie terbaik bisa mengendalikan arus waktu.

Dia juga bisa mengacaukan teman-temannya dari belenggu fisik waktu, membawa mereka bersamanya. Hati-hati meskipun, karena jika Anda marah padanya, bersiaplah untuk merasakan 'Bom Waktu'!


Pasif: [Muda Lagi]
Waktu akan berbalik setelah kematian dan Diggie akan menjadi telur, gerakannya akan mungkin terjadi dan Digger akan menerima semua kemampuan cewek baru. Bentuk telur tidak bisa ditargetkan, setelah jangka waktu tertentu, Digger akan menghidupkan kembali.

1st: [Time Bomb]
Cooldown: 8.0
Mana biaya: 70
Melemparkan jam alarm ke arah yang ditargetkan, akan meledak setelah sejumlah waktu X, menangani kerusakan magis X di area dan berjemur, timbangan timbangan dengan waktu kutu (saat berdetik, ketuk lagi untuk segera meledakkan bom, jika bomnya Diledakkan awal, itu hanya akan melambat bukan menakjubkan).

2: [Waktu Reverse]
Pendinginan: 15.0
Mana biaya: 90
Kunci ke sasaran menangani kerusakan magis dan melambat, kemudian target akan ditarik kembali ke lokasi yang ditetapkan dan menangani kerusakan magis X. Jika musuh terlalu jauh, mereka akan segera ditarik ke lokasi yang telah ditentukan dan rusak.

Ultimate: [Time Journey]
Cooldown: 60.0
Mana biaya: 130
Untuk periode waktu X, sekutu di sekitarnya akan kebal terhadap kontrol orang banyak. Selama casting, sekutu sekitarnya akan diberi perisai sementara.

Kecakapan Mode Telur:

1) Disdain
Menampilkan penghinaan pada musuh, menangani sejumlah kecil kerusakan pada musuh di sekitarnya sambil membiarkan kemarahan.

2nd) Egg Dance
Dengan senang hati menari-nari kampung halamannya, menangani sejumlah kecil musuh yang merusak dan memfokuskan mereka untuk tinggal dan menonton.

3) Doa Kemenangan
Gulung di tanah sambil berdoa agar basis musuh meledak dengan cepat, legenda mengatakan bahwa jenis tindakan ini memiliki tingkat keberhasilan 0%. Dukungan Saran Gear Build

Membangun ini berfokus pada mendapatkan FULL CDR sebesar 40% sehingga Anda bisa spam skill Anda saat mereka melakukan cooldown. Ini adalah pembuatan yang sangat efektif yang bekerja paling baik jika Anda tahu teman Anda dapat diandalkan karena kami berfokus terutama pada memberi aura dan mengganggu musuh. Item juga lebih murah dari yang lain sehingga ada harapan bagi Anda untuk mendapatkan semuanya jika permainan terus berlanjut.

IGN: Bagaskara02
Id: 81450984
Server: 2150
Peringkat: GrandMaster 1


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