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Author: MasterZeR0
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[Talk With Developer] Developer Update: Hero Balance Changes

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Post time 2017-11-9 08:56 AM | Show all posts
Dont fix something that is not broken.... As for Lancelot the only useful skill he has is his 2nd skill maybe adding more cd wil be sufficient but nerfing its dmg is a no no. Why make an assassin that has low damage?

Cyclops was already nerfed the +6-7sec on his 3rd skill + the reduce movement speed is enough and now your reducing his 2nd skill? where do you get the logic devs???
Post time 2017-11-9 09:00 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
What's wrong with Cyclops?  Plenty much hero still can easily kill him. Cyclops can become over power if there is much gap in level and the gear(gold),  it can be happen if the player really good. But for beginner - moderate player Cyclops is food. So,  there is no reason to nerf it. Unless the real reason to nerf if because most player still find cyclops efficient to use then other mage,  so most player think dont need to buy new hero esp.  Mage.  
Post time 2017-11-9 09:13 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-1 12:01 PM

Why isn’t fanny getting nerfed anymore that’s bs this character when hit with petrify can still cable away that needs to be fixed same for when she gets hexed by nana, can rappel away fanny is the only one at lvl 2 can kill players in their lanes easy cable bursting in corners like a retard and her dmg is to good she needs to be hit with a nerf very bad this is bull man

Nerf fanny to shit man I’m sorry fo the profanity but her abuse on lanes needs to stop is incredibly annoying fighting this character fighting this character alone is a horror you can’t solo like wtf isn’t she an assassin but can kill a whole team without trying nerf her  
Post time 2017-11-9 09:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi, this is too much for cyclops. Ive been using it when he havent nerf and i agree its overpower. But when he was nerfed I agree that he became a balance hero. When i use it its not a sure win anymore. Decreasing its movement speed is such a factor that made cyclops balance. Remember he is a mage. He is like a paper too. Its not cyclops fault if some users dont have the skill to kill a paper like hero. Its not balance anymore. I will stop playing cyclops now. Im in the top 4 local but whatever. It is so unfair. Then adjust kagura too.
Post time 2017-11-9 09:55 AM | Show all posts
I hope AOV can offer a program that transfer our BP or credit or number of heroes from MLBB to AOV.
The reason that why I still stay in MLBB is because of I lazy to start from beginning again.
I think this will no longer be my hesitation soon since MLBB dev team are formed by a group of idiot stupid and sohai.
Post time 2017-11-9 10:11 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Post time 2017-11-9 10:33 AM | Show all posts
SkyLai replied at 2017-11-8 10:36 PM
Why the lancelot's 2nd skill damage reduced? It is normal for the people who are skillful to play wi ...

An unskilled player vs a skilled player using the same hero will have different result. But this doesnt justify that the hero doesnt need an adjustment. Hero adjustment are never based on player's skill
Post time 2017-11-9 12:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Stupid update lol, 3 hero above is strong because they have solo lane gameplay. All solo laners will strong, because they takes minion and monster by alone so their level and gold will growing fast, fanny is insane because she is the most difficult hero, i think her damage is a worth as most difficult hero.
Post time 2017-11-9 12:30 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-1 12:04 PM

If u played fanny u will realise if there is a  cooldown on her rope, it will be even harder to play when it is already the hardest hero to play. At the same time it is very difficult to do a double rope with a cooldown on her skill. So ur suggestion is rlly difficult to be executed. It is not overpowered, it just have a high skill cap. Stuns do work when she is flying. It is just that she will not stop flying because of the stun will not stop the rope that had already been done before the stun. Fanny also have a lot of counters.So as long as u position urself well,take note of how much energy she have,dun overextend and counter her properly she cannot be much of a threat.

Btw u can do a lot of combos to counter fanny. For example if u are playing nana, u must wait till fanny rope is ending then use ur transformation and also save ur transformation for fanny. For akai ur ulti can  be used to protect ur carry or to punish fanny when she overextends(btw this happens a lot). Zi long spear flip will also stop fanny from roping or natalia's silence and for the mages if u have a stun just wait till the rope is about to end then stun her followed by a fast gang it will easily kill fanny

Franco can also ulti first then use ur hook this way it will be harder to miss and ur stun will work for at least 1/2s enought for the mm to kill her or mage to do a follow up stun
Post time 2017-11-9 01:07 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
tanga °°°°a!! napaka b0b0 ng developer nsa kakampi mo na dn yan b0b0!! kung malakas hero mo tpos kakampi mo puro nmn pa feed wla dn kwenta lakas mo pag team fight na.. tsaka nirerekla mo nyo ung ka cyclops napaka unfair nyo b0b0 ba kau ehh sa mabilis mag pataba at mag farm ung gumagamit??? anu mgagawa nui at eto pang kab0b0han nyo lalakas tlga cyclops na klaban nyo kung napakahina nyong opponent tanga tlga kau nu??!!! ibalik nui nlng sa date pota anu nlng pahinain nui nlng lhat ng hero ang laban lng nmn kc dyn ehh unahan sa pag pa item kung nahuli kna sa item wla dn cyclops mo at tska kaya mlakas attack nun kc malambot lng sya pag nag combat na ng melee hay naku kau nmang develoler mga utak isda nman kau !!!
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