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Author: MasterZeR0
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[Talk With Developer] Developer Update: Hero Balance Changes

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Post time 2017-11-8 11:41 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
So Fanny is 1st ban nearly every ranked game and you guys think ... "uhhhh yeah she's good for now"...?  Really.
Post time 2017-11-8 11:41 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
U guys's update on cyclops made always being reported.. F u for changing cyclops..!! Ur update on cyclops is so damn suckss.. Kiss my ass u piece of syhit
Post time 2017-11-8 11:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Better to focus on dead hero, instead of nerfing a hero. I think you will lose players if this continue. Players that dedicated to that hero's must be disappointed. Like me. Its too hard for us too master difficult hero, what will i gain? Nerf?
Post time 2017-11-8 11:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Adrianne at 2017-11-8 11:51 PM

i disagree to the cyclops changes.. his 2nd skill is his main  1v1 weapon and it's possible to escape from that actually... cyclops is balanced.. nothing needs to be changed about him
Lancelot just needs a CD reduction on his 2nd skill. Other than that, he can be countered if you use strategies.

Fanny was never OP until you decided to "rework" her passive and buff her for teamfights. That was bound to increase the number of complaints about her. To me, revert her back to her old passive and regen speed. Or don't touch her at all.

Overall, I'm fully against nerfing heroes. Just Buffing them
Post time 2017-11-8 11:48 PM | Show all posts
dont worry they will end up buffing fanny instead
she was fine before argus update  
Post time 2017-11-8 11:48 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IDK wtf is in u guys's mind.. So, stupid oo.. U already released the fccking hero but the at some point try to adjust the skills & all of everything.. U should do more research before releasing a new hero dumbass stupid moron u MOFO.. Otherwise u'll have to do a some stupid & ridiculous adjustment on the here which will make people like me pissed of.!! Stupid moron motherfuckers.. I spent my money on this u better make u useless worthless fccking brain work u piece of shyit..!! Fcck I hate ur update on cyclops!! Fcck u all..!! & now I have to practice other new hero. U guys really r a fccking stupid developers..!! Fcck I really hate this update..!!
Post time 2017-11-8 11:51 PM | Show all posts
delusionist replied at 2017-11-8 07:31 PM
The issue with fanny is if the player can accurately proc the tornado strike everytime they use stee ...

thumbs up for this
devs take notes
Post time 2017-11-8 11:55 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
The thing about fanny is her tornado strike deals a big amount of damage, have you ever think to reduce its damage since her stamina will regenerate faster as she hitting the target?. Uh-oh but yeah can you make lancelot's 2nd skill isn't invulnerable just like chou's ultimate? He's the terrible one in the match
Post time 2017-11-8 11:58 PM | Show all posts
cyclops doesn't even have aoe except for his 1st skil that does measly damage. why the f*ck are you gonna touch his 2nd skill? it's cyclops' bread and butter. good job for killing a hero that's pretty balanced for a mage.
Post time 2017-11-9 12:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
When certain heroes aka fanny and lanelot are banned nearly every ranked game it's saying something, it's not because people just don't want to face then it's because they are stronger than other heroes, people complain about them being nerfed need to grow up and learn to adapt, everyone know lance can deal to much damage with all his immunity, and fanny has always been overpowered in professional hands, but just because a character is hard to learn does not mean they need to be stronger than other characters that's just dumb, I do agree though that cyclops does not need a nerf in any way
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