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[Share] [A MUST READ] Diggie ULT that can purify any CC heroes!

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Hello everyone! ^^

As you all know (not really), im a mage and support user since early 2017 when i played ML Bang Bang boom but since Diggie got released, oh boy oh boy i must say he is super duper fun to use! And he is freakin' reliable as a support so stop with the "No diggie" or whatsoever cause he is effin' useful! He has his own CC skill AND also an anti CC which is AOE woaaaah!!

So anw, im making this thread just to tell you all about the importance of his ULT.

1. His ult can be used even when you got CCed by enemy. You know when u got CCed by enemy, you cant move and use any skill but Diggie can use his ult no matter how many enemies CCed you all a once!

2. Before i explain or tell about which heroes are the best to counter with his ULT, i want to tell that his ULT CANNOT lift an active skill such as Harley's ult and Vexana's ult.

3. Okay so the best part. Countering the most annoying heroes with CC. Yassss!

-You know Kagura? Yes her, the beautiful flower umbrella girl that i main also. Her ULT can be wiped out (countered) by Diggie's ULT! Yesss he can! Enemy Kagura throws umbrella, then wooosh laser coming out from her umbrella linking to your team, you press ult then BAM her ult is gone. This is actually amazed me the first time i knew it since Diggie was released (but didnt have time to make this thread to tell hehe)

-Akai! Yes the cute akai! His ult can be countered as well. Akai uses his ult and spins around to push your team and you? Use your ult and Akai spinning will only pass through your team and you also! Poor akai :'(

-Natalia! Oh the annoying silence from her? Yasss you can purify that too. So if natalia silence diggie what happen? Your 1st and 2nd skills cannot be used but ult? You can! When she silence you, you can immediately purify it. You can also purify your friend who got silenced also especially you are laning with a hero that is Natalia's easy target like mage or mm

-Saber! Annoyed by his ult in the air? Purify with diggie's ult! Same goes with Zilong's annoying flip

-Aurora. FREEZE! Yup, no more freeze for you thanks to Diggie

-Chou and Zilong CC too

4. Ok so i already mention some heroes that has most annoying CC. Now, Diggie's ult works BEFORE or DURING the enemy CC. So if u use the ult early, then the enemy CC you for example Saber, he will do the ult animation but you or your friend wont get CCed but only receive the damage from Saber's ult. This goes the same with other heroes' CC.

5. This is important, USE YOUR ULT NEAR YOUR TEAM. To make his ult useful to your team, make sure you are near your team when pressing the ult. IF you use ult but your friend is not in the ult area, he wont get the immunity and shield even if you go near to him after u use ur ult.

Some tips:
- Save your ult for real danger situation. Either save it until enemy use CC skill especially AOE CC skill like Akai, Kagura, Tigreal and Aurora's ult and whoever has AOE CC skill or save it to save your friend who has low health and need to fall back so you can give him shield to prevent any damage killing him.

-Enemy tower diving? Use ur 2nd skill to drag them back and use 1st skill while 2nd skill is not triggered yet to stun them (if timed correctly) this is good to counter fanny too cause when she tower dive you can grab her back with your 2nd skill just to annoy her.

-Diggie's ult is not just for anti CC but remember it has shield. So you can also use it to add defense to your team and trust me, the shield is so good. Seriously.

-Pair up with an adc hero like Zilong or Roger cause with diggie's 2nd skill and ult, its a sure kill especially when you combo with Zilong's flip.

-When in egg form, the new update wont let you damage minions and cant use cursed helmet to damage enemy. But using the skills will still let you give 5 true damage to enemy so in egg form, if you have long time to resurrect, use it to scout enemy at bushes nearby your team, or prevent enemy from recalling. This is useful when your team is pushing the enemy base but the enemy is far away. Spam diggie egg form skills to prevent enemy from recalling. This will waste their time walking to their base while giving time for your team to push.

-And also in egg form, Diggie can still receive gold when nearby minions or heroes killed, so if your team is farming, you can just follow them to get gold so u wont left behind in terms of gold.

Ok guys. Thats all from me. If you have any tips please comment down below. I will share more info if i can remember some. Enjoy! ^^
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