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[Ranking Tips] To all selfish main fanny players.

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Post time 2017-11-23 12:09 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Everyone listen here forum.

Well, i read a lot thread about #SaveFanny. Well. It will not work out anymore, here i will explain reasons why. Do you know how op she is? Compared to most assassins. Twice you think before you complain about nerfed Fanny.

Top players and pro fanny players abusive her capable and cause her unbalanced, look how they managed Fanny escaping so quickly and she can do 1 vs 5 in pro hand. She is an killing machine and not assassin, today now new patch Fanny is truly assassin because her role is just finishing off enemy and chasing enemy as well. She isnt designed for wall spamming and killing a lot enemies is not true assassin. Assassin role is to finish off enemy with low hp since they are op damage but squishy compared to most fighters are durable with decent damage. Compare to Hayabusa, Saber, Natalia, Karina and Lancelot have limited escape skills and their range to escape unfair Fanny can flying off to base easily. Most assassin couldnt do that and cannot spam skills to get 1,2,3,4,5 kills. Their job to finish enemies off after teammate fight them.


1. They even cannot play another heroes and underrated team since there always need team composition so you have to learn and play ALL heroes. There many heroes is good here even i can play Alpha very well and get triple kills with properly position and build items.

2. They are just trained hard Fanny for ranked climbing and to carry team? Answer is NO. You will sure lose because a lot fanny doesnt match team composition always, you have to adjust and pick right heroes to fit team composition will sure you have easy to carry. You selfish.

3. Selfish fanny user is only using Fanny on purpose to gain a lot stars and rank up to proud and boastful their show off ranked. Game is just game to enjoy and fun. Ranked doesnt matter what you think if u meet pro players in low elo ranked and u saw their stats is most classic and brawl. Wow?

4. Most fanny users are advantage of fanny wide capable and disadvantage of most assassin's capable. Then you have to train urself to other assassin and let me see how you handle assassins. Fanny is not difficult hero, it is simple you to have fast finger and just look map where cable are going to reach.

Looking assassin skills and potential.

Hayabusa is true assassin because his ulti will finishing off enemies with low hp especially 1 vs 1 without minions. He is king of solo. Well his second skill escape is limited well so u have to practice and good timing to use his skills or else u will get cced and killed by enemies if u dont use second skill then ulti and escape.
Saber is also assassin/disabler since his ulti is to flying and slashing enemy for 2 seconds is let team to finishing them off OR team fight them then low hp and saber using ulti as well. His second skill is short range of charge dash.
Natalia and Lancelot have similar first skill to escape twice lucky if there minions so double using first skill, For Natalia her role is to attack enemies's mm and mages and roaming then push turrents. For lancelot, his role is to doing combo skills to kill enemies especially 1 vs 5 he is really poor because 5 will easily pick and caught lancelot since he is so squishy so he is best for 1 vs 1, he is weak basic skills so being dependent skills.
Karina is example assassin who clearing up and cleaning up finishing off enemy with low hp will reset her cooldown ulti. She should let her teammate to fighting enemies then karina will come and finishing off them, her first skill is just running when being chase so her skill will immune basic attacks only.

Do u understand what most assassins have?
Feel free comment here for your opinions and ideas

Post time 2017-11-23 07:07 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
so weak, ridiculous, and disgusting, you all fucking loser, always cry just because you got problem with some hero, after that you shout “ nerf this hero, nerf that hero “ come on asshole,, just put your phone and play with your toy or pet, this is game,, I dont realy care if some hero is over power, but trust me, using over power hero is not easy like you use zilong or alucard, that was I call balanced and equally, you just too weak when your enemy use fanny, and when you using fanny you can NOT control her, LOL , I am not fanny user and I always feel passion when I got enemy with fanny, but now, I feel boring becouse too easy to kill fanny,
Post time 2017-11-23 12:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I totally
Post time 2017-11-23 01:00 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Totally agree. Im tired and pissed off to some players complaining about her nerf. Do some adjustments please.
Post time 2017-11-23 01:23 PM | Show all posts
Even I am a moskov main, I adjust to pick some heroes just to win.
 Author| Post time 2017-11-23 01:34 PM | Show all posts
I also do that too. I often pick Akai, Grock, Eudora, Gord, Aurora and depend heroes to fit team composition.
Post time 2017-11-23 02:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I agree to what r u saying..even my main hero is fanny...what u say is true..
Post time 2017-11-23 04:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Especially the one who only use Fanny cause she's 'special' to the point of not wanting to use or try other heroes cause the others are too easy to use. Lol whats special is when u have good team composition people!!
Post time 2017-11-23 04:18 PM | Show all posts
when i saw the fanny can spam his skill on the wall, meanning she is not a difficult to use ady. if fanny difficult to use, why can easy spam the skill?? the nerf is good for her. and the fanny stat also has show full bar "difficult".

(sorry for my bad english)
Post time 2017-11-23 08:18 PM | Show all posts
RIP Fanny 2K17
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