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Hmmm You're here...

Now... By these curiosities... some of us gain knowledge... and others... just fail miserably...

Why is it?

Lack of research and understanding...

This post might offend you or hurt you along the way... by why is it that there are lots of people still falling to these schemes?

Let's get back to the topic... I am referring to those individuals who usually got scammed, lost their accounts, wasted their hard earn investments...

I can't blame others and these people though... but the word FREE really does gives us a *ching* in the back of our head...

"So why not? It's just a game, right? It's not like I wanna spend a penny to this game... might as well get these for free..."

That's what they said...

"The site looks legit... it even have [game name or anything that makes stupid people thinks it is legit or whatever] on the website and the game logo..."   *heavily rolling eyes going back and forth around my skull*

"Now, to make it more special, it is asking for my personal info and also my account details, to which my user/email and my password, so that they will be able to send it to the accurate person who will be receiving the gifts... Seems secured... Hopefully, only a few are claiming of these gifts so that I won't run out of stock..."

And give it a couple of days... they will notice that either some of their hard earned BP and/or WinRate suddenly goes down... worst if they have diamonds and was spent... left a couple of it behind... worst, their accounts have been unbinded and switched with another one... and the person who posted it or chatted with them... already blocked you... for some reasons...

If it was I, I won't block these people who gave their account info... I will just let them chat me or buzz me all they want... they were this stupid to fall for this scamming tactics...

Then they blame it to devs, CS, admins, moderators, game, company, their neighbors, their exes for not helping them... or why they were cursed or something... can't get their accounts back... asking help for the retrieval of their accounts... they want it so bad that they complain why the help they are asking, isn't really helpful... Why?

Protocol, processes, requirements, whatdacallitorsomething is needed for the retrieval of the account as part of the verification process of the account.

Here's the catch... they complain... Why again? (can you just direct to the point you cute deep-sheet)

One of the things that are mostly requested during these happenings is to unbind those accounts who were linked to their original ones because they were too foolish to fall into their trap... or perhaps retrieved it because everything was changed... and they lost it...

Now things get interesting from this stage... because they (the foolish ones) will be starting begging for account retrievals and crying their hearts out because of what happened... but as part of the process, there are information needed to be supplied in order to provide what is requested...

This is the Internet... anyone can be someone they wanted to be...

And information are required to complete the retrieval or unbinding of those unwanted linked accounts...

It is hard to remember what just happened yesterday... so much more to information that you didn't really take note of... but you can't blame it on us Mods, devs, CS, admins, game, company, your neighbors, your exes, it is just a security verification so that we can assure that the one requesting is the actual owner... and blame how worst this game handling their gamers... wtf?

It may be hard but do your best... in the first place, this won't be a hassle to both of our ends if you just didn't go into those foolish sites for free stuff... as if you can really get it that easily...

There are lots of ways to gain stuff legally... and besides, skins don't really make you a good player... nor increases Win Rate... it won't be called Skins for no reason... it is just for the appearance with a very tiny stat boost... it doesn't make you Pro for some reason...

So to make it short, avoid these click baits or something... Don't be foolish just because the word FREE is in that post... because that will make you cost a lot... not just money... but time and frustrations... also on our side...

Please be guided that we will only post with our FB Pages and Groups with Admins and/or individuals that are approved by Admins and Moderators to do such Give-aways for everyone... be vigilant to those suspicious sites and avoid it at all cost...

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Edited by chechenglin at 2017-12-10 04:38 AM

hey, problem solve to everyone. nothing is free in real life. if you don't have credit card, play for free. if you have credit card to spend. why would you need to give your pw to someone for more skin. if you want to have diamond . keep playing, no matter ai, custom, rank, brawl or classic. your skill and experience will keep evolving. turn on your stream, show people how skillful you are. make in game friends. have their interest in following you and eventually more and more will follow and donate to you. don't beg for diamond, followers, skins men... you are giving people opportunity to fool you.

the other part is for people who pay to win. seriously you ask for it when you pay other people to power level you. and end up getting scam. I know this message wont stop people doing these kind of stuff but be smart, bind your moonton account, dummy facebook account, dummy vk account and gamecenter/google play. that one when they unbind either one. the rest still can back you up.

best solution is weather you pay to play or free to play. ignore those messages that ask you to follow or ask you for game id.

also for mobile legends bang bang. the only place to login is through your device game. not website. developers and admin never need to ask you for password. they control the entire server. they know your password. so any other website that ask for login information and promise you free diamond is 100% fake. again no free diamonds, even if there is a video about it. its probably made from private server. and no one in the right mind would ever give you free gems

one more thing, for people who are buying cheap diamonds . again its your risk of getting scam. mooton will never be responsible for it. so does your credit card company. assuming transaction successful. if you were to be caught by moonton. you are violating the term of service. so naturally you will be banned and don't even bother to beg them to unban you lol. don't be a cheap ass, buy the right way, play the right way.

and please moderators remove verification code. its so annoying for each posts.

sorry for my poor English grammar

i am very sorry for little kids that is out there begging for skin, yes mooton dev makes good designs , graphics, for skins ect.. but its part of life. you want something. find a way and work for it. beging is never a solution. ...


I agree with you man... and yeah... the verification code is annoying but we have been getting spam post lately... so I am sorry if it is such a hassle to work with the verification...  Post time 2017-12-11 08:44 AM
 Author| Post time 2017-12-11 12:13 PM | Show all posts
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ASK_JELI replied at 2017-12-8 12:57 PM
really ? hahaha
let's check it ~

Yeah!! Check it!!! Some gave me their accounts... now they dont have it anymore... lol

@Adnanpangestu14 Yeah... so that you won't regret losing it...

@DarkDevML lol wut...

@rikosafriadi89 i dont get it...

@【FIRDAUS】Yeah... and people are just greedy and want more of that... beejeezuz...

@rizkigaming  I dont speak alien...

@IZxCOLD What?

@fahmiwell Errr... Speak English people...

@argi_putra29 Yeah Sure...

@Princes@ARJ *clicks*

@Ridzuan25 I dont have scin...

@chechenglin Yeah!!! I Support yeah... I just dont get it why people dont get it... wait wut? I dont get it...

@RudyFebrianto Yeah!!! Jokes on them!!

@Waaifu yeah!!! Very cool also!

@Wer break from what?

@BarricadeMLBB You like playing Dangerously huh...

@alditsa {:5_127:} Dont look at me like that...

@Syakier_# Wait for any events in Facebook or here in forums... also participate in legit Skin Giveaways that wont asked you to enter your account email and password for that...

@Bintang123 Some people just tend to go over steps 1 to 4... Cant seem to get past step 5...

@Dhomadz Ask nicely... still... I wont... lol...

Yow yow yow!!

@gilangputra11 Its not hoax... send me your ID and password... free skins...!!! *evil laugh*

@ASK_JELI HAHAHA... I can see that you are brave enough ei...

@Fuseds Shhh... I need this...

@bonkstonery I was actually restraining myself so bad because I might get called out again for long post... AHAHA

@TheScreamer01 actually im here to get accounts from people who will visit my phishing site... of course that is to give skin... im good person... now give me your ID and password!!

@Hunter.roger who doesnt... it is actually weird walking outside being skinless... you might be seen as a tiny Colossal Titan for that...

@Yeebot i dont speak Alien...

@dodyyz11 What are you staring at huh....

@Hasanputra Lol back at you!

@iamLiaaa HAHA.. same... Apir!!!

@Mrenaldi01 I dont speak Alien... and I dont have Honor skin too...

OOrmak replied at 2017-12-5 04:25 PM
I already did it... Thug Life
Id rather spend money on this game for skins than ...

HAHA Yeah!!

and also... I dont link my accounts to my personal social media that I usually use... lol I use dummy fb and such to link it... then login to my main FB... you can still share it but cant get the share reward... lol... but if needed, I just switched it to dummy FB...


I dont speak Alien... sorry...  Post time 2017-12-14 03:59 PM
ask sekah ya bang and gift yes  Post time 2017-12-14 03:52 PM
English please...  Post time 2017-12-14 03:43 PM
Minta sekin ya bang  Post time 2017-12-14 03:41 PM
Post time 2017-12-6 04:26 AM | Show all posts
You forgot the  (GONE WRONG) (PRANKED) In the title LOL


and (GONE SEXUAL)  Post time 2017-12-6 05:23 AM
Post time 2017-12-5 04:25 PM | Show all posts
I already did it... Thug Life
Id rather spend money on this game for skins than getting fooled by scammers.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2017-12-5 05:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Step1:Go to spicious Free skin website
Step2:Give your ign and pass
Step4:Congrats All your item Go *Puff*
Step5:Never Again T.T
Post time 2017-12-5 05:23 PM | Show all posts
Is this how people lost account because of "free skins" site? Gald i never lost my account haha
Post time 2017-12-5 05:35 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Lmaooo I rather spend money on skins, like almost all of us always do *inserts thuggish music here*
Post time 2017-12-5 09:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Alright, i have Like, Subscribe and Comment you... Where mah Skin
Post time 2017-12-5 09:58 PM | Show all posts
someone make a TL;DR for this long post?
Post time 2017-12-5 10:58 PM | Show all posts
Hahaha all this long post / words only focussed on 1 problem which is about account lost. I'm reading from the start till end and all i get is that 1 problem (oopps! It says dont click me--"') i shud just not click this thread lol! Btw good point you got here, especially to those who keep asking for skins. I mean there's a lot of event that ML provided, so just enter.they also blamd their boyfriend/girlfriend in this situation too y'know. Haha, anw, i like to read your post everytime you created 1 so kipidap!
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