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[Hero Concept] 2 new heroes idea

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New Heroes Idea
note: the golem and magic circle pic is not mine, but the character drawing is mine.
1. Airi(mage)
Profile : At school, Airi is the most talented of all students. She combine all 5 elements to make a powerful magic. After graduated, Airi followed haruya that want to go to the Land of Dawn to prove his power, wishing that Haruya will look at her and her talent that he often said useless.

Appearance : a young pretty teenager with a purple hair. She likes reading books, kind hearted, a shy person. She still looks like a school student though she already graduated(look at pic, her hair is purple, her clothes that colored dark is brown, her skirt is brown, her stocking is black, her tie is red.) (her magic circle is like on pic, but purple colored)

Quotes :
Selection = "do you need help? I will help!"
Random = "come and taste my magic"
                  "are you sure about fighting me?"
                  "nah, now, what should we do?" (when running away)
Ultimate = "magical blast for you!"

-1st skill = magic ball. CD = 10/10/9/9/8/8/7/6
(first cast)
Dash backwards while shooting a blue magic projectile that pierces enemy. Dealing 100(+80% of total magic power) and slows enemies by 50%
(second cast)
Shots purple magic projectile that pierces enemy. Dealing 200(+180% of total magic power)

2nd skill = magic trap. CD = 17/15/13/11/9/7/5
Make a magic circle(as big as yss's ulti) anywhere in the map, dealing 400(+200% of total magic power) (please make the camera can be moved with the skill circle(when the circle is at the corner of the current camera, it will be moved(like dota 2, but controlled with the skill analog(so you can move your hero while sniping this skill, not using your finger to move your hero, your other finger to press the camera and the other finger to press the skill analog.))

3rd skill = magical blast. CD = 60/50/40 second
Make an area(as big as aurora's ulti) full her power for 10 seconds. Blast damage = 550(+180% of total magic power), continous damage(dealt when enemy is standing on her skill range) = 50(+150% of total magic power)
And reduces enemy's movement by 30%
Passive =
Corrosion: Every skill that hits an enemy will reduce enemy's magic resistance by 5 for 5 second, can be stacked to 25.
For every magic resistance reduced by corrosion will increase her magic power by 1

2. Haruya(fighter)
Profile : from the same magic school with Airi, but drop outed because he can't do any magic other than summoning things for a while. After kicked from school, he learned to be a swordsman, but rejected because he doesn't have enough power. Then he studied to craft things with his magic while keep training his physic. He make a glove to increase his basic punch. Then when he want to go to the Land of Dawn, he meet Airi, his crush in the school that already graduated. Though there are some jealously in his heart, but after in a journey together that feeling is gone and changed with love.

Appearance : "a boy that don't have a big body like alucard, roger, have a black hair, using a black T-shirt, black cloak like kirito from sword art online. Use a big stone glove in his left hand and a black staff with a blue orb in the end of the staff that make a curve in his right hand.(look at pic, her face, hair is like that, but wearing a cooler coat/cloak/whatever is that instead of a jacket. His left glove that i said big is like the golem's hand, but tidier and black colored(more ez example is like roger's hand, but more untidy, the finger's joint is glowing blue and has a "H" word in the back of that glove.))

Quotes :
Selection = "victory will be ours"
Random = "I believe on my own paths"
                  "Fight me? just die"
                  "Tch, i will be back"(when running away)
Ultimate = "taste my bullet!"
1st skill = earthslam. CD = 15/14/13/12/11/10
Using his arm, He punches the ground, slowing enemies by 80% for 3 seconds and deals 100(+75% of total physical damage)

2nd skill = sword wield. CD = 35/30/30/25/25/20
Change his staff to a sword and dash forward(like alucard's 1st skill), dealing 150(+200% of total physical damage), use a sword, increasing lifesteals by 10%, armor by 20 for 10 seconds, and his combo become like alucard. when this effect is active, cannot cast another skill.

3rd skill = shoot!. CD = 60/45/30
Dashes forwards(to the skill arrow that controled by the skill analog) then summons a pistol. Becoming a marksman for 10 seconds. When this effect is active, increase physical penetration by 30%, attack speed by 15% and critical chance by 15%, but just recieve 30% of lifesteals. When this effect is active, cannot cast another skill

Passive =
When didn't use any weapons(only his arm, staff), increase movement speed by 10
When casting his 2nd or 3rd skill, gains a shield equal to 210% of total physical damage for 3s

can't think about the stat and manacost

Sorry for anime style pic, name, bad skill names, i can't other or think other. And sorry if the pic is not good to be a reference(not too detailed).
Hope u like these 2





magic circle

magic circle




Post time 2017-12-10 07:50 PM | Show all posts
Too anime for me, A for effort though.
Post time 2017-12-10 08:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
sadslick replied at 2017-12-10 07:50 PM
Too anime for me, A for effort though.

It's good for me
Post time 2017-12-11 12:00 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
i like that idea
Post time 2017-12-12 12:32 AM | Show all posts
Nice Hero Concept :)
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