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[Mod Post] [Click Bait] New Matchmaking and Punishment System

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Sign up now, Make more friends, Enjoy with more features, Let you easily Fun Community.

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Edited by troy01 at 2017-12-14 03:39 PM

Well... as the title says... it is just a Click bait... sorry to get your hopes up...

Anyways... while you're here... stay for a while and let me waste some minutes of your life... I will make it short... pwamith... HAHA

I know that everyone (including yours truly *winks*) had bad experiences about things going for those who like to venture their day on Solo Queue...

It does not really go well with everyone as it is a daily adventure for anyone who encounters either a bad teammate, low skill, AFK, feeder, toxic, just dumb, noob, phone/device who does not have enough battery, very laggy, idiot, bad exes, bossy supervisors, annoying neighbors, and sometimes you...

Also, the Matchmaking system really does makes fun of you for teaming you up with either a fresh blood who just got in Epic or something, whiners, people doesn't do well in team composition, goes afk or cry if his wants was not granted, trying out newly acquired heroes, just plain noob, just dumb, feeling he can carry, cries if blue buff is taken, can only play one or two or one hero, Fanny wannabe, AFK, intentional feeding=dumb, lagger, cant decide when to use skill during clashes, cant adjust to Meta, mistakenly playing ML but was actually doing Farmville and/or Moon Harvest, thinking this was a Sims like game and keeps on roaming the map making it like a f*k*ng park, keyboard warrior, toxic players and sometimes you...

Well, one of the reasons that's why we play the dreaded Solo Q is either our teammate or squadmate is not available, or our friend (if you have any -_-) is not online, or you just sux bad at playing and nobody wants to add you as a friend (cries in Spanish)

As per someone who is good at drawing cute random stuff and very supportive friend (I hope she sees me as one *cries*) @uMons who summarized to me the Pros and Cons in either game style

SoloPostitive : Self dependent , able to strategize things on your own
Negative : Arent able to always play the Hero you want, toxic, no communication / terriblle communication may happen, have to rely on on yourself, oblige to carry game

Play Team / Squad
Positive : Rare toxic, easy communication, more teamwork
Negative : Some times they may leave or not play without any notification resulting you to be alone or play alone, may have different time zones

It is really hard to determine which is the issue in here... though it can be corrected if our Pro Skill mates are online to play with us, then it is a risky gamble to hit on the Match Up button... especially for Rank... its either a bad day today or you just ran out of luck to gain any star...

Then cry it over to Facebook and Forum for you not able to win any game and get losing streaks as if we (people involved on those said pages and/or group, I mean, devs, admins, and mods) were the one who played with you and lost the match... It is hard on us also to deal with your rants people...

Though I really understand each and everyone's frustration since I, myself have been in that dreaded position, unable to make up the frustration and how to channel it just to stress it out... but since I have been playing too many games for 17 years already, I found it a regular losing day to me... just move on and perhaps try to team up with better people to win is what I really needed...

It can be stressful to be in that situation but as the time calls, things needed to be done and actions needed to be taken. The Punishment System should work like it is called but it seems the current system isn't that reliable to be called as such. It can't be called Punishment if they can just recover it in some matches but we already lost a lot of it, effort, time, skills, frustrations, device battery... unless you play while charging... so dont mind it...
We all have been wishing if there will be a workaround for these people who give us a scratch on the head and/or a headache for being such low skill Mortal roaming around, matching up and just ended up a frustration on your game time. Anticipating a stricter punishment that will really lower down the possibilities to encounter regular AFK and/or low skill people consistently matching up would be the best for everyone but it seems the devs are also considering possibilities that is why they are still balancing it out on how to make it work. Still, it is not justified for those people who constantly ruins the game and just being deducted with credits after losing a star and dignity to play, we demand a better and stricter one!!!

If the possibility if we could have those violators unable to play after that match they have violated, it would be a greater chance for us to be matched up with another one that could be a good player. To which, each of us hopes for. Like 3 minutes unable to Match Up for Rank if reported AFK, or Negative Gameplay (well, I dont understand how the system also process these types of verification...), that would be fine for me...

Those the most effective way to avoid this is, I know this will annoy most people but this is the proven and effective solution for this issue, to team up with squads or friends... for that will eliminate the possibility of a feeder or AFK, unless situation applies...

What do you suggest for a better match making and punishment system? I do hope you will let off those foul languages on this thread... I am trying to gather numbers to send to the devs about this issue... and yeah... those other threads are already counted... no worries... if possible, lets all stick on this one instead...

Post time 2017-12-14 05:48 PM | Show all posts
Troy01, Please suggestion to developers create system is called MMR is based on player skill similar to dota 2 it will able to separates noobs from pro one. Pro vs pro and noobs vs noobs i would like it because dota 2 doesnt have problem matchmaking since they can regulates AFK and feeder from decent player one, MMR is matchmaking rating. Gain points when win game classic and ranked not include other modes. Lose points when lose then when press button will queuing to find teammate who has simiar MMR to urs will match enemy with same MMR, example mine MMR is 1,250 then my teammate 1.1k to 1.4k vs enemy 1.1-1.3k mmr. It is fair enough. MMR based matchmaking will applies on Grandmaster to above only it gives enough time to farm MMR during elite and master division to able identities player skills. Pls


Exact same system I suggested to develop long ago. Agreed.  Post time 2017-12-24 01:39 AM
Post time 2017-12-17 11:35 PM | Show all posts
Let me cite myself here again :

"In my opinion there's one way to deal with this problem :

First, if a team has an AFK player in the team then they don't lose stars because of that. No worries, you should not maintain this system for too long hopefully, just follow the next step.
If a player goes AFK he/she should lose the permission to play ranked games for 1 day. If such act happens in the next days (trial period) then the punishment is worsening :

1 day ban, 3 day trial afterwards
3 days ban, 7 days trial afterwards
7 days ban, 14 days trial afterwards
14 days ban, 30 days trial afterwards
Permanent ban.

If such player does not go afk in any of the trial periods then the cycle is restarting.

I'm not a native english user so forgive me for my fails with the language.
I can just hope that you get me right and someone will read this who actually can and want to deal with the situation.

PS: Just throw out that credit system, it's actually useless."

Post time 2017-12-27 04:38 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Game is death already.
Post time 2017-12-15 01:35 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
troy01 replied at 2017-12-15 08:58 AM
I support it!!!

Definitely we need that kind of system... So that we could be somewhat confident  ...

Yes , furthermore , this so called point system will not neglect your effort when losing a rank game . for eg , if I lose a rank game but I am MVP and got a match point, lets say : 8.6 , it will not hurt my overall ranking , comparing with others feeder or afker , lets say (3.0 to 5 points). So this will not kill others ppl effort when they got a bad team mate . at least , they tried to carry the game , and balance it . Same goes for winning team .. If players in winning team got bad points or carried by other pro players , point system definitely will affect their overall ranking, as they got low match points despite of winning. Current ranking system is bad because , it killed those average players effort. Noob players can be in top rank because they got a pro team mates, while solo rank players who have average playing skill , alwayz lose stars because they have few feeder and afker in the team.
Post time 2017-12-14 03:42 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Pertamaxx gan... Postingannya bang troy


ohh... sorry.. I dont speak Alien... HAHA ... Alright then...  Post time 2017-12-14 05:39 PM
'' First.. Troy's post @troy01  Post time 2017-12-14 05:12 PM
Errr... English please...  Post time 2017-12-14 03:43 PM
Post time 2017-12-14 08:55 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Agreed ^^^^ , ranked game ranking system should have determined in a score(points) mode. Eg : ratio of winning points and total of game played..
Post time 2017-12-14 09:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by troy01 at 2017-12-15 08:09 AM

Im currently in legend and I only solo q, just play not in weekend and you wont lose as much. knowing how to play 40 different heroes helps alot aswell
and matchmaking should really fix. I played a game yesterday at legend 3. with 2 mythical glorys, 1 other legend and someone in epic

Post time 2017-12-15 08:28 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by troy01 at 2017-12-15 08:59 AM
Rework ranks division, make more ranks tier and smaller. It will reduce the probability of encountering a very low skill teamate. And about the reported players, just deduce more points, then if reported in rank he need to play 2 classics, if reported 2 times in classic then he can only play vs ai

"make more rank tiers and smaller" what I mean is, make more rank division of fewer stars, it is a big skill difference between someone of grand master V and someone of grand master II then divide it so that will avoid big skill differences. There are 112 stars for reaching to mythic from warior then I suggest to make 11 rank divisions each one of 10 stars. It will definitely avoid big skill differences but it will reduce the people poll for matching. I would like to wait several minutes for matching balanced teams instead of waiting 1 minute for play an unbalanced match
Post time 2017-12-15 08:29 AM | Show all posts
smokeybeverly replied at 2017-12-14 03:42 PM
Pertamaxx gan... Postingannya bang troy

bang troy , lol
 Author| Post time 2017-12-15 08:58 AM | Show all posts
Argus2017 replied at 2017-12-14 05:48 PM
Troy01, Please suggestion to developers create system is called MMR is based on player skill similar ...

I support it!!!

Definitely we need that kind of system... So that we could be somewhat confident on each matches eventhough we will be having hard time dealing with the enemy team as long as our team is doing great also... that will be fun...

@Kel Yeah... so that we will be able to filter those who have played the most than those who just got Ranked fast and/or being boosted...

@Jimcarrythemvp Yeah! thats what I notice also... it is risky to play especially if you know there are lots of kids playing this game too...

@Nekroz Yeah that will be great... just to eliminate those who keeps on doing AFK or having bad network to drag other people down in losing RG...

@DeathFlag I dont know what he just said... even Google translate is confused... lol... I dont speak Alien...
Post time 2017-12-15 10:42 AM | Show all posts
troy01 replied at 2017-12-15 08:58 AM
I support it!!!

Definitely we need that kind of system... So that we could be somewhat confident  ...

Base start MMR in Warrior is 300. Squad and full team MMR is start 300 too. Playing as full team will calculate MMR of total player had in full team will find other full team with similar MMR example our team 3.5k mmr match with other team 3.4k - 3.6k MMR at least close skill of player. Regulates between smurf and old player, once game detect new account created this same ISP address then game will know u r smurf so u r in server of smurf pool then match with other smurf, it separates from newbies. System will start to put player who reach 1k matches will put old player pool server. What matter divisom but number of matches. Fewer match is still considered as newbie, i hope game can identify smurfer, newbies and old player.
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