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Author: Ohnana
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[Share] Personal Unofficial Hero Tier List [Updated 31Dec17]

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Post time 2018-1-1 03:50 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Also zhask is really good. His ult is really tanky and can serve as a tank, defense, and damage dealer, even stunner.
Post time 2018-1-1 08:03 PM | Show all posts
Ohnana replied at 2018-1-1 09:26 AM
I need you to explain why Hylos or Johnson deserve to be higher. And please don't assume I am some ...

Glad you ask! I dont assume that you are low tier player. Even on high-elos not many players know the power of those heroes because no good players use them! Most tank mains only play the META tank heroes and only with their team, that is because only a few players actually like to play tanks and they are good at playing them.
I happen to play every tank in the game and I ensure you that Hylos is one of my best picks. He is brought with new game mechanics and that is why everyone doubts about him.
So, first of all his statistics are superior. You will notice that during late game, where he is very tanky and hard to kill. Even with 20% hp you can still tank alot and turn the tide of the battlefield. His dps is crazy for a tank! Hylos with the right build can deal tons of continuous AoE damage and even 1v1 almost any other hero (1v2 sometimes). Then his CC, no one understands that, his CC is as strong as any other tank's with the exception that it is used continuously and not once per battle. The stun is very useful with low CD and along with his 2nd ability slow so that he can not only keep melee heroes away and disables the enemies moves but also hunt down enemies. As for the ultimate, apart from the CC it offers which is very useful, it is what regens his hp and keeps him in the battlefield for so long that maybe you dont even need to turn back to base.
Post time 2018-1-2 11:43 AM | Show all posts
For me, if Irithel is on the higher tier, then Clint must supposed to be there also. If you equip him the right build, this marksman is scary. He can cause severe damage (if not annihilate) on heroes on team clashes. Also, this hero with the right build can jungle faster.
Post time 2018-1-3 03:10 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Eggplant replied at 2018-1-1 10:11 AM
Is this below top tier players meta? obviously solo q meta.

Let me fix it for you.

Lancelot and haya in s+? Lance's nerf hit him hard and not everyone can use him anymore. Haya is very situational and he is good for split pushing but put alucard against him and he'll have a hard time. I also think akai definitely deserves s+ because of his 2nd skill allowing him to hit hard as a tank while being tanky, 1st skill as one of the longest dash/jump skill that can also stun if marked and of course his ult that can change the game completely. Irithel is crazy late game though, aoe crit dmg allowing you to kill fighters in 3-4 hits
Post time 2018-1-4 11:38 AM | Show all posts
i think you should narrow down the tiers as well. put A+ then A then B+ then B and so on and so forth up to D or E.
1.  Lapu-lapu is quite iffy on the A side. He's only really useful with his ult and without it, his damage is quite laughable. He's great on clashes though.  I'd prefer Alpha over Lapu-lapu any day.
2. Eudora should be lower since she probably has the worst laning out of all mages and more often than not, she's food for assassins unless babysitted properly.
3. Helcurt should be higher.  His utility is just way too useful to be ignored.
4. Sun over Alucard as of late. Sun's burst damage is actually great, but oftentimes ignored because he's usually played as tank.  He's one of the fighters who can harass a lot early game.
I still have so much thoughts but I feel OP's list needs more diversity.
Post time 2018-1-4 01:27 PM | Show all posts
Spoom replied at 2018-1-3 03:10 PM
Lancelot and haya in s+? Lance's nerf hit him hard and not everyone can use him anymore. Haya is v ...

I did state my list is for high end players.

in high tier plays,

there is almost no late game, so irithel is *.
there is no noob haya/lance in high rank. so yes they are S+
alucade against haya? lmao.
akai gets *ed by diggie. PS: usually if diggie is banned, so is akai.
Post time 2018-1-5 03:30 AM | Show all posts
aAep replied at 2018-1-4 11:38 AM
i think you should narrow down the tiers as well. put A+ then A then B+ then B and so on and so fort ...

"3. Helcurt should be higher.  His utility is just way too useful to be ignored." -  I haven't seen any pro Helcurt since this Hero be released, every time I team up with Helcurt probably 70% lose unless me or my teammates carry him to victory.
Post time 2018-1-6 02:19 AM | Show all posts
Why go S+ instead of just S through E?

S+ : Kagura, Akai, Diggie
S : Irithel, Lancelot, Yi sun-shin
A : Grock, Hayabusa, Saber, Balmond, Hilda, Pharsa,
      Harley, Lapu-lapu, Ruby, Natalia, Karina, Eudora
B : Odette, Roger, Karrie, Moskov, Bruno, Layla,
      Johnson, Minotaur, Franco, Cyclops, Zilong,
      Fanny, Freya, Rafaela, Aurora, Alpha, Alucard
      Zhask, Helcurt, Argus
C : Clint, Miya, Gatotkaca, Gord, Estes, Lolita, Tigreal
D : Vexana, Nana, Alice, Hylos, Sun, Bane

Anywho, I think some definitely need to be placed elsewhere.
Hylos should be in A at least. The thing is, he doesn't follow the current tank meta so people think he's useless. He is a mana guzzler for sure, but if his team works with him, he's an absolute beast and a great counter to Akai.
Nana should be in B at least. IMO she is the most versatile hero in the game and is never "useless" unless played by a bad player. She counters EVERYONE. The hero that is getting ahead of everyone else? She just needs to 2nd skill them and bam, countered. At that point, it comes down to how competent your own team is. Her ability to spam out her 1st skill and CC with her 3rd makes her fantastic as well. Constant damage.
Irithel I don't know why in S? She's great late game, sure... but until then, she's pretty lackluster. And that's IF you even get to late game. I'd say she's a B rank.
Yi Sun-Shin is great, but I wouldn't put in S rank. A rank imo. His recent debuff hurt him quite a bit. He's still great at poking though.
Natalia I'd move to B rank. She can be great, but I haven't seen a really good Nat in quite a while. I think there's too many hero's that can stop her too easily now. But perhaps that's because I'm a Ruby main and I tend to chase Natalia's like food.
Cyclops I'd put in A rank. He's still one of the most popular heroes used for a reason. Sure, he's not as powerful as he was, but he's no doubt still a heavy hitter.
Fanny should be in S imo. A good fanny is still able to solo carry entire teams to victory assuming the other team isn't fully countering her (and her team aren't 100% incompetent). And now that base refuels her energy, she can just cable back, recharge and get back to frontlines in 3 seconds. She is still the hero I hate facing the most when a good player is using her.
Hayabusa I'd put in S rank at least. He's another hero that I've seen solo carry many times. When a single good hero can destroy an entire good team, he should be in S rank at least (and probably nerfed lol).
Balmond I'd say is B rank. He's a good hero, but I wouldn't say A material. His ult is a frickin nuke, but aside from that, his other skills are a bit lacking.
Post time 2018-1-19 04:08 AM | Show all posts
Lolita should be higher, her shield counters a lot of people.
Her ult and first skill are amazing crowd control
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