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[Poll] General talk about the focus moonton has on new hero releases and my opinion.

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Post time 2018-1-8 03:32 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by sadslick at 2018-1-8 10:50 PM

To start it off - moonton developers, I understand and appreciate your efforts put into the creation of new heroes regardless if it's sampled from some other game, etc.
Now, we all get into the hype-train when we see a new trailer in regards to a brand new hero but there's also a hate-train or just complains about the issues the game has as of now, that includes punishement system - matchmaking, all these dumb cheating ways the top leaderboards are up to just whatever you name it. True, it does make the game more alive if you add more characters to it and sure we all know your way of making profit is from people purchasing diamonds, which can very well connect with new heroes and people who buy diamonds just for the new heroes, but I don't speak in behalf of the community I just want to state my opinion that you should maybe accept quality over quantity.

New heroes do attract fans, but that also means that you'll be multi-tasking or just postponing the real issues the game has going on at the moment. The point of this thread is to make the users/players aware of why it takes so long for you to fix in-game issues when you're too busy creating new game characters. The creation of a new character brings in another possible different playstyle, hell-.. even brand new meta. It would destroy ranked games or even classic games and make people study how the new hero operates and how to possibly counter him - sure it can be easy or even hard but repetitive releases of new heroes every two weeks is absurd.

On the other hand, if Moonton was to calm down with the new-hero spam maybe they could put their focus into further fixing in-game bugs and just issues stated above in general. Regardless of how many characters you add - that won't fix your game, again I feel like I have to state this everytime but this is based on my general opinion and just feedback on what would help. I will be making a poll out of curiousty to see what the community thinks of this.

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Post time 2018-1-8 04:02 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Post time 2018-1-8 06:12 AM | Show all posts
Hi sadslick!
Honestly speaking(just to fill you in), the developers work around the clock whenever issues(such as server issues,crash,etc.) are encountered that is why whenever you see posts or complaints after the issue has been posted after a day or so(Depending on the gravity of the issue) you no longer see them around. One thing you should note is that not all bug fixes are always announced. Of course there are other bugs that takes longer time to fix as you can see for a mobile game there are various types of devices hence datas from these devices vary and takes time to identify accurately.
As per hero/skin releases,  these are actually released/made prior to surveys given via in-game mail so these "new content" actually took more time to develop than you think. Of course suggestions regarding these are open to anyone so long as they respect the forum rules.

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Post time 2018-1-8 08:21 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
at this rate of hero release, when is 4 ban coming?

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Post time 2018-1-8 08:41 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
you should know that they are not just creating new heroes and content. they are also fixing the bugs. not all bugs can be fix at the same time. in programming if you fix a certain bug or adjust the system there are 50%-100% chance a new bug or the system failure will occur.

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Post time 2018-1-8 08:45 AM | Show all posts
Another thing to add...

There is a separate team handling the Hero creation... and another team in-charge for fixing bugs and issues...

One thing that keeps the development of fixing several issues is that most players dont report it to in-game Customer Service if they found out a bug or something...

Reporting issues/bugs to Customer Service will hasten the process of fixing it because this will serve as a statistics of affected users and also their device types and location... thus filtering the data to make it work on every devices around the globe...

Lets just say, there is an issue about a visual bug on Samsung devices but not on other devices... the devs will work on adjusting the scripts in each file so that it will work on Samsung devices and those changes wont affect the others... so it is not an easy task working on fixing those issues... because several considerations are needed in order to make it work for everyone...

Just saying... in case if you didn't know...


As of now, the amount of heroes being created is confusing - to the point where you're making people re-assure themselves of what to do in games against them.  Post time 2018-1-8 10:49 PM

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Post time 2018-1-8 08:48 AM | Show all posts
I think devs will stop to release new hero faster when the hero numbers are certain.
the positive side of this is its created more possibility on playing and new meta.
but we often see some heroes being used over and over.
cheers !

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Post time 2018-1-8 09:08 AM | Show all posts
i support MLBB create more NEW heroes. and hope will nuef Bal n Hilda (imposible they will get nuef lah XDD).
why? coz really too boring nowday game match!!! keep got player pick Balmond and Hilda!!! (i wan vomit Blood)

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Post time 2018-1-8 02:59 PM | Show all posts
Way too many new hero
It's like coming non stop {:5_127:}

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Post time 2018-1-8 06:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Besides new heroes and skins they cant rly make money so i kinda understand that. But because of that, game balance is in very bad spot rn. Imo, if they get partnerships with popular brands (ik they had with Huawei and VIVO), they could get money and focus more on balancing game itself. We cant do much but wait :/

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