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Author: troy01
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[Mood] What is your Goal in playing MLBB?

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Post time 2018-1-9 12:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
My goal is to see all hero produced by ML. After that, will think again for the next mission. Thanks :3


Lancelot.  Post time 2018-1-12 07:59 PM
Post time 2018-1-9 01:06 PM | Show all posts
I really have different goals when I started playing this game...

When I was warrior, I just wanted to reach master so I can get a season skin,

When I was master, my goal was to get a season skin plus reach grand master

Now I'm grand master, my goal is to get a season skin and reach epic but stuck now hahaha.

My other goals included: to buy Ruby, Yi-Sun Shin and Irithel which I have done now.
Now my goal is to buy Jawhead and Angela so I have to keep playing to earn bp.
Post time 2018-1-9 01:26 PM | Show all posts
i think about this everyday honestly, when i've already bought so much skins over the past few months.... like what am i really here for? why am i spending so much? what is there to achieve? the moment i started spending more than what i initially intended to turned the game from just casual to sort of competitive for me but it feels like i am still stuck in the same spot not really knowing what i can achieve when there are so many factors to consider while playing the game everyday {:5_136:}
Post time 2018-1-9 01:31 PM | Show all posts
Cuz its fun... nuff said....  im gonna leave it when im bored anyway
Post time 2018-1-9 01:31 PM | Show all posts
My Goal while playing MLBB is scored by Bruno ofc...
Post time 2018-1-9 01:52 PM | Show all posts
When I first started the game, I look in awe at all my FB friends who are in Legend with that golden legend border.

I wanted that border more than anything lol.

Honestly I used to be a pu$$y who likes to hide behind everyone and damage. That's why my first ever hero is Eudora. I'm not a gamer from other MOBAs like LOL or DOTA sadly since I used to be a heavy FPS player.

Then I saw that one teammate who kept kill stealing my kills with Irithel. Nub me thought that I was KS king

I saw how that teammate played Irithel and was then in awe of the hero. Then after game I purchased that hero since I was a nub who didn't knew you can spend BP on emblem chests, so I stacked up like almost 70K BP.

Right after that, I started actively watching guides and slowly learning Irithel during the MM meta. Boy how happy I was when I melt away the feared pre-nerf Karrie and the entire team.

As I played on, I found that my affinity with Marksman is high. Thus, it changed to Hero mastery. I wanted to master Irithel so badly, so I began no life and just played her only.

I then remember the quote from bruce lee:

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

And so I begun my way to 10,000 matches with Irithel. And I created my current Smurf account just to practice the basic of Marksmanship (AKA free hero Layla)

Now that my scores allow me to be inside the Top local ranking, I am aiming Top 100 Local Irithel now. And I recently achieved my long original dream of legend border.

After that, finding an active pro squad and climbing to Mythical Glory + Top Global Irithel
Post time 2018-1-9 02:43 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Buy all the heroes with BP only, but then again ML releases new heroes which is a reason to keep playing the game.
Post time 2018-1-9 02:48 PM | Show all posts
I don't know what my goal is but when im started to play this game, i wanted to show my friends that im better than them..

Apart from that, i wanted to enter top 100 kagura global (which is seems to be impossible).
Post time 2018-1-9 03:06 PM | Show all posts
Jauregui replied at 2018-1-9 02:48 PM
I don't know what my goal is but when im started to play this game, i wanted to show my friends that ...

Yeah that is so hard especially when Kagura is mostly 95% banned in Ranked games.

Anyway, I play this game because of its competitive nature.
The other game I play (MFF) is more like dungeon-crawler game.


Ikr, banned slots is so annoying asf..  Post time 2018-1-9 03:16 PM
Post time 2018-1-9 04:16 PM | Show all posts
uMons replied at 2018-1-9 11:41 AM
through this game i am on the way to find my true self..

to find my hero.. to find, who am i

thats deep
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