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[Poll] Gameplay balance are broken

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Post time 2018-1-11 04:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Dear Developers. I've been playing ML since autumn 2016. In my account more than 3,000 matches, I brought in more than 10 of my friends. I actively participated in the life of this forum. But at one point I threw it all away. Why? I played in other games of this genre and realized that in the gameplay ML I really do not like. Now I even understand why many heroes are called OP because of small reasons (excessive usability, invulnerability for fractions of a second, stun for more than 1.5 seconds).
The reason: the whole game is built on increasing the damage to your character. You ask "what about tanks? They are bought artifacts for HP and resistance," but here we have a problem - these are not serious indicators. Tanks - a second obstacle for the enemy. The melee-fighters are the same.

You need to change the coefficient of armor. Now 1 armor unit - ignoring 0.1% damage. I propose to change this figure by 0.15%. And the base increase in armor increased by 10-20% for tanks
Also, there is another useless parameter - the regeneration of health. I suggest slightly increasing it to all the heroes of the Tank class (about 70 health per second at the 15 level of the hero) and making this parameter useful for the "Support" class, let it be their feint / feature (approximately 100-120 per second, at level 15 of the character) .

What will they give us such changes?
First, the growing popularity of tanks and melee fighters
Secondly, it will be possible to improve the quality of bonuses from artifacts (and this will add variety to the game)
Thirdly, there will be a sense in artifacts that give physical and magical penetration
Fourthly, we will love the Tigril's passive as it is: D

PS, it is just my opinion

Post time 2018-1-11 11:24 PM | Show all posts
Coz of ur post, im thinking why is it the game is all about killing. Well i had answer those which is MVP mechanism but didnt stop me to think it more & realize another thing... So lets hear it out.

That thing is Crit Rate & Crit Damage. Both of this stat also promote more killing. Its really good on MM/Assassin/Fighter, but for support & tank who hav low dmg & not to mention low atk spd, this 2 stat rather useless.

Im idea now is:
1. Block rate & Block dmg reduction. This one more usefull on Tank & this skill has a chance to reduce dmg from any atk source.
2. Evasion Rate which is good only for normal atk only. Assassin sure like this stat.
 Author| Post time 2018-1-11 04:18 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
oh crap, Mods replace it thread in right direction, i fogot add poll
Post time 2018-1-11 05:30 PM | Show all posts
The buff on tank on ur example wont change anything i think.
Yes i agree that the thing about fight is all for killing & that easily to get by using MM/Mage/Assassin.
On other hand Tank/Support hardly kill anything yet they are needed in team.
Whos to fault? i think its the MVP mechanism that push people to kill more to get MVP.
i had suggest an idea about this MVP mechanism. hope they approve it ... id=47543&page=1
 Author| Post time 2018-1-11 07:03 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
arcmagi replied at 2018-1-11 05:30 PM
The buff on tank on ur example wont change anything i think.
Yes i agree that the thing about fight  ...

yeah, i want adjust whole gameplay

MVP is reason, but not only
Supps and Tanks cant change game line, Tanks are a trash of team, yes, they can save ally, but must die after this. Thats why only Akai and Tiggy had some popularity, cuz they have control skills. But control is not main role of tank, main role of tank is be a buffer. But in ML this is imposible, cuz damagr of AS, MG and MM rising faster, than durable of tanks
Post time 2018-1-11 08:06 PM | Show all posts
MrDoz replied at 2018-1-11 07:03 PM
yeah, i want adjust whole gameplay

MVP is reason, but not only

Sooo ur suggestion?  buff the passives of all tank?   i think the tanks in ML is much fun... unlike in A*V where i could  carry the whole game with a tank...

but i agree they should change the MVP system in ML
 Author| Post time 2018-1-11 08:36 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IllyasvielVE replied at 2018-1-11 08:06 PM
Sooo ur suggestion?  buff the passives of all tank?   i think the tanks in ML is much fun... unlik ...

my suggestion - change armor and mag.resist coef. from 0,1% to 0,15%

in a*v tanks are overpowered, they have near 60-70% reducin damage
with my formula, tanks will have near 40-45% of reducin damage

u know how much armor give to hero armored boot? yeah, 22 armor points. U know how much damage it reducin? it reduce 2,2% of physical damagr, it mean what AA(not critical) of marksmans deals not 600 damage, but only 587 (wow, yeah?). What sense buy this extradurable snikers?
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