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Hello guys/gals!

Let's try to make a more in depth discussion here in the forum, something constructing to the community and our gameplay as well.
Aren't we all fed up with the sh*tload tons of a simply complaint and rage thread in this forum (especially for the Mods lol)?

Let's just for once forget about the sh*tty matchmaking system or the toxic players (so hard for this latter one).
Let's talk about the gameplay itself and the current meta.

People would always banned Kagura and Akai (why do you even ban this panda ffs) or simply ban Diggie (idk wether they understand to fear diggie in a well developed open war or they simply think Diggie is useless and trying to get either Kagura or Akai).
Then, we all know the current meta (especially in Epic and below) is the dual tank formation with balmond and hilda as a top pick, you pick other tank besides those two and people start to sh*t talks about you.

Now this is where the discussion starts, why do people stick to this kind of meta?
My last hundreds game (maybe you've had more) has been following this meta and gameplay, aren't we all bored with this?
Why won't people try to explore more possibilities of hero combinations and team formations?

Come on, people, we all know Mobile Legends has a hero skill dependent gameplay, most of the damage caused in game, the crowd control, and map control are all based on the hero's skill. We have no active items in game, hence the gameplay. Then, why people trying to stick with the same picks over and over again in each of the game?

We've all probably encountered a situation (in a draft pick match) where the enemy's first pick is a Balmond and then your team pick is a Hilda just to "balance out" the hero distribution between the teams disregarding the your team's second pick and so on. For me personally, in a well calculated team fight from both sides, Hilda/Balmond simply serving as a sandbag when the war happened. Balmond can do some kill secure and Hilda can give some chase to the enemy's dying hero (only if the enemy's team losed the open war).

But, what happened to the structure of the war itself?

Assuming all of the players understand their hero's positioning (no squishy fighter, mage, or marksman acting stupidly as a tank or vice versa), heroes with wide area crowd control, and heroes with burst damage (both single or area) played the most important role here. And, guess what, the most heroes with the highest burst damage rate and crowd control falls to the mage category.

So, in this meta, why are people so dissing a single tank formation?

My friends and I have once tried the dual mage (Aurora+Zask) with a single tank formation (Trigeal with petrify) with one fighter (Lapu-Lapu) and one marksman (Bruno) and it works kinda wonder.
We simply cc 3-4 enemies then just forget the enemy's tank in front and eliminates their dps when they're cc-ed at the back.
Even killing one of the DPS in early war gave a really sharp edge for my team to finish the war we started.
When only the tanks are left in the game, they can not do enough damage to us anymore.
Yes, they survived, then what?

Another meta we tried is two fighters (Alucard + Freya), one tank (Franco), one mage (Cyclops), and one marksman (YSS).
At the beginning of the level 3, Franco and Cyclops simply roamed the map helping the DPS of the three lanes to kill the enemies.
Once again, we simply ignored the tanks.
The result? A well farmed tank with poor underfarmed dpses.
In this meta we thoughts that map control gave us an edge to win the game without too dependent on open war.

And that's just a few examples of the many available possible metas in this game.

So, let's discuss about this.
What kind of meta have you and your team have tried, both full 5 team or at least 2-3 players party (come on, solo queue just suck *ss for a well developed gameplay), and brings a non-generic playstyle and gameplay here in Mobile Legends?

And please, don't be toxic...
We've had enough of that in game...
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Edited by TheScreamer01 at 2018-2-4 11:11 PM

Idk wth is the problem people have with akai, but seriously it has to stop. Me and my team (mythics+legends) always let the enemy team have Akai while we never do... Why? First of all we will break their previous and reliable team formation just because they have to pick Akai and we do know he will suk as 95% of akai players nowadays. Then we will pick Diggie (no matter if they got akai or not lol) and in general we know how to deal with Akai eitherway.
Only thing we 100% ban is kagura tho. Other that that, we would ban some assassins and maybe some mages or we could also ban diggie but we prefer to pick him.


Ah, i see your team is a team of culture as well to utilize diggie lol  Post time 2018-2-4 01:54 PM
Post time 2018-2-2 03:38 AM | Show all posts
Good article. Currently, me and my friends would ban fanny or lance. We don't care if they get Akai or Kagura because we know how to counter the two.

As much as possible we only let 2 heroes in our line up who are buff dependent. We pick our heroes depending on the other 2 picks of our teammates since we are trio all the time. As a tank user, I would secure Akai (if available), if not I'd pick Grock.

Our usual line up would be Harley, Akai, Diggie, Marksman & Assassin/Fighter.
Post time 2018-2-2 11:01 AM | Show all posts
1st of all, when talking abt gameplay tactics, only the meta picks @ high elo matters i.e. Legend or Mythic and up. No pt wasting time on epic & below.

There's a reason why Bal & Hilda are current meta. They regen like crazy when laning.
Balmond is for crab / turtle / lord quick kill or steal, gd mobility too
Hilda is high mobility sandbag, poking chasing and harrassing / roaming to gank

And their ulti both packs high dmg too

But then again if the both of them are in the team, it sux cos lack of AOE CC to initiate fight
 Author| Post time 2018-2-2 11:48 AM | Show all posts
FerioVX replied at 2018-2-2 03:38 AM
Good article. Currently, me and my friends would ban fanny or lance. We don't care if they get Akai  ...

Ah, Fanny yes...
With proper playstyle and energy usage she's just plain pain without Ruby or whatsoever lol.

Your team's line up seems quite solid, yes, with only 2 buff dependent heroes.
Great to have an always online trio, mate!
Btw, in your playstyle, the only CC in the war would be the tank?
 Author| Post time 2018-2-2 11:50 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Putintin at 2018-2-2 11:52 AM
SleepyJun replied at 2018-2-2 11:01 AM
1st of all, when talking abt gameplay tactics, only the meta picks @ high elo matters i.e. Legend or ...
For as many Legends player and above, the normal distribution curve of the player levels in this game peaks at GM-Epic.
Then, tell us more about the meta at Legend and above that matters then.
Share it here, please!
It's good to learn a thing or two from the one fighting on the higher ground.
Cheers, mate!
Post time 2018-2-2 12:21 PM | Show all posts
Hmm meta, it's trend.

2 tank meta is only apply in low mythic and below, in higher mythic there is no such 2 tank meta rule the game, and again there is no mm rule the game in high mythic rank.

Now about balmond and hilda, they're apply from gm until high mythic, especially balmond. It's obvious that balmond can do last hit guarantee on lord. And it's obvious that the ultimate meta rule the game all the time is "lord" who win the lord could have higher to chance to win.

Interesting fact is balmond and hilda already there for a long time ago before community discover this both hero potential, back in the day people will talk bad to you if you pick balmond and call you useless, but for now i prefer has balmond in my team than akai.

Meta ban, akai-kagura-diggie. It's still obvious that pro akai still the best tank with horrible CC when ulti, and pro kagura rule the game very aggresively, while the diggie could make hero with hard cc like akai and aurora is useless when fighting diggie ultimate.
 Author| Post time 2018-2-2 12:33 PM | Show all posts
harlons replied at 2018-2-2 12:21 PM
Hmm meta, it's trend.

2 tank meta is only apply in low mythic and below, in higher mythic there is  ...

Thank you for the kind insight.

I've taken interest in "no mm rule the game in high mythic".
Do you mean that MM won't do much in end game, or the people in high mythic rank just play with no mm at all?
Post time 2018-2-2 01:23 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Rupture at 2018-2-1 09:43 PM

Zzz...  So many Heroes, there is so many combination if you want to think of it, sometimes people are just lack of Imagination... The key is teamwork, everybody can do this combination as long there are no selfish bastaa... I don't know what is Meta,  all heroes has unique skill...  Even Alice is actually a good mage,  She just need another brave tanky charger to fight along with...the reason Kagura get banned : skill is full of damage and Full Of CCs, she also gifted with 2 skill to run away, not to mention Kagura player with Flicker... Lancelot get Banned : His skill is so deadly for those squishy Hero, even By passive and skill 1 is enough to kill mm in early game, Infinity Escape skill, and also 1 Invulnerable which can make All attacks meaningless in front of him... Akai get banned : every skill give him small barrier, he can jump pretty far and stun them,  those frog can slow and quite has damage for squishy Hero,  His Ulti? It can push you to the wall and make you unable to do anything for about 3 Sec, Impossible for mele attacks to reach him in this state, can prevent enemy's Frontline reach his damage dealer while on defensivemode.
Post time 2018-2-2 04:00 PM | Show all posts
Putintin replied at 2018-2-2 12:33 PM
Thank you for the kind insight.

I've taken interest in "no mm rule the game in high mythic".

They play with MM too, but it's it's not a must, instead they play with 2 assassin or 2 mage to change the mm role. It's reasonable strategy in there, because usually mm didn't have much room to extend their farming as the pressure was so high to ADC hero in higher rank, with solo mage such harley or assassin which is has more agility to escape and counter from gank is more reliable to growth their gold and exp faster than mm.
But it's not to disagree with MM role who still the best to play end game.


So that's the image of how much pressure the ADC got in the end game, interesting... Thanks!  Post time 2018-2-4 12:47 AM
Post time 2018-2-3 12:42 AM | Show all posts
I think that meta isnt neccesarily a group of heroes that are the best...i think its just how the pro’s like to play and people are just all copying it
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