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[Unclassified] Top 5 Tanks & Guide!

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-12 12:41 PM


Hello! im PjTyrant a Legendary Tank player! and this is my top 5 Strongest Tank Champions post.

Tank Introduction

Heroes: Tigreal, Lolita, Akai, hylos, Johnson.

Tanks sole purpose is to zone enemies away and being the supportive wall in the front lines to protect the backline.

there are many tanks in many varieties but we will be focusing on the ones that can take most of those roles while being the Biggest obstacle for your enemy.

5th Place

Tigreal is a good poke, Engage and disengage Hero thanks to his first and second skill, but his ULT is what brings all of those skills together Making him a great chain CC hero.

- Skill Kit -

his Passive negates 60% of critical damage at max Level making DPS based heroes weak against him unless they get Demon Hunter Sword, he also gets a bonus 15% armor and magic resist from items.

First Skill
his first skill sends a wide Slash wave that pierces through enemies slowing them and doing decent Damage.

Second Skill
Second skill allows Tigreal to push onto enemies, disengaging them from Your ally or pushing them to your ally team, after pressing on his second skill a Second time tigreal can then CC fling enemies up into the air.

his ult is Tigreals late game Gem, being able Draw in enemies onto him after a 1 second delay then stunning everyone who didnt know better.

Max Out
his first skill for more DMG, it can pierce through enemies so its pretty good as a poking potential along with wave clear.

- Skill Strategies -

second skill and Ult is tigreals Bread and Butter.

theres many options to use them as a combo depending on the situation.

if you are ganked use your ult to stun enemies then use your second skill to escape.

if you want to engage, use your second skill to rush onto enemies then Chain CC them with your Ult

or use your ULT first then push the stunned enemy to your allies.

in laning phase Ulting and pushing enemies to your turret is the best strategy.

and if you are playing with a laning partner your second skill can be used to disengage enemies from them if they are caught.

- Preparation -
with tigreal you want to focus on getting standard tank items based off of what heroes enemy teams are using and Decent CD reduction, you want to make best use of your passive so getting items without armor or magic resist is not advised.

First Item
tigreal easily runs out of Mana in the early game so getting Dominance ice as your first item helps with that, while giving him 70 armor and 15% CD reduction.

i highly suggest getting Flicker so you can easily go behind the enemy and push them towards your turret or ally team without wasting your ult.

or flick right in the middle of enemy team ULT then push them to your allies.

for Emblems Get Fighter with Steady like a rock for an extra 50% CC Reduction so You can Ult easier in team fights.

- Opinion -

like most good tanks, tigreal is a good lane bully, he has a good poke with his first skill and his second skill makes close combat enemies weary especially if the fight is close to your turret.

he has a good engage and disengage thanks to his second skill and his ult does wonders late game but the reason why he is ranked 5 in the list is because of his ult being easily dodged, enemies can easily run away from tigreals ULT because of its delay, and the worst part is that the ult doesnt trigger if tigreal gets CC'd which will happen often since his usually the first to charge in on the enemy team with their skills off Cool Down.
4th Place

Lolita is not a hero  i ever used but i will admit that her ULT is probably the strongest ult compared to other tanks (besides Akais), she can easily crowd control an entire enemy team BUT! playing her requires someone else to charge in, or else her ult and kit wont work in close combat team fights.

- Skill Kit -

her passive gives everyone you touch a shield when it is up, a decent supportive tool that works wonders with a lane partner.

First Skill
her first skill is only good to engage and pound people to submission, or disengage/reposition to shield someone, you can trigger the skill again to pounce STUN an enemy for a split second a good way to jump in if an enemy is using a troublesome skill.

Second Skill
Second Skil is what makes lolita the best supporting Tank, she brings out a shield at a specified direction then continues facing that direction with her shield, if a ranged attack hits the shield the affects of the ranged attack gets nullified along with reduced Damage. so for example if franco hooks lolita while her shield is up, she wont get pulled.

with every Hit the shield gets charged, once the shield is down you can throw a powerful ranged blast at the enemy based off of how many charges and Damage you reduced from it.

her ULT allows her to CROWD control half of the screen in a cone infront of her, anyone caught in the cone will be Slowed until they get out, Lolita can then either trigger the ULT quickly right before they get out to dash Damage or Hold for a max Charge to do Maximum damage and Stun everyone for 2 seconds.

Max Out
First Skill since its your only mobile/CC stun skill besides her ULT lvling it up will lower its CD so you can use it often.

- Skill Strategies -

Using her Ult requires an open mind, you cant just use it whenever, you want to save it for times your teammates are caught in a gank or when you want to zone out enemies from a potential team fight, your the Cop that can stop anything from happening the Red Light of MLBB.

with your second skill you want to face ranged enemies that can use annoying ranged skills, always make sure your in between the enemy and ally so they wont get hit by enemy projectiles, nothing goes pass you when using your shield so keep it in mind if theres enemy skill shots that can pierce through like Angelas love wave.

your first skill will help you disengage and engage and stun persistant enemies who are trying to run away or engage at your allies.

- Preparation -
just like tigreal you want to get Tank items based of what heroes the enemy team is using with a lot of CD reduction since your kit is mostly supportive.

First Item
for your first item get oracle for CD and its passive, thanks to your neon charge you can easily get 8% HP recovery without losing any HP.

if your facing physical attack based enemy laners get 1 piece of armor that costs 220 gold.

for Spells get Flicker to Flick in a surprise Ult or Extend the reach of your ULT if the enemies escaped from it, its also good as an escaping tool since Lolitas first skill doesnt offer enough mobility.

for emblems get Tank and Tenacity to stack with wings of apocalypse.

- Opinion -

its hard for me to put Lolita as fourth on the list she has so much potential but she isnt the type of tank that can dash in on a team fight to tank, her CC potential just lowers by how close she is to the enemy team, but that aside she is probably the best Zoning Hero to get.
3rd Place

before hylos and johnson got their update and changes, akai has been the go to Meta tank for any game thanks to his ult.

- Skill Kit -

akais passive gives him 8% shield everytime he uses a skill, it does not stack and the shield has a cooldown before it can trigger again.

First Skill
his first skill allows Akai to easily engage or disengage enemies, while dealing damage and stunning them if they arent at the centre of the landing, this skill also allows him to go over walls easily.

Second Skill
Akai's Poke skill, dealing a decent Dmg in a skill shot and at the end of the range or when the shot hits it bursts out to enemies that were next to it, the skill applies a debuff that allows allies or akai do damage based off of akais max HP by 5% with every basic attack.

akais ult lets him spin for a good amount of time pushing and disturbing enemies that you spin into, this skill can easily disturb enemies from using skills.

Max Out
Max out his first skill for more poke damage but if you want to have a better disengage tool to run away max out second skill to lower its Cool Down.

- Skill Strategies -

Akais Peanut butter and Jam is his first and Ultimate skills, to get behind enemy lines then pushing them onto your ally team, you can also Ult to push enemies off of you and at the end of the Ult pounce over a wall with your first skill for an easy disengage.

his second skill doesnt do much besides poking out and dealing decent damage 1v1 or versus jungle monsters if your laning alone.

- Preparation -
With akai you want items that give over 800 HP for each piece because of his passive and second skill, lots of CDR so you can get your ULT and first skill quicker.

First Item
just like Lolita you want your first item to be oracle because of its 8% hp recovery when being hit, with akais passive shield you can get free Recovery easily, and the item gives 10 CDR. (Get 1 piece of armor if your enemy laners turn out to be physical Damagers)

get flicker so you can flick behind enemies and ultimate that way you can save your first skill to Flee, vice versa if you want to go behind with first skill and flee after with flicker.

get Tank with Tenacity for Extra Defence

- Opinion -

Akai is the best at team fights, he can wrack havoc disturbing enemies, pushing them away from their own turret, and easily separates them as a team for your allies to pick on, but the reason why he is third on the list is because there are better candidates, but he is almost at par for the 2nd Rank
2nd Place

after the change of his passive getting a massive 50% boost (150% in total) of extra max HP from max MP items, Hylos has become the Highest HP hero in MLBB being able to reach 10k HP.

- Skill Kit -

his passive allows him to get Max HP from max MP Items by 150%, he can also use his HP to cast skills if he runs out of MP.

First Skill
at close combat hylos stuns an enemy for 1 second dashing out a decent amount of DMG. this skill allows hylos to disturb an enemy if their using a troublesome skill.

Second Skill
Hylos strongest Skill, he forms a circle around him that pulses every second CC'ing and dealing damage to those who are in it, the DMG is weak at the start but if the enemy stays in the circle for to long they take more Dmg by the second while slowing down even more by a cap of 60% Slow and 50% Attack Speed Reduction.

Hylos ultimate forms a path of light infront of him boosting his speed if walking forward on it and Nullifies slow he also gets 4/4.5/5% HP Recovery by the second while on it.

allies treading on the path also gets a speed boost when moving forward and enemies will get slowed if their walking in the opposite direction

Max Out
his first skill, just because you dont want to lvl up his second skill, his second skill uses a lot of MP per Pulse so maxing out first skill to keep your most reliant skill active longer is best.

- Skill Strategies -

early game hylos is a lane bully with his convenient stun and his second skill becoming devastating if he survives long enough, his ULT also helps with turret siege if the enemy has low HP, or if your laning alone using ULT to recover HP is also great to stay alive Longer.

if an ally is caught use your ULT to also help them reposition or Escape.

Mid game hylos becomes a webber, catching out enemies that over extended in your map slowing them to a stop for your allies to come and take the kill with his second skill, if the enemy is mobile you can easily stun them with your first skill to give time for your second skill to Stack on.

Late game use your ult to Start an engage and latch onto the strongest DPS enemy there is lowering their Attack speed making them useless in the team fight or if theres a troublesome hero like odette use your first skill to stop her from devastating your team.

- Preparation -
Hylos Passive allows him to get tanky from MP items so getting Items like dominance of ice and thunder belt gives him tons of Armor and HP. Unlike other tanks Hylos doesnt need CDR, his Second skill is his strongest and it activates whenever you want, the only skill you want to be up as soon possible is his ULT so getting some CDR is ok.

Side Note: Trade oracle with Cursed helm if you want wave clear, Trade Boots for Ice Queen Wand after completing build if you want to sacrifice 20 movement speed & Armor for Extra slow CC.

first item
you want to get clock of Destiny for your first item so you can stack it for the mid/Late game. at full stack you get over 2000 HP. you also get a Gem that recovers 20% HP and MP whenever you lvl up, an amazing early item for Hylos since he burns HP and MP easily. (get an armor or magic resist piece depending on who your enemy  laners are.)

get Iron Wall so you can survive longer in a team fight to stack your second skill.

Tank with tenacity since you wont be getting high armor or magic resist as your first item, it will also let you survive even longer which is again useful to stack your second skill.

- Opinion -

being a hylos main my self i can honestly say that he is amazing for those who are reckless and bold enough to go into danger without looking like an Idiot, hylos is the tankiest with Raw stats compared to other heroes and his kit allows him to do tons of Damage in an Area around him and deal massive permanent CC as long enemies are stuck in it.

the downside is his impact on team fights, it takes time for his second skill to become useful and his Ult only helps for easy engage or disengage, enemies can easily bypass hylos if he cant stack his slow in time.

he also requires a good management with MP especially early game because of his second skill draining a lot, so using it on minion waves to push is highly suggested against, you better get cursed helmet if you want to do that.

besides that he is probably the second best tank to have in competitive gaming.
1st Place

Johsnon recently got a remake making him a rival tank next to hylos.

Johnson didnt get a big Tank stat boost like hylos did but his kit changed allowing him to do massive damage even by building Tank items.

Johnsons new kit allows him to become a massive lane bully, with his first skill being a ranged skill shot that stuns and does 150% of armor Damage, making Johnson a good poking hero.

following pursuit after the first skill with his second skill doing continues damage not giving your enemy laner any option but to flee unless they want to try and take johnson down which is impossible because of his passive and tank items.

a good strategy with johnson in laning phase is to poke safely or go in if your sure you can bully your enemies into submission without losing an edge.

you want to stay in lane without going back thats why, but after lvl 4 you can go all out, losing HP doesnt matter anymore thanks to your ult allowing johnson to easily go back to base to recover then going back to lane with a buddy to deal massive crash damage if your enemy laners over extended with their minion wave.

late game is where johnson shines with his ult being able to take opportunities Fast before they are gone.

enemy over extending? take a partner and rush in to gank before enemies come or they realise its a bad idea and go back.

your minion wave is almost reaching enemy tower? just take a good DPS partner with you and go there quick before the enemy comes to clear the wave.

got a good Semi Tank CC Ally? take them to the enemy team to CC the crap outta them while your allies come and clean up.

its also a good skill to use if you want to cause havoc in a team fight easily giving your allies an advantage.

Max Out
First Skill for higher DMG from safe range.

- Preparation -
Johnson benefits from Armor because of his passive and skills dealing damage off of his armor, his ult also gives him 30% armor at max. johnson can build armor without worrying of Magic burst thanks to his passive giving him a Big shield at low health, so build lots of Armor and CDR to spam his skills and get his ULT up whenever it is convenient which is often.

First Item
Dominance of ice for 70 Armor and 15 CDR, the Debuffs on enemies are good too, although Johnson doesnt benefit from MP since he doesnt use any, this is still a good item to have first since it brings your ULT up faster and provide High Armor for Johnson to benefit from his passive and skills.

Johnson will be crashing onto enemy team so having iron wall to survive is the best spell to have.

Tank with Tenacity, you wont be focusing on magic resist early game so having 35 magic resist at low health along with your big Passive shield will help against magic DMG burst.

- Opinion -

Johnson is in the first place because of his broken ULT, sure he had it before the rework but the reason why he was so bad is because his first and second skill barely did any impact, johnson was just a go to ULT hero at the time that needed allies to deal damage While he just stood there being a useless Meat shield without any impact on the game.

but thanks to the rework he doesnt just have a broken Ult but also decent CC and High DMG thanks to his skills scaling with Armor and being better then they were before.

his passive also gives him a huge shield making him just as tanky as Hylos.

AND 30% armor thanks to his ULT passive, thats why Johnson is now at first place, just take him for a spin and destroy your enemies lives in a car crash.

Thank you all for reading, hope this simple guide and input will help those who want to get into tanking Heroes, if you guys got any comments on tips and tricks, builds and stuff that should have been mentioned on this list, Just Type below.
Ciao For Now!

 Author| Post time 2018-2-17 08:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Took me a while to make this, if theres any mistakes let me know. and uhh... i will be adding an honorable Mention, comment below who you think should be mentioned in the Top 5 as an honorable mention.
Post time 2018-2-17 08:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I think grock should be top 5 instead of tigreal, tigreal not very good now.
 Author| Post time 2018-2-17 08:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
chelski replied at 2018-2-17 08:14 PM
I think grock should be top 5 instead of tigreal, tigreal not very good now.

whys that?
Post time 2018-2-17 09:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Chelski has a point, Grock deserves a spot because of his high damage even for a tank. I would also like to see gatotkaca here but I doubt people would agree with me since only a few will know how to play him like me.
 Author| Post time 2018-2-17 09:42 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Kido replied at 2018-2-17 09:26 PM
Chelski has a point, Grock deserves a spot because of his high damage even for a tank. I would also  ...

Grock doesnt do that much DMG late game.

and Gatot is ult reliant.

i mean you guys can give in depth as to why they should be on the list, good input is important.
Post time 2018-2-17 10:30 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I think GATOTKACA do deserve a spot here. He is really good at crowd control and considering his high durability he is really a tank to watch over
Post time 2018-2-17 10:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice work with the guide though. Good work
Post time 2018-2-17 11:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-2-17 09:42 PM
Grock doesnt do that much DMG late game.

and Gatot is ult reliant.

Gatotkaca isn't really ult reliant. I rarely use the ult just because of the long cooldown and most of the time I would mess up. But just like how lolita can counter ranged heroes gatotokaca is best at countering melee heroes with his 2nd skill and forcing them to attack you (it's really usefull when saving a teammate), plus his passive gives him more defense when he loses health and heals everytime he hits an enemy who has higher HP while giving him extra damage. But like I said, most people don't really know how to build and use him well.

As for grock... I don't really have an in depth explanation since I played him only once or twice. But he is constatntly used especially on higher elos (if akai is taken or banned haha).

I'm a pro tank user and I love these kinds of threads.
Post time 2018-2-17 11:05 PM | Show all posts
Got to disagree with Tigreal as he's really not that good compared before. Though, all tanks are special and has their own advantages and disadvantages. As long as you'll be able to utilize the tank's abilities in the game, it will matter.
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